Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 21 July 2020


Zara’s Nikah Tuesday Update 21 July 2020

Ayesha is preparing for iftar, she says iftar party should be bigger this time. Shahbaz says we always have big parties. Shahbaz says Kabir was not part of our parties but he will be with us now. Kabir says yes I will be with you in every iftar. Shahbaz says this time, sharia board party will be arranged by Kabir and Zara as they are member of it. Kabir is not happy to hear it. Servant brings mangoes from Fatima aunt, Ayesha says tells her thanks. Amaan asks Zeenat to make mango shake for him. Kabir laughs that he just had biscuits for sehri. Zeenat hints at him no. Ayesha asks Zara to make mango shake for him, he is not fasting. Zeenat gets tensed. Zara takes mangoes to make shake but Zeenat says leave it Zara, dont tire yourself in fast, I will make it, she leaves with Amaan.


Amaan says to Zeenat that I am hungry, Zeenat says you are fasting, you cant eat as its a sin, dont eat anything, I will make shake for you in iftar, he nods and leaves. Zeenat keeps mangoes in cabinet.

Amaan is playing around, he feels thirsty. Ayesha asks are you tired? I will make juice for you, he says no mom asked to not eat, he leaves.

Amaan comes to Zeenat and says I am very hungry, give me chocolate. Zeenat says its just about few hours and then you can eat anything, everyone will give you gifts. He nods and leaves.

Amaan throws ball at Zara and starts playing with her. Amaan is coming down from stairs towards Zara but he feels dizzy due to not eating and faints. Zara is shocked and rushes to him. All come to him. Zara asks what happened? Ruksaar, Zeenat and Ayesha rush to him. Ruksaar goes to bring water. Zeenat is tensed. Ruksaar brings water, Zara sprinkles it on his face, he wakes up. Zara tries to make him drink water, Zeenat says he is fine, he is tired, he should rest. Zara says we should take him to doctor, Zeenat says I know what he wants, I am his mother, she takes him from there.

Zeenat makes her Amaan lie in bed and asks Ruksaar to bring water. She does it. Zeenat makes Amaan lie down. Amaan says I am thirty. Zeenat says you want to be like Kabir? just wait for sometime, you are fasting and soon you will open it and get reward from God. Ruksaar says he is fasting? Zeenat says yes you wanted me to make him like Kabir so I am doing it. Ruksaar recalls how she told her that people of this house prefers Kabir over her husband and son. Ruksaar is tensed. Zeenat says I will make my him like Kabir, if Zara and Kabir have a son then he will work for Amaan for business. Ruksaar says think about it, she says I am sure. Ruksaar says to Amaan that soon we will break your fast. Zara comes there. Zeenat and Ruksaar gets tensed. Amaan says I am thirsty. Zara sees his pale lips. She takes water and tries to give to him but Zeenat throws it away and says you cant destroy his fast. Zara says have you gone mad? he is a kid. Zara takes Amaan from her and says I am taking him to hospital. She pushes Zeenat away and takes Amaan from there. Zara comes to Ayesha and says she was forcing a kid to fast. Ayesha says Zeenat what is this? he is small, see his health. Zeenat says he was forcing to keep a fast, he ate sehri with us, nothing will happen, he is fine. Zara sees Amaan dizzy and says no men is home, we have to take him to doctor, she leaves with Ayesha and Amaan.

Zara calls for car, she takes Amaan to hospital. Zeeant and ruksaar goes behind her in car too. ayesha tries to call Kashan and Shahbaz.

Zara is in car with Amaan, Zeenat tries to call her but Zara ignores it. Kabir is in meeting with Miraj. Zara calls him but he disconnects it. Zara keeps calling him. He takes call and says I am in meeting. Zara says amaan fainted, I am taking him to hospital, Kabir says I am coming. He says to Miraj that I have to go to hospital, Miraj asks if he can help? Kabir says I will tell you if need be.

Zara brings Amaan to hospital, she says to doctor that he didnt eat anything. Zeenat comes there and asks what she is doing? she is wasting his hardwork. Zara says he is ill. Doctor says he has less water level and needs drip. Zara recalls how Amaan didnt take chocolate and said he has fast even before ramzan started. Zara says to Zeenat that you were forcing Amaan to have small fasts before Ramzan? Ruksaar says he was asking for it, Zara says you cant let him do anything, you were keeping him hungry for days, fasts are not a duty before 12 years. Amaan says I dont want injection, zara says you wont get well without it, she asks doctor to give him drip. Zeenat says you cant give him drip without asking me. Zara says what are you saying? look at him. Kabir comes there and asks what happened to him? Zara says Zeenat asked him to fast. Kabir says this is foolish, he doesnt have age to fast. Zara says he needs water. Kabir says let me talk to him. Doctor says we have less time. Kabir asks nurse to bring juice. Zara nods. Zeenat says but? Kabir asks doctor if they can wait for sometimeAyesha is trying to call Shahbaz but he is busy, she says to hell with work that cant have time for sons. She calls Zara and asks how is Amaan? Zara says Kabir is here, we are doing everything. Ayesha says I am coming.

Doctor says to Kabir that he is in critical condition, we cant wait. Kabir says to Zeenat that you shouldnt have made him keep a fast, kids can say anything. Ruksaar says Kabir is right, you shouldnt have made him fast. Kabir says now will we save his life or his innocent fast? Zeenat says he follows you, he wanted to fast like you, I just want his fast to complete, do anything but save his fast. Kabir thinks God this kid kept a fast for you, please save his fast and life. Nurse bring juice there.


All look on. Zara takes juice and brings it to amaan. Kabir stops her and takes juice from her. Kabir says there is time for iftar. Zara says look at his condition. Kabir says if he can bear it then let him be, God have given him strength so let him complete it, I kept a fast in 7 years too, he shouldnt have kept a fast but now he has so we should wait for a little time, trust me. Kabir says to Amaan that only few minutes are left, you will complete your fast, you are my brave nephew. Kabir says to Zara that dont worry, doctors are here, I trust my God. He prays for Amaan.

All are waiting for iftar time. Zara sees Amaan feeling dizzy, she says he is getting ill. Ruksaar says he is fine. Zara asks to call doctor. Ruksaar says doctor doesnt know power of fast. Zara says he was shivering. Zeenat pushes her away and says he is fine. Kabir prays for Amaan and says he is fine. Zara sees Amaan having fits, she thinks I cant wait. She takes juice, Kabir stops her and says wait for sometime, his sacrifice will go waste. Zara says its not about me but kid’s life so I wont listen to you, there is nothing bigger deed than saving life in Islam, leave my hand Kabir. Kabir leaves her hand giving her permission. Zara makes Amaan drink juice. Zeenat and Ruksaar looks on. Amaan starts having fits, they call doctor. Doctor comes there and takes Amaan to ICU. Kabir takes Amaan and rushes to ICU. Doctor asks everyone to remain outside. Kashan comes there. Zeenat rushes him and cries, she says Amaan fainted, this Zara killed him, Ayesha and Shahbaz comes there too and are stunned. Zara holds Kabir’s hand. Kashan asks what is happening? Zeenat says he was hungry for 11 hours, he fainted. Kabir says nothing happened to him, you asked him to fast, stop blaming and pray for him. Zara says I just gave him juice, Ayesha says I know. They all pray for Amaan’s recovery. Kabir consoles Zara. Doctor comes out of OT and says he is out of danger, they all thank God. Zeenat thanks Doctor. Doctor says thank Zara, if she didnt give him juice on time then we would have lost our chance. Zeenat looks on. Ayesha kisses Zara’s forehead. Kabir smiles at her.

Zeenat thanks doctor. Doctor says if Zara didnt give Amaan juice on right time then we could have lost the hope. Zeenat asks if they can meet amaan? he says yes, two people at a time. Ruksaar tries to go inside but Ayesha stops her and nods Zara to go in.
Zeenat and Zara comes to Amaan’s room. Zeenat cries and hugs him. Zara asks how he is? she says become fine soon and then we will play video games. Zara says to Zeenat that we can fights but never think ever that I will ever try to hurt your son. She puts hand on her shoulder and smiles. Zeenat looks on. Zara comes out of room. Ayesha asks how he is? Zara says he is better now. Shahbaz thanks God. Shahbaz says only 5 minutes are remaining in iftar. Kabir says I will arrange for it. Nurse comes there and says someone is
calling you all in waiting room.

Family comes to waiting room and sees iftar food all set up there. Shahbaz asks who did all this? Miraj comes there and greets them. Ruksaar smirks. Kabir says you? Miraj says friends help friends in need, I couldnt do much so I thought to bring iftar for you all. Kabir says I am your best friend from now on. Kabir hugs him. Zara thinks Ruksaar played a game in fasting too, she is a jerk. Ruksaar whispers to her if she liked her arrangements? Flashback shows Ruksaar messaging Miraj to bring iftar in hospital. Kabir introduces everyone to Miraj, Kabir says this is Zara Kabir Ahmed, she greets him. He says I have heard a lot about you. Zara says I hope you heard good things. Shahbaz says its time for iftar. They all sit down. Ruksaar and Zara both go to sit down beside Kabir. Zara moves forward and sits with Kabir. Ayesha asks ruksaar to sit with her. She nods and sits with her. Zara messages Ruksaar that thank you for making my and Kabir’s first iftar special. Ruksaar glares and messages her that this is not all, picture is remaining. Kabir starts prayers for iftar, he prays that God just you, accept our fasting. They all break their fast. Kabir takes food plate and says I will come. Zara goes behind him.

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