14th April Sunday Update on This is Fate

Karina is saying to Preeta that she has brainwashed her sons, Karan stop her saying that she is thinking wrong but she says that she will make them feel embarrassed in front of the world, Rishab says that people have not even take into consideration god, she says that she is the member of the same club in which Sanjana is a member and when she will come to know of it then this will; result in their family being disgraced. Rishab stops her saying that this is not what happened, she says that ey know it but the society will say that a middle class girl wanted to become a member of their family and created problems for them.

Karan yells at her, Mahesh stops him saying that he must not misbehave, Karan tries to say something but he doensot listen , saying that he knows that Preeta did not want to

marry Rishab as otherwise Rishab would have noticed the signs being a boy himself, since he did not feel anything of the sort then this means that Preeta never wanted to marry him but referring to Preeta he says that she does not like Sherlin, Karan tries to say something but he scolds him, saying that they thought about something and never tried to prove it. Karina says that she is happy that someone is with her and says that Preeta is bad for them. Rishab stops her saying that she is not right, Karina says that she must remind them as once before Karan was sent to jail because she came under the influence that Sherlin is having an affair with someone and he was sent to Jail. Karan say that she was the one who brought him out of Jail.

Karina ask what did it prove, the society still thinks that Karan is guilty and has was thrown out of the team. She says that she does not like her after Karan informs them of the fact. Rishab says that they have no problem in clarifying anything if things go South, Karan say that Preeta got Rishab ready for marriage, Karina does not believe it saying it rubbish, Rishab says that it was the truth as she believed her at that time and still does.
She says that if this is the case then he must call Sherlin’s mother and ask her to have another checkup of Sherlin before marriage, she forces him and he agrees saying that they must end it here and now, he is tired of thinking, this has resulted in him feeling stressful and not understanding what to do.
Karina says that she will tell Sarla the future, Rakhi will not be able to handle it and then she will help Rishab in his worries, this will result in that he will fall in love with her and so she will be able to become the owner of property worth millions, she asks if Sarla is happy. Mahesh stops her saying that she has said enough at which Karina gets angry saying what Rishab said as she has a lot to do in their upbringing and always loved them both and now they all are saying things to her. Rishab wants Sherlin to have another checkup and this will lead to a lot of Embracement of her friend in the society, she loves Sherlin as she has loved Karan and Rishab and will not tolerate that any middle class girl says anything wrong about her as she knows that Sherlin is a girl of good repute. Karina also says that she wants Preeta to get out of her house and never come back.
Prithvi is standing outside and very happy to see that family fighting with each other, he says that Karina has said all the things that will make his fight easier, She also said things to Sarla that will crumble her arrogance and now she will not break his marriage, he then thinks that he must not feel overly joyed, he has not yet won his war and must carry it on.


Sarla is taking some money when Shristri comes and gives her medicine, she says to her that she must give Rakhi her medicine and leaves, Shristri asks her questions but Sarla says that she will tell her after she gets back, she insists and even her Dadi comes but Sarla wants to go and when Shristri asks again she slaps her, Dadi scolds her, Sarla starts to cry and says that she is worried. She starts to cry at which Shrishti get worried and ask if she is dumb at which she says that she is not dumb rather both Preeta and Pragya are in danger. She says that Preeta got into a lot of problem because of her affection for them and now is paying the price for it. Preeta is also like it and says to Shristri that Preeta loves Luthra’s and cares a lot for them but they do not feel it rather Karina do not feel this, she thinks that Preeta is after their money and wants to become rich and she will suffer the same fate like Pragya but this time she will not let it happen and will continue to stand with her daughter till she is alive. Sarla says that preeta needs her and no she will leave, Shristri says that she will also go, Bi jee says that she must also go with her as it is the right time. Sarla asks Shristri to go and bring a shopper that has some proof regarding Sherlin, she also asks Bi jee to go and check and she agrees, when they are searching Sarla locks them and says that she will handle everything and Shristri must take care of Janki and Bi jee.
She thinks that she had said to Karina that if she looks at her with suspicion then she will make her pay. Preeta is crying when Rakhi places her hand on her, she says that she only wanted the family members of this house to happy but they are all worried and she feels bad, she then turns and sees Rakhi standing behind her.