3rd March Sunday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Abhi is brought to Police station and the Inspector tells that he will be punished by people. Raj says Abhi has killed Simonika. Aaliya blames Pragya. Raj says if we come to know about the situation then we can save him. Pragya says he is innocent. She recalls reporter’s words and says she won’t let anything happen to Abhi. She says Abhi needs his family the most. Sarla watches the news and is shocked.

Pragya coming to meet Abhi in Police station. Ek Baar Milade Saiyya Plays….They look at each other. Constable says you have just 5 mins, and not more than this. Sarla cries and thinks why there is so much troubles in Abhi and Pragya’s lives. She cries asking God why he is testing her again and again and asks him to give her strength. Abhi tells Pragya that everything is ended, my name, work, image, reputation, fans, families, music….Pragya says your fans are still your fans and they love you as they see your truth. She says nobody can snatch your fans from you. Abhi says everyone hates me. Pragya says who told you, media, but they don’t know that you are innocent. She says they will apologize to you. Abhi says I am feeling suffocated and can’t stay here.

Pragya says you don’t have to, and tells that it is a matter of a day. She says I am with you, your fuggi and I won’t let anything happen with you. She says Purab went to lawyer and may be you can come home in the morning.
Abhi says Simonika must have killed self and I was accused. Pragya asks what happened exactly. Abhi tells that while returning from Bangalore, he saw Simonika and entered hotel. He tells everything, but not about the medicine needle which a man injected him, and tells that may be she fell down from the window may be because of my push. Pragya asks him not to give such statement.

Abhi asks about Dadi and others. Pragya tells him that everyone trusts him. Abhi says my strength is you. Pragya hugs him and recalls Simonika’s threat. She tells Abhi that she has to go and meet Purab and asks about the lawyer. She says sorry and hugs him again. Tanu tells that she has circulated the message Abhi is innocent. Aaliya says bhai is innocent. Lawyer tells that Abhi has accepted to go following the girl. Purab says he wants his brother by morning. Pragya comes there and tells Abhi was asking about them. She asks Purab to come and says she needs to talk to him.

Pragya tells Purab that Simonika is alive and tells that she had threatened to return. She says neither of us have seen her dead body and tells that Simonika is seeing everything from far. Aaliya asks Lawyer to do as Purab says. Sarla comes there. Aaliya and Tanu curses her silently. Sarla talks to Dadi. Pragya tells that Abhi told Simonika was in the room, but only Police and Media have seen the dead body. She says she tried, but she couldn’t see. Purab says we can’t see legally. Pragya says then we can see it illegally. She says if we can prove that she is not Simonika then Abhi will be back. She asks him to talk to his Inspector friend Veer pratap and get necessary permission. Purab says ok.

Pragya comes downstairs and meets Sarla. Sarla asks her not to worry and says she will take off all evil eyes from them. Pragya asks her not to go and says Preeta and Shristi are alone at home. Sarla says I will tell them. Pragya gives promise to her. Sarla says ok, I will not let them and asks Pragya not to worry. Purab tells Pragya that he talked to Veer Pratap and he said we can go there. Sarla asks Pragya to bring Abhi back and asks her to keep her informed.

Pragya thanking Veeru for helping them. Veeru says I hope the dead body is not of Simonika. They come to the morque to see her dead body. They see the dead body’s face and is shocked to see Simonika. Purab says she is dead. Pragya says she can’t be Simonika and says she is acting to be dead. She asks her to get up. She sees her feet. Veeru says she is Simonika and asks them to come out. Her body is taken for post mortem. Purab asks Pragya to come.

In Police station, Abhi thinks he has to be strong for his family. Disha asks Pragya and Purab to have water. Purab says now everything is ended, and says that dead body was of Simonika. Disha says it is hard to make Dadi and Dasi understand. He says we have lost. Pragya says we haven’t lost and says we will do everything to prove him innocent. She says Simonika fell down from the window, Abhi didn’t kill her. Chandariya plays…..

Pragya cries. Veeru calls Purab and tells that body is of Simonika. Purab feels lost. Disha gives him strength. Aaliya comes to Pragya and apologizes to her. She says I hate you, as my brother was always in problem since you came in his life. She says Dushyant was your enemy, and he died because of you. She says Simonika tried to take revenge on abhi because of you. She blames Pragya for putting Abhi in trouble and asks her to leave from house.

Pragya says I love him very much and care for me, and says you can’t worry for him like I do. She says I will bring him back for myself, I can’t live without him. She tells her that she hugs rockstar toy whenever he is not with her and shouts calling Abhi. READ NEXT/ 4TH MARCH ON TWIST OF FATE