5th May Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate

Tanu thinks she can’t let anybody take her place. Pragya waves at Neha and asks her to come to her. Mitali thinks she can’t let Neha engaged to Tanu and says she has decided what to do. Pragya applies black tika to Neha. Mitali tells Bahadur thjat she is feeling unwell and asks him to give her water. She looks at the engagement ring. Bahadur goes. Mitali steals the rings. Neha tells Pragya that her mamma is upset with her. Pragya says bhabhi is feeling as Tarun is snatching her daughter away from her. She says once she understands that you are not going away then she will be fine. She asks her to give some time. Neha asks if love exists for forever. Pragya says yes, it remains forever, but something it is shadowed by anger, but then good moments shall be remembered and wrong decisions shall not be taken in anger. She thinks of Pragya and their moments in kidnappers’ captivity and jungle incident followed by their half marriage.

Abhi and Pragya collide with each other while the former is taking fruits plate. Allah Wariyan plays. Pragya says sorry. She bends down and picks the plate. Abhi smiles and looks at her. Pragya throws a fruit on him. Abhi says he will look at her all life. Pragya calls him mad and devil. He slips. She helps him get up, but he makes her fall. Pragya laughs him and calls him maskhare…says you made me fall intentionally. She picks the fruits and keeps in the tray. He asks her to tell the meaning of maskhare…


Mitali hides the ring in her cupboard. Disha comes to Mitali and asks her to come for neha’s happiness. Mitali says I get angry seeing Tarun, he snatched my daughter. Disha says may be he can love you more than you. Mitali says nobody can love her more than me and says she will soon understand this. Disha asks her not to say that and asks her to come and bless her, accept Tarun as her damad. She says engagement is happening. Mitali says not yet. Disha says what are you saying? She says I will make your stubbornness end.

Pandit ji says mahurat came for the engagement. King asks everyone to come near the stage and says we will start the ceremony. He asks Chachi to come. Pandit ji recites the mantras for the engagement. Abhi thinks our love was incomplete, but you completed it uniting Neha and Tarun. Pragya thinks she couldn’t unite them without his support. Abhi thinks our love is our strength and looks at Pragya smilingly.

Pandit ji doing the puja. Abhi thinks our love was incomplete, but you made Tarun and Neha’s love complete by uniting them. Pragya thinks she couldn’t be successful without his help. Dadi asks Disha to go and bring the ring. Pandit ji asks them to hurry up. Purab says give some time. Disha comes and says rings are not found. Pragya tells Abhi that you would have given to me. Abhi says Dadi asked so I gave. Neha cries. Pragya asks her not to cry. Disha understands Mitali has stolen the ring. She comes to the room and recalls Mitali locking the cupboard. Mitali comes to the room and asks what are you doing here? Disha says you know and tell that a person is unhappy with the alliance. Mitali says what do you think that I have stolen the ring. Disha says why don’t you let

me open the cupboard. Mitali asks her to go. Disha says they love each other. Mitali says Neha is childish. Disha says Neha didn’t forget Tarun when she went to hostel. She asks her to leave her stubbornness and see Neha’s happiness. She says I will make you end your stubbornness. Mitali thinks if she gets the ring then she will tell everyone. She stops Disha. Purab comes and calls Disha asking her to come with him. Mitali thinks to keep rings at safe place and takes out the ring and goes.