4th May Saturday Update on Twist Of Fate

Tarun’s friend Akash tells that before the engagement, they can do something good and asks for music. Purab says today we will dance too for the love marriage couple. Dadi says who will dance? King says couples like Pragya and me. Tanu smiles. Pragya smiles seeing King coming to her. He takes her hand in his hand. Aaliya signs Tanu to dance with Abhi. Tanu comes to Abhi and says sorry. She asks will you dance with me. Abhi says no. Dadi and Dasi smiles. Abhi asks Aaliya to dance with him. Aaliya asks me? Abhi says why can’t brother and sister dance. Aaliya says sure. King-Pragya, Abhi-aaliya and other couples dance on the song Nazdeekiyan….Disha looks happy. Abhi and Pragya come to each other when the partner’s change. Aaliya gets hurt as King steps on her foot. She sees Abhi and Pragya having an eye lock. Tanu gets jealous and thinks to inform King, whatever may be the consequences.

Tanu tells Aaliya that she can’t bear now and will tell truth to King about Abhi and Pragya’s relation. Aaliya asks if she is mad and says you will tell him and he will believe you. She says King will get angry on you for interfering about them and says he is very possessive about Pragya. Tanu says I will show the proofs to Pragya. Aaliya tries to stop her. Tanu comes to King. King asks where was she? Tanu says she couldn’t dance with her husband as Pragya danced with him. Aaliya comes and says I was dancing with you. Tanu says you didn’t see what was going on between Abhi and Pragya.

Aaliya asks King to go as Abhi wants to talk to her. King says ok and goes. Aaliya takes Tanu to side and says King will think you wants to harm his relation with Pragya. Tanu says I have proof and shows the pic. Aaliya asks her to delete the pic. Tanu says no and says if you stop me then I will show the pics to everyone in the party. Aaliya says Pragya is hidingly romancing with Abhi, if she gets exposed then she will romance with him open. She says this time is not right and says Pragya is very important to him. Tanu says I will make him remember what happened because of Pragya.

Abhi tells Pragya that he can feel the truth and know it. He says I can’t stop myself now and can’t control my emotions. He says I want to say that in my heart….Pragya says I know and understand, you don’t need to tell. Abhi says once this engagement happens, everyone will leave, but your memory will not go. King comes there. Abhi says we were discussing about tarun and Neha’s marriage arrangements and she said that we shall call a joker. He says I disliked her idea. Dadi likes Pragya’s idea. King says she is right.

Abhi asks King to let Dadi take his side and asks if he will steal her also. King says I don’t steal, but accept, if you leave something then someone else have to accept it.

Abhi asking King if he will steal even Dasi. King says he doesn’t steal, but accept the thing which is left by others. He says if someone leaves then he accepts it. Abhi says I will not leave. Pragya asks Dadi to come and sit. King asks did you see girl like Pragya. Abhi says that is not the matter, and says there can be nobody like Pragya ever. There will be no Pragya and no Abhishek Prem Mehra. King asks what do you want to say. Abhi says you didn’t understand, I will make you understand. He says everyone is unique and there is nobody like Pragya, me or you. He says I will give some gyan to other guests also. King thinks Abhi is talking weirdly. Guest asks Tarun and Neha how did they unite? Neha tells that they are united with Pragya’s help. Tarun says she understands

love so much.
King hears them and thinks Pragya understands love too. He looks at Aaliya and thinks what she thinks of herself. He tells her that he didn’t keep his leg on her purposely and says he is not that kind of a guy who would harm her intentionally. Aaliya asks him to explain. King asks Pragya to tell what kind of a guy is he? Dadi thinks King might be liking Aaliya. Pragya tells him that you are very sensitive and caring and understanding man and respects everyone. He thanks her and asks did I trouble anyone? Pragya says no and says you can’t see anyone worried and solves their problem. King thanks her. Abhi says you are praising a lot.

Dasi asks Aaliya to agree. Aaliya says never. Dasi says my age is over. King says mistake can happen at anytime. Dadi says marriage. King says mistake. He says marriage can happen by mistake. Aaliya asks why Dadi said marriage. King tells that his foot hit on Aaliya’s foot by mistake and that’s why I asked Pragya can I do this. Dadi says he is a nice guy. Pragya asks where is the engagement ring. King says I gave to Suwarni Dadi. Pandit says mahurat for engagement will start after 20 mins and asks family members to be present. Dasi says we all are here. Tai ji says we shall dance till then. Disha says yes. Abhi asks dhol guys to play dhol.