A Perfect Lie February Teasers 2020


A Perfect Lie February Teasers 2020

Shaurya decides to take revenge on Rajnath. What does he have in mind? Read A Perfect Lie February Teasers 2020.

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StarLife A Perfect Lie February Teasers 2020

Monday  3  February 2020 

Episode 67

Rajnath snatches the knife from Shaurya. Dev suspects Rajnath of hiding the truth from him. Rajnath informs Sakshi about Dev investigating Payal’s rape case. Durga instigates Dev against Shaurya and decides to show Nitya’s diary to Dev. Will Dev get the diary from Durga?

Episode 68

Aakash informs Sakshi about Dev and Durga being together in a restaurant. Shaurya informs Rajnath to keep Dev away from the project. Meanwhile, Dev finds Nitya’s diary in Durga’s bag and tries to steal it. Will he succeed?

Tuesday 4  February 2020 

Episode 69

Shaurya spills water on Dev deliberately. Durga leaves with Dev in order to make Shaurya feel jealous. The couple is shocked to find their car punctured and suspect Shaurya. Meanwhile, Durga tells Shaurya that she is more than a friend to Dev. How will Shaurya react to this?

Episode 70

Shaurya becomes intimate with Urvashi. He later finds a note and an envelope containing pictures of their intimate moments. He panics on finding out that the pictures have been sent to Durga as well. A shocked Shaurya finds Urvashi in Durga’s house and believes it to be Dev’s conspiracy.

Wednesday 5  February 2020

Episode 71

Shaurya is upset to learn that Rajnath sent Urvashi to trap him. Durga and Dev’s car breaks down while returning from a meeting with Dr Prabhakar. Dev and Durga recall their past. Meanwhile, Shaurya decides to take revenge on Rajnath. What does he have in mind?

Episode 72

Shekhar Mehra introduces himself as Durga’s friend to Sakshi. Durga finds Nitya’s pictures on Dev’s mobile. Dev requests a truck driver to drop them to the city. Shaurya finds Dev’s car, but fails to find Durga and Dev. How will Shaurya react to this?

Thursday  6  February 2020 

Episode 73

Sakshi instructs Shekhar to gather information about Durga and decides to help Shekhar in his business. Meanwhile, Durga arrives in the Goenka house, where she praises Dev to make Shaurya jealous. Durga thanks Dev for taking care of her; Dr Dayal watches them.

Episode 74

Shekhar learns that Durga informed Dr Dayal of instigating Shaurya against Dev. Shaurya feels Dev is trying to impress Durga and decides to murder him. Meanwhile, Raima invites Durga for a party, where she introduces her to Shekhar. Will Durga find out Raima’s intention?

Friday 7  February 2020

Episode 75

Dev learns Shaurya is jealous of him and decides to discontinue the hospital project. Meanwhile, Shaurya hires a contract killer to murder Dev. Sakshi decides to host a party and invites Shekhar. Dr Dayal warns Durga to stay alert during the party. What is the intention behind hosting the party?

Episode 76

Durga confronts Shekhar for not inviting her for his wedding. She tells Shaurya about Shekhar’s proposal to her. Shekhar tells Sakshi Durga has changed. Sakshi gives Shekhar a chance to prove the same. What will Shekhar do?

Monday 10 February 2020 

Episode 77

Aakash agrees to keep an eye on Shekhar on Durga’s behalf. Dev decides to learn about Nitya’s whereabouts. Meanwhile, Shaurya sends his associates to kill Dev and Gautam. Dev’s mother finds out about his accident and informs Durga. Will Shaurya’s associates succeed in killing Dev?

Episode 78

Shaurya is disappointed on hearing Dev is alive. He orders the cops to destroy the evidence. Dev learns the accident had been planned to kill him. Rajnath suspects Shaurya’s involvement in the accident. Will Dev find his attackers?

Tuesday 11 February 2020 

Episode 79

Dev hands over Payal’s case files to Shaurya and informs him that he is no longer investigating the case. However, a suspicious Shaurya plots to kill him. Durga takes Dev to the hospital for his X-ray; he loses Nitya’s locket which he retrieves with Durga’s help.

Episode 80

Dev informs Durga that Nitya presented the locket to him. Meanwhile, Shekhar learns Durga has been hospitalised but is unable to find her.Sakshi fails to get information from Dr Kane, who operated on Durga. Meanwhile, Shaurya receives a threat call.

Wednesday 12  February 2020

Episode 81

Gautam informs Durga that Dev was in love with Nitya and requests her to return Nitya’s diary to Dev. Durga misleads Shekhar about her identity and challenges him to prove her true identity within 24 hours. Will Shekhar succeed?

Episode 82

Dr Dayal assures Durga about Dev’s innocence. He suspects someone to have hacked into Dev’s account and e-mailed Durga. Rajnath is unhappy with Sakshi’s decision to invite Dr Dayal and Durga for the puja. In the meantime, Shekhar sneaks into Dr Dayal’s house in order to find proof of Durga’s identity.

Thursday 13 February 2020 

Episode 83

Shekhar learns about a birthmark on Durga’s leg. He comes to the Goenka House and claims Durga is an impostor. The Goenka family pretends to support Durga, and Sakshi slaps Shekhar. Dr Dayal is furious at Shekhar for revealing Durga’s birthmark.

Episode 84

The Goenka family is shocked to see Durga’s birthmark. They throw Shekhar out, but Durga confronts the Goenkas for allowing him to question her identity. Durga suspects someone from the family is supporting Shekhar and vows not to enter the house henceforth.

Friday 14 February 2020

Episode 85

Sakshi persuades Shekhar to leave Kolkata. In order to trap Shekhar, Durga informs Dr Dayal that she has edited his daughter’s pictures. Rajnath advises Sakshi to stay away from Durga, but in vain. Sakshi shares her problem with Raima. Meanwhile, Shaurya decides to hire a sniper to kill Dev.

Episode 86

Dr Dayal and Durga are elated with Payal’s recovery. Payal recollects Dev; Durga is surprised. Dev apologises to Dr Dayal and Durga, and mends their relationship. Meanwhile, Shaurya makes an extortion call to Rajnath; Sakshi decides to meet the contract killer.

Monday 17 February 2020 

Episode 87

Shaurya introduces the contract killer, Aleena, to his friends and shows Dev’s pictures to her. Meanwhile, Durga and Dev visit the Goenka house. Durga apologises to Rajnath and Sakshi. The police commissioner decides to provide security to the Goenka family. Shaurya instructs Aleena to kill Dev. Will she succeed?

Episode 88

Durga suspects Shaurya behind the extortion calls; feels Dev is in danger and that someone is trying to trap Dev. Meanwhile, Aleena shoots Dev and Shaurya clicks photographs of the incident. Durga and Dr Dayal find Dev. However, is he alive or dead?

Tuesday 18 February 2020 

Episode 89

Suchitra finds out about Dev being shot; panics. Shaurya learns that Durga and Dr Dayal have admitted Dev to a hospital. Sakshi suspects Shaurya’s hand behind Dev’s attack. Durga overhears the conversation between Raima and Sakshi.

Episode 90

Durga suspects Shaurya’s role in Dev’s attack. The CBI officers question Shaurya and Rajanth. Shaurya is not very happy to know that Dev is out of danger. Dr Dayal suspects a professional killer to have shot Dev. Durga finds Nitya’s picture in Dev’s locket. How will Durga react to this?

Wednesday 19  February 2020

Episode 90

Dev regains consciousness and finds the locket missing. Durga returns the locket to Dev, and he finds out that Durga rescued him. Meanwhile, Sakshi informs Rajnath that she suspects Shaurya behind the attack on Dev. Will she learn the truth?

Episode 91

The CBI officers question Dev. Dev learns that Payal changed her statements in the court. He informs Durga about wanting to meet Payal. Meanwhile, Sakshi gives Rs 5 crore to Karan in order to cancel the bet. She discovers Shaurya and his gang behind the attack on Dev.

Thursday 20 February 2020 

Episode 92

Durga recalls Sakshi asking Payal to marry Shaurya; persuading her to change her statements. Dev tells Durga that he did not send the email. Durga feels guilty of misunderstanding Dev. The CBI officers inform Rajnath about the truck accident to be an attempt to kill Dev.

Episode 93

The CBI officers inform Rajanth and Sakshi about Aleena being hired to kill Dev. Sakshi feels the attack could have been planned by his business rivals. Meanwhile, Shaurya confesses his crime to his parents. How will they react to this?

Friday 21 February 2020

Episode 94

Durga and Aakash learn about Shaurya’s crime. She decides to take revenge on Shaurya. Meanwhile, Shaurya pleads his parents not to inform the CBI about it. Sakshi agrees on the condition that he will end his relationship with Durga. What will Durga do to avenge Shaurya?

Episode 95

Durga takes Dev to Dr Dayal’s farmhouse, where he meets Payal and asks her about Nitya. Meanwhile, Dr Dayal informs Rajnath and Sakshi that Durga will no longer be part of the project. Shaurya decides to join office. Will Dev find Nitya?

Monday 24 February 2020 

Episode 96

Durga hands over Nitya’s diary to Dev. She informs him about her marriage to Shaurya and Dev agrees to attend the engagement. Meanwhile, Sakshi informs Raima about changes in Shaurya’s behaviour. Sakshi overhears Shaurya’s conversation with Durga. What did she hear?

Episode 97

Dr Dayal introduces Durga to Neil. Durga apologises to Neil for being rude. Meanwhile, Dev and Suchitra talk about Shaurya’s changed behaviour. Durga thanks Neil for his help. Dr. Dayal and Durga discuss their plan against Shaurya. Will Shaurya attend the engagement party?

Tuesday 25 February 2020 

Episode 97

Sakshi and Dev congratulate Durga on her engagement. Dr Dayal introduces Neil to the Goenkas. Durga and Neil plot against Shaurya. Raima congratulates Durga, while Rajnath and Sakshi are shocked to see Shaurya there!

Episode 98

Shaurya attends the engagement party, but refuses to dance with Durga. Neil is worried when Shaurya does not fall prey to their plan. Durga is upset on recalling her engagement with Dev. She wants Dev to sing a song for her. Will Dev oblige?

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Episode 99

Dev sings a song for Durga. Shaurya wishes Durga and Neil. Meanwhile, Rajnath and Sakshi find out about Shaurya slitting his wrist. Sakshi blames Durga for Shaurya’s suicide attempt. Dr Dayal and Durga decide to dig out the truth. Will they succeed?

Episode 100

Sakshi blames Durga for Shaurya’s suicide attempt. Durga decides to stay in the hospital till Shaurya regains consciousness. Rajnath is upset. A ward boy wants to tell something to Durga.

Thursday 27 February 2020 

Episode 101

Durga informs Dr Dayal about Shaurya’s fake suicide attempt. Shaurya regains consciousness; asks the doctor to inform his family. Going against his family’s wish, Durga meets Shaurya and confesses her love for him.

Episode 102

Durga assures Dr Dayal that she loves Shaurya. She puts the engagement ring on his finger and tells Shaurya that Sakshi will never accept their relationship. Dr Dayal takes Durga away forcibly. Shaurya informs his friends that he will win the bet soon.

Friday 28 February 2020

Episode 103

Durga tells Shaurya that Dr Dayal is against their relationship. She also tells him and Sakshi about her moving to the US. Meanwhile, Dev vows to prove Nitya and Payal’s innocence. Sakshi informs Raima that Durga is playing with Shaurya’s feelings. Will Durga leave for the US?

Episode 104

Sakshi learns that Payal is Durga’s weakness. Dev questions Durga if she really loves Shaurya. Durga assures Dev that she is in love with Shaurya, and tells him not to probe him on personal matters. Meanwhile, Aakash questions Durga’s decision to marry Shaurya. How will Durga react?

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