Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 3 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 3 March 2021

Shahbaz wakes up to find himself caged in a net over the fire, he screams for help. He hears Zara’s voice that you can’t outrun your sins, Shahbaz says take everything but please leave me alone. Zara says if you want to be saved then accept your sins. Shahbaz sees a silhouette and thinks it’s Zara. He faints. Kabir and Imran come there and bring him down.

Kabir and Imran offer prayers the next morning. Zara comes there and starts praying behind them. She follows them and prays. Kabir prays and says I am not hurting my father, I want him to accept his crimes, give me the strength to get justice for my Zara.

Ruksaar comes to Shahbaz’s room and tries to wake him up but he doesn’t move. Ruksaar runs and cries to Zeenat. She says Zara killed Shahbaz. She will kill us. They hear Shahbaz running out of his room. He says I saw the fire, she will not spare me, she will kill us all.

The guard checks the CCTV footage. He says Shahbaz did not go out last night. Shahbaz says I am sure that I was caged. The guard says you are going crazy. Shahbaz beats him. Kabir says he is fine, the guard leaves. Ruksaar tells Shahbaz that he might have dreamt it. Shahbaz tells the priest that I was hanging over the fire, trust me. The priest says that you are made from the fire, we have to treat you. Shahbaz says I am fine. The priest says we will have to treat you. Ruksar has to beat him with a slipper. Ruksaar throws a slipper at him but Shahbaz runs and locks himself in a room. Kabir and Zara look on. Kabir calls someone.

Shahbaz is in a car. Kabir and Zara are following him. Kabir says he will accept his crimes soon.
Shahbaz comes outside Zara’s graveyard. He calls his manager and asks if he has booked his tickets? He says yes. Shahbaz says I am coming to the airport, I am sending you my location. He ends the call and sees his car surrounded by fire. He hears Zara’s words that you can’t run away from me. Shahbaz says no, I am coming to your graveyard. Shahbaz comes out of his car and runs to Zara’s grave. He says I am sorry, I killed you but I am sorry, I never liked you because I wanted to control Kabir, you showed him the way so I had to shoot you, I did a mistake, I can’t bring you back but please leave me alone. He turns to see all family members standing there and Imran recording the confession. Shahbaz says all this? Kabir cries. Shahbaz says you did all this to get this confession? Zara says yes. Kabir says I had to do it, you are my father but look at what you have done, I would have killed you but you made me follow God’s path so I have to spare your life. Shahbaz says I could have died in that fire. Imran says we had covered it with sand so it wouldn’t have burned you. Kabir says I wish you were scared of God as then Zara would be with me. You can’t get out of here now, he shows him the recording and says the law will punish you now, it will be a death penalty. Shahbaz looks on.

Shahbaz asks Kabir what he wants? Kabir says you are going to Amaan and tell him that you are going abroad and then you are going to confess to Ruksaar and Zeenat. Then you will cry and repent to God that you did a sin, maybe then God will give you a life. You have destroyed Irfan and Salma’s life, apologize to them and then you will go to police. Shahbaz comes to Irfan and says I can’t change my mistake, I am sorry. Shahbaz starts leaving. Zara says he might run away. Kabir says if he tries to run then I will tell the media that my father is a killer. Shahbaz hears it.

Ruksaar and Zeenat get Shahbaz’s confession. Ruksaar says I can’t go to jail. Shahbaz says Kabir has done everything to send me to jail but I will kill myself. Zeenat takes the gun from him and says you can’t do it. Shahbaz says I have lost my respect and everything. I can’t go to jail. Zeenat says you don’t have to do that, I have a way to save you. Shahbaz says no, nothing can happen now. Zeenat says I will free you from this mess.

Scene 2
Salma serves food to everyone. She tells Kabir that you have made biryani just like Zara did. Firdous says I know how to cook too. Kabir gets Shahbaz’s call. Shahbaz says I am not going to the police station. I know I did a crime but if you want me arrested then you have to bring the police. Kabir says I tried to give you a chance out of respect but now I will call the police.

The police comes to Shahbaz’s house. Kabir shows them Shahbaz’s confession. The inspector starts taking him away. Shahbaz looks at Ruksaar, she gives him a thumbs up. Kabir looks on.

The inspector asks Shahbaz to speak up. This is your video, was that video edited to trap you? Kabir says this video is clear and he has accepted his crime. The inspector says we are doing our work, you don’t tell me what to do. Kabir says you were the one to prove that I am mental. He asks Shahbaz to speak up.

In the court, Kabir tells the judge that Shahbaz has already accepted his crime so punish him. Zeenat comes there and says I want to show you something. She shows Ruksaar’s video in which she says that I killed Zara Siddiqui and Shahbaz wanted to save me. Zara and her father trapped Kabir in a way that he had to marry her and I lost my Kabir so I killed her. I am the culprit here so punish me. Kabir is shocked and says this video is a lie, they are trying to save Shahbaz. Zeenat says Kabir is right, this video is a lie like Kabir’s video. Let me show you something. She shows a video in which she is threatening Ruksaar to make a false confession that she killed Zara. Shahbaz says Kabir forced me to confess that I killed Zara but I didn’t. Kabir says this is a lie. Shahbaz says they have taken my money and now he is threatening to put me in jail for no reason. Kabir says he is lying.

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