Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 12 July 2020


Age is Just a Number Sunday Update 12 July 2020

12 July 2020 Sunday Update on Age is Just a Number Update: At home, Maya tells Vaidika she is proud of her for all her fight for her daughter. Maya asks what about Sahil, he has loved her dearly and now she is staying at Sahil’s place as Yash’s fiancé. Vaidika says she will take care of Yash.

Age is Just a Number Sat Update 11 July 2020

Vaidika thanks Maya for staying with Maa last night, she says Sahil must realize his responsibility towards Nidhi. Maya insists the DNA reports can be false. Vaidika explains to Maya it’s really difficult for her to abuse Sahil always, she isn’t like this. Maya says she doesn’t know why she is saying this but she feels bad for Sahil and is sure Sahil can never get close to Nidhi, bearing a child apart.
At Agarwal house, Karan asks Nidhi to break this marriage with Sahil. She knows well Sahil can never think about anyone other than Vaidika. Nidhi says Vaidika has come as Yash’s fiancé, at least her marriage seems secure. Karan asks Nidhi to think about this child at least. Nidhi tries to run into the room but Karan follows her in there, he insists on her to reveal the truth to everyone. Nidhi insists on him to leave, she is a daughter in law of the house. She was cautious what if someone hears them. She questions if he wants her to leave this house and Sahil and come to him. She knows this child is his… Anjana was passing by and hear Nidhi saying she is Sahil’s wife and would never leave him.

Puneesh gets an MMS in which he could be seen in some intimate moments with a girl. He was disturbed. Vaidika walks downstairs to the hall and asks if she can help him? He warns her not to show her face to him. Vaidika smirks. When Puneesh has left Vaidika says this is just the beginning. She has to do a lot with him as a revenge of her daughter; she will take away his power and his grace both. She comes to the temple and apologizes the God for all her doings. She only intends to clarify her daughter’s position. She prays for the courage to get justice for her daughter.
Anjana asks Nidhi why she had to say that she can’t leave Sahil. Nidhi was relieved she didn’t hear anything and lies to Anjana that Karan suggested she must go to her parents because of the ongoing tension in the house. Anjana assures Karan about taking care of her well. She goes to bring a cold drink for them. Nidhi tells Karan that she can never come to him crossing the doorway of this house. If he tries to pressurize her she will kill this baby.
Anjana was in the kitchen thinks about Sahil’s expression of love for Vaidika. She gets her hand burnt. Vaidika hurries into the kitchen and offers to put an ointment. Anjana was annoyed and withdraws her hand calling Ram Prasad. Vaidika says no one is home right now and offers to cook the food. Sahil finds her in the kitchen. He comes inside calling Anjana, then plays a siren of emergency as Agarwal’s daughter in law is cooking. He says she will become the real daughter in law of the house and will live in this house forever, Mrs. Sahil Agarwal. Vaidika takes the apple from his hand and wash it saying eating dust may effect mind. Sahil was excited as she had cooked lady finger vegetable. Vaidika serves the food in a plate but dodges Sahil saying this is for her own self; he can pour one for himself. Sahil tells Vaidika it felt good she came to his kitchen, he can sacrifice hundreds of plates for hers. When Vaidika has left the kitchen, Sahil wish this Yash Kumar’s drama ends soon.

At Agarwal house, Yash tells the doctor to do whatever is possible and make Bimla Agarwal stand on her own feet. Anjana asks why Yash is doing this. Yash says he wants Bari Amma to get well as soon as possible. She will herself confess her sins against his mother in front of everyone then, he will go to any extent to do this. He tells Bari Amma to be ready for a blast in the house tonight.
Prachi brings Puneesh to the room and shouts why he did this. She shows him the MMS with the woman and asks what is he up to. She will go and complaint to Amma against him. Puneesh stops Puneesh and asks how she can trust anyone, this is only a technical trick. Prachi tells him to prove this isn’t him and this MMS is fake, else she will complain Amma about it. A woman can only support her husband if he is true and honest.

Everyone had gathered in the hall. Yash stood there with Leela Agarwal’s photo. A group of men arrive. Deepak recognize them as Kanpur Jeweler association, Bari Amma is a president of. Yash announces he is the owner of 51% shares of Agarwal Jewelers, this means the company belongs to him now. Leela is UP’s biggest Jeweler now, it’s named after his late mother. The second announcement is that he is the president of jeweler’s association from today. The media was there and asks him to introduce them with his fiancé. Vaidika comes to stand beside Yash. Sahil silently watch this, he thinks Vaidika won’t be able to win over him.

Vaidika places the badge over Yash’s chest. The family was upset about Bari Amma’s disgrace. Sahil says there is his card as well. The income officers arrive. They tell Yash that his accounts were raided and there were some loop holes, they have come to arrest him. Sahil points the matter to media, he asks if they will appoint such a fraudulent man as the President replacing his Bari Amma. The association rejects Yash’s position. Sahil comes to take the badge off Yash’s chest and smiles while the police takes Yash away and pins the badge on Bari Amma’s dress chest saying no one can take her place. Prachi points if someone will throw Vaidika out of the house as well and comes to push her. Sahil stops Prachi and says they won’t know the truth if she leaves.

Her facial expressions show she is really cool and the arrest of her fiancé doesn’t matter to her, she surely came here with some other intention. Vaidika says they will soon know why she came here. She says Prachi must be really proud of her husband’s innocence and love, she cursed her enough for her husband. She suggests Prachi to take care of her husband, its time she brings him on the ground. She turns to leave, she doesn’t like it without her fiancé in this house. Sahil thinks he knows it already this is all fake; he looks towards the temple for a signal if he is right. He will then know what’s true and what’s not. The flower fell off from the idol.

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