Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv

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First Episode Summary

The story concerns the Malhorta family’s three daughters— Raji, Soni and Mahi and their younger brother, Prince. Initially, the show focuses on the eldest daughter, Raji, who marries Veer, a police officer, and tries hard to adjust to the lifestyle of his family.

Initially Mahi loves Jeet and, due to various misunderstandings, everyone thinks that Jeet loves her sister Soni. It is later confirmed that Jeet actually does love Soni though he confuses the two sisters with each other. Mahi is so heartbroken that she tries to commit suicide.

Later, Durga calls Mr. Sareen (her sister’s husband) to create a tough time for the Malhotra family. Mahi becomes a model and Sareen’s son, Shabad falls in love with her. In order to save her family from Mr. Sareen , Mahi marries Shabad. Then a bomb explodes at the Malhotras’ house, killing Raji and most of her family. The only survivors are the two younger daughters, Soni and Mahi.

After their parental home is destroyed the girls struggle for survival. Shabad Sareen married Mahi thinking that she was a professional model. When on his honeymoon he finds out otherwise, he thinks of his marriage as a cheat, and begins to hate his new wife. Soni, through a twist of fate, marries her sister’s former husband Veer, even though she and Jeet (Veer’s younger brother) are in love. Then Shabad’s Tau Ji and Tai Ji arrive and they play an important role in making Mahi and Shabad repair their marriage. Meanwhile Mahi finds out the true reason behind Shabad’s sister Kamya’s crazy behaviour. It turns out that Kamya’s father burned her mother alive in front of Kamya because her mother supported a love affair of Kamya’s that Mr. Sareen opposed. Mahi exposes Mr. Sareen and then after learning the horrible truth Shabad goes into depression and must be cared for by Mahi.

Shabad realises Mahi’s virtue since she cared for him despite his mistreatment of her. Jeet gets married to Cherry since he thinks Soni betrayed him. Initially Cherry is soft heartened and good towards Soni and when she comes to know about Soni and Jeet her nature changes and she becomes progressively more evil and plots against Soni.

Cherry’s plot to kill Soni instead results in Veer’s death when he rescues her from some Goons . Soni is left a pregnant widow. Later, Jeet and Soni marry, though Soni miscarries her child. Mohini (Soni and Mahi’s mother) is found alive and she goes to live with Mahi at her in-laws house.

Misunderstandings and blame arise between the two sisters when Mohini leaves Mahi’s home without telling anyone. Mahi gives birth to two daughters, giving one baby to Soni as Soni cannot conceive. But after some time she asks for her daughter back as Shabad and his family thought that they have given their Lakshmi to Khuranas. Khuranas has encountered big success in business and a priest told them that this is due to Mahi’s daughter ‘ipshika’ whom Jeet and Soni have adopted as she is a Lakshmi and lucky for the family. Shabad, on the other hand, suffers major business losses. Misunderstandings arise between the two sisters as Shabad and Mahi both want their daughter back resorting even to an attempt to take Ishika and run away.

Zee World Update on My Lost Home Zee Tv