Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 9 February 2021


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 9 February 2021

Kabir looks at Zara’s photo and says Shahbaz wants me to marry Ruksaar but you are the only one for me.

Scene 2
Kabir recalls his moments with the kids and how he has become closer to them.

Kabir comes to Ruksaar and says I don’t know how to talk, we know each other since childhood but we never became one. Ruksaar says because Zara came in your life. Kabir says I am alone but I am of Zara’s only, I can’t become yours, I can’t give her place to you, I can’t make you my wife so will you be happy to compromise? These kids are my life. Ruksaar says I love you, I want to marry you and those kids have made my dream come true but I want to marry you because I love you, I am ready to marry. Kabir thanks her and leaves. Ruksaar says he will be mine now.

Kabir looks at old Zara’s photo and says I am breaking my promise to you. He comes to the family and says I am ready to marry Ruksaar. I want to adopt the kids and give them a good life. All look on. Azra thinks that Zara gave the same offer. She says I think we are rushing, we should wait for Zara. Shahbaz says no, we will do this marriage today only. Irfan looks on. Kabir says I will talk to the kids. A kid hears it.

Kid comes and tells others that Kabir is going to marry Zara. Kabir comes there and says you heard me? Kids say yes, you are going to marry and adopt us. Kabir hugs them and says you will get a good life. Firdous says where is Zara? She has to get ready for the wedding. Kabir says but I am marrying Ruksaar.

Kabir tells the kids that I will be with you. A kid tells him that we want to live with Zara too, she was ready to marry you. Kabir says God wants me to marry Ruksaar. Kids are sad so he starts playing with them. He says we don’t know what is going to happen in life so let God decide the fate for us.

Ruksaar is looking for the mehndi designs. Zeenat comes there and says can I say something as your mother? Ruksaar says I am sorry for not talking to you earlier. Zeenat says I wish that God gives you all the happiness with your marriage.

Irfan and Salma come to Kabir. Salma says hope you get the happiness with these kids. Irfan says don’t know where Zara is. Kabir says I will try to find more, he leaves. Salma says I wish Zara was here.

Ruksaar gets ready as a bride and says wish Zara Siddiqui was here to see this day, her Kabir is going to be mine. she looks at Zara and Kabir’s wedding card and says now my name will be joined with Kabir. I want to see Zara Siddiqui burning with pain. Zeenat looks on.

New Zara wakes up and leaves the hospital. Shahbaz’s nurse sees her outside the hospital.

All get ready for Kabir and Ruksaar’s nikah. Imran comes there. Kabir says weird, you were getting married but now I am the groom. Imran says I can’t even congratulate you, I know your pain with this, I am proud of what you are doing for the kids. Azra comes and sadly looks at Imran. Kids come there and hug Kabir. Salma takes Azra away from Imran.

Zara is in the rickshaw and gives the address to the driver.

Ruksaar comes in the lounge as a bride and is miffed seeing Kabir sad.

Firdous talks to Amaan. Amaan says he is my best uncle. Firdous says we will call him an uncle too.

Kabir is ready to sign the wedding papers.

Zara comes to Irfan’s house but it’s locked. She says I have to stop it.

Kabir is about to sign the papers but juice gets spilled on his shirt, he goes to clean it. Shahbaz gets a call from his goon and he tells him that Zara left from there. Shahbaz asks him to stop her at any cost.

Zara asks the driver to drive fast. His rickshaw stops. Zara says I need to go to a place.

Kabir gets the call from the hospital. The nurse tells him that Zara was here and she was taking your name but now she is missing. Kabir is shocked. Zara comes outside Shahbaz’s house. Kabir rushes outside and sees her injured, he is shocked.

Kabir finds Zara on the porch and takes her inside. Ruksaar looks on.

All are waiting for Zara to wake up. She wakes up and hugs the kids. Firdous says we missed you a lot. Zara says sorry. Kabir smiles looking at them. Zara says I got in an accident. Irfan says we are glad that you came back. A kid tells Zara that Kabir promised to take care of us. Ruksaar tells Kabir that some people are here.

Kabir signs the adoption papers. The manager asks Ruksaar to sign the papers as Ruksaar Kabir Ahmed. Ruksaar signs the papers. Zara comes there and hears that they adopted the kids. Ruksaar smiles. Zara says no, they are my kids, I won’t let her take them. Ruksaar says I have married Kabir and the kids will stay with us. Kabir tells Zara that Ruksaar is right, we have adopted the kids. We are married now. The flashback shows how Kabir accepted the wedding proposal. Zara says no.

Zara starts taking the kids from the house. Kabir tells her that you are not going anywhere, listen to me once. He sends everyone away. Zara says how could you decide for them? Kabir says you left them and they were taking the kids away. Kids were trying to run away and find you so I promised to take care of them, I even married Ruksaar for them. Tell me did I do wrong? Zara looks on. Kabir leaves. Ruksaar comes to Zara that kids are happy so why are you sad? Zara says you can’t be a good person to kids, Kabir married you only to be with the kids. I am here and will keep an eye on you. She leaves.

Salma tells Zara that Kabir will protect these kids. Irfan asks her to come with them. Kabir tells her that he will take care of them. Kids say we want to go with Zara, can’t he come with them? Zara asks the kids to stay with him, she will come to meet them. Zara leaves with Irfan and Salma. Kabir makes the kids smile.

Kabir shows the kids their room. Amaan welcomes them and says we will enjoy here. They all start playing. Ruksaar comes there. Kabir thanks her for making them happy. Ruksaar says I can do anything for you, I am finally their mother.

Zara tells Salma that why people whom I love leave me? Irfan says don’t worry, he makes her eat and says we can keep the people that we love close to our hearts. Kabir comes there and greets them. Kabir tells Zara that don’t worry about the kids. He gives the medicines to Azra and says take care of this fighter.

Ruksaar offers food to the kids. She pulls the cheek of Firdous in anger but Zeenat tells her to keep kids happy if she wants to keep Kabir closer.

Zara tells Azra that Ruksaar can try anything with the kids so she has to do something.

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