4th March Monday Update on Twist Of Fate Zee World Tv

Pragya cries in front of Aaliya holding the doll which Abhi considered as Pragya. She brings Abhi’s favorite jacket which she had stolen, it has Abhi’s fragrance. She cries that there is no fragrance, life seems so empty here. She can’t even see the mirror, as she looks at herself with Abhi’s eyes now. Everything is meaningless, even this life, her being and world. She hugs Abhi’s photo saying she loves him dearly. This time she will bring him back at any cost, she will bring his fragrance in the jacket, his voice in Fuggi and his voice in his songs. Aaliya was also crying and places a hand over her shoulder. She says she only wants her brother alive.
Downstairs, Dadi goes up with juice for Pragya. Disha stops Dadi from climbing the stairs. Dadi was sure Pragya must not have slept all

night, she will assure her a little about their support. Dadi walks upstairs anyway. Pragya wasn’t in the room.
Purab and Pragya sat at the layer. The lawyer says he wants to discuss the case with Abhi, the media has considered Abhi as a culprit in this case. Pragya doesn’t allow the lawyer to meet Abhi, she insists on him to create some point and get a bail for Abhi at any cost.
Abhi was brought in the court. The defense lawyer applies for bail for Abhishek, the case is about the accidental death of Simonika. The prosecutor says Abhi was arrested from the hotel room and Simonika died by falling down the same window. Abhi claims he only wanted to save her and she jumped because she wanted to save herself from being caught by police. Abhi must be sent to a remand to find the real truth behind this death. Abhi might use his influence to tamper the proofs and witnesses against him. he demands to keep Abhi in judicial custody for three days. The defense lawyer says Abhi has a clear track record, he can’t be blamed until any proof is found against him. The prosecutor argues that a clear track record doesn’t allow someone’s murder; everyone can have a first time. The judge inquires the police officer, he demands three day judicial custody of Abhi as well. The court sends Abhi in three days judicial custody and rejects the bail application.

Pragya was broken and cries while Abhi was taken by police. The media stops Pragya and questions her about the view on rejection of bail. Pragya replies that her husband isn’t the culprit. Simonika’s death was an accident and even if it was planned, Abhi didn’t plan it. The media insists it was a murder because only Abhi was there with Simonika in hotel. Pragya was emotional, and forbids anyone call him a murderer because he isn’t proven yet. She narrates the whole planning of Simonika against their family, and that Abhi had only followed Simonika after police was unable to capture her. The media questions Pragya how she can call him innocent until he isn’t proven innocent. Pragya says trust turns a stone to God, she as a wife trusts Abhi. As she turns to leave, a lady slaps Pragya hard on face. Abhi, Purab and everyone else turn around to see who it was. Pragya recognizes her as Simonika’s mother.

Dushyant’s mother slapping Pragya and blaming Abhi for having illegitimate relation with Simonika and killing both Simonika and her unborn baby. She asks media not to call him rockstar and tells that Abhi hired her without taking interview. Abhi is shocked and taken away by Police. Dushyant’s mother tells that Pragya was having objection with the baby and that’s why got them killed. Pragya is shocked. Media tries to question Pragya. Purab takes her in car. Dadi, Dasi and others watch news that Simonika was pregnant with Abhi’s baby and that’s why he killed her. Tanu says Simonika might be right. Pragya tells her when you can trap him with someone else baby then why can’t Simonika. Mitali says you have slapped her right. Dadi says you did right. Pragya says she trust

Abhi and will bring him back. Disha says once the eclipse goes, everything will be clear. She says you have drank poison and now will drink amrit. Pragya thinks about Dushyant’s mother accusation and goes. Purab runs after her. Aaliya tells Tanu that you shall be slapped daily.
Pragya asks driver to take her to Dharavi. Purab says I will also come with you. Pragya tells Purab that everything is planned by someone, and tells that this affair angle is prolonged. She tells that Simonika’s mother haven’t come to trial, but came infront of media. Purab says who can do this. Pragya says she must be simonika and tells that she might got that lady had plastic surgery. She says someone is getting it done and tells that we are getting trapped. She tells that abhi was not sure, how she fell down from window. Purab hopes that they save Abhi. Pragya says she can do, when she can do so much by staying with us, then she can do anything. She says they have to save Abhi. They come to Dushyant’s mother house.

Dushyant’s mother tries to close door. Pragya asks where is Simonika. Dushyant’s mother accuses Abhi for killing her daughter. Pragya tries to go inside, but the woman tries to stop her. Purab tries to stop her. Pragya runs inside the room.

Dadi and dasi come to meet Abhi in jail. They feel pain seeing him on floor. Abhi gets up and comes to them. He says I am fine. Dadi says your condition got bad in a day. Abhi says she likes me this way else I would have been clean shaved. He asks where is Pragya. Dadi and Dasi are emotional. Dadi says I will get pandit see your kundali. Abhi says fuggi will find some say. Dasi says she is handling everyone. Abhi says she was scolding me and asked me what to say and what to not. Dadi says she is miser to express her pain and cries.

Dushyant’s mother threatens to call Chawl people. Pragya tells Purab that Simonika is not inside. Dushyant’s mother blames Abhi for impregnating Abhi and calls him monster.

Pragya asks her to stop talking nonsense about her husband and says she can also say something about Simonika. Dushyant’s mother threatens Pragya. Pragya searches for the proofs. Dushyant’s mother curses Pragya and says your husband will be separated from you. Pragya recalls their separation.