Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 18 November 2020


Zara’s Nikah Wednesday Update 18 November 2020

Zara says to Kabir that Khalid is always against Irfan. They are in car. Kabir sees some people chanting against him. Khalid is leading rally. Kabir sees people burning his statue. He takes Zara and goes in sharia board.
One man tells Kabir that Khalid is doing all this, he made video against him. Video plays, Khalid says that I tried to give my seat to Rizwan but Kabir is insecure and didnt want to give seat to him so he fired me, he is an unjust leader. Kabir gets angry and says I will answer them. Kabir comes out of board and see people chanting, he tries to stop them but one man throws stone at him. Zara takes him from there.

Zara takes first aid box to Irfan’s house. Rizwan does his bandage. Zara says he was trying to talk to people fighting against him. Irfan says they are angry and dont know truth so dont talk to them like this. Kabir says to Zara that we have to find solution for this. Zara says lets think with calm mind. Rizwan smirks.

People come to Shahbaz’s house and throw stones at house. Inspector calls Shahbaz and says we are trying to control this rowdy crowd but you have to leave this place soon. Zeenat says to Shahbaz that I dont know anything this time.

Irfan tries to get ready but gets dizzy. Zara asks if he is fine? he nods. Shahbaz’s family comes there. Shahbaz asks Kabir what happened? Kabir says I am fine. Shahbaz tells about crowd outside. Shahbaz says there will be a VIP movement in evening and commissioner wants to remove that crowd from there, you have to do something. Kabir says this time I have to take responsibility. Shahbaz says dont let Zeenat’s name come out, Kabir says I will tell truth to people, I am head of board, not Zeenat’s relative. Irfan says I will come with you. Kabir says no. Kabir calls media and says I will tell them that

this is politics by Khalid, Rizwan is with us, once they know that he tried to sell his seat then they will stop fighting. Rizwan says I am with you. Suraiya comes there and says no, my son will not go with people like these, they might be planning to hurt you. Rizwan says its about Kabir’s life, let me go. She says if you go then you will see my dead face. All look on. Zara says to Kabir what will you do now? Rizwan cant go. Inspector calls Kabir and says we will lose our jobs if you dont clear roads. Rizwan says to Kabir that I have to listen to my mom, I cant do anything. Kabir says dont worry, I would do same for my mom, you stay here, I will handle everything. Ayesha says I will come with you. Kabir says its dangerous. Zara says we can go to war so we wil go with you. Irfan asks Kabir to go and prove his worth. Kabir says I will prove why you chose me.

All family members come to riot. Shahbaz nods at Kabir. Kabir goes in center and asks everyone to stop chanting. One man says that Rizwan’s grandfather worked for us and now we wont injustice happen to Rizwan. Kabir says this Khalid is lying to you all for his benefit, he wants to keep library property to himself, Khalid you are taking rights of people, its people’s property so say sorry to them. People say that you are wrong. Kabir says in speaker that you all are chanting and blocking road, you are creating trouble in city, is this your Islam? Khalid says dont lie, tell us where your bhabhi is? Kabir recalls how he said that he will tell Zeenat’s truth if people asked them. Kabir is about to tell how Zeenat bribed Khalid but Rizwan comes there and says stop. He tells everyone that Kabir asked me time and again to become sharia board member but I denied it, Khalid is working with goons like Salamat and Samir, he made our priest look doubtful. Kabir says now you all know his truth. He calls Kabir and says dont you all think that Rizwan should be in Khalid’s place? All chant in favor of Kabir. Rizwan thinks soon he will have to give head priest chair. Kabir asks Rizwan to join. Rizwan says its your order and wish so I accept to become sharia board member. People try to attack Khalid but Kabir says no, our Prophet doesnt allow us to beat people who did a mistake, we pray that he realizes his mistake and learn. All chant for Kabir.

Kabir comes to Irfan’s house. Irfan hugs him and congratulates him. Zara says Rizwan became sharia board member. Irfan says Suraiya should have sweets first. Suraiya comes there and throws sweets away. Rizwan says what are you doing? Suraiya says this is poison, how could you become a fool Rizwan? you accpeted a small seat? She says to Kabir that Rizwan begged me to let him testify for you and you gave him small seat? when you make him head priest then bring sweets. She leaves. Shahbaz takes Kabir from there.

Rizwan makes his mother eat sweets. She says its good that you are on way to become sharia board head. Rizwan says you had to throw all sweets? She says you like my acting? I used laugh after acting before. Rizwan says I will make Kabir and Zara fight, Kabir will do a mistake and then I will take his seat.

Salma says Suraiya keeps demanding so I should take this soup to her before she asks. In room, Suraiya says to Rizwan that you have to take seat before Irfan becomes fine and takes seat back from Kabir. Rizwan shows her poison and says its slow poison, it will make him so slow and weak that I will take head priest chair from him. Suraiya is stunned to see Salma standing there. Rizwan says to Suraiya that I will give poison to Irfan. Suraiya sees Salma coming there and says you are late. Salma says sorry and puts food down.

All come home, Zara asks Kabir if he will drink tea? He says I will offer namaz first. A man calls him and asks him to talk after namaz. Kabir says yes and leaves house. Zara sees Kabir’s phone ringing.

All come to mosque. Kabir leads prayers. All greet him. Shahbaz is happy to see him lead. Kabir talks to a man. Man says this guy keep crying in mosque.

Head priest of country calls Kabir. Zara takes phone and says he has gone to mosque, he says ask him to call back. Zara says I will go to mosque and give him phone.

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