Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 18 March 2021


Zara’s Nikah Thursday Update 18 March 2021

Zara tells Kabir that I love you, I love your respect for the women and everything that you do. All are shocked. Jalali laughs and says listen to this. Kabir glares at Zara. Jalali says what is happening here? Zara confessed her love for him. Zara says you are a dog, I love Kabir knowing that I won’t ever get him, I love that he is just, that he is respectful, any girl can love him. I am sorry Kabir. Ruksaar says you trapped him. Zara says you crossed all the limits but he married you for my kids, I fell in love with him when he adopted my kids. I am proud to love him, this love is one sided so it can’t be a reason for his and Ruksaar’s divorce.

Imran says to Kabir that you have clarified that you don’t love Zara but someone has to take care of Zara so I am giving her responsibility to Zara, you will get her married, you can’t keep her in this house so I am giving you a month to find a good guy for her and marry her in a month. Ruksaar claps and says I agree with this. Kabir says I accept this, I will find a guy for her. He asks Zara to tell him if she finds a suitable guy for her. Zara cries.

Zara recalls Kabir’s words that he will find a guy for her. Ruksaar comes there and says Kabir will get you married soon. Zara says I don’t know about that but he will divorce you for sure. Zara comes to the kids and tells them that she will not leave them. Kabir comes there and asks the kids to leave. Kabir says don’t lie to the kids, you will have to leave, why did you fall in love with me? Zara says how can you decide for me to marry in a month? Kabir says you can’t love me, do you even know what love is? Zara says I am listening to my heart only, I don’t agree to your decision, I have a right on my life, I promise you that I will become independent in a month and then you won’t have to get me married.

Kabir thinks that Zara told about her heart thing, she said the truth so why I am angry on her? He comes to Zara and sees her packing. He says you are a fool. Zara says you think I shouldn’t stay here so I am leaving. Kabir says where are you going? Zara says I will not stay here, I will come and cook for the kids. Kabir says the kids need you. Zara says I will get a job when the kids go for school. Kabir says you can get married so you don’t need a job. Zara says I will find a house for myself and you won’t have to worry for me. Let me go. Kabir says I have a right because you are my Ashna.. Zara says what does that mean? Kabir says you are not leaving.

Jalali comes to Kabir and says I want to help you find a good guy for Zara. I can marry her. Kabir asks him to get lost. Jalali says she is cheap and I am accepting her what’s the issue? Kabir gets angry and grabs his collar. Kabir says I need a person for Zara, not a demon. Jalali says why do I feel you don’t want her to be married? You should marry her. Kabir asks him to get lost.

Scene 2
Zara asks Irfan what does Ashna means? He says very close friend. Irfan says one-sided love is not wrong, she can tell her parents and they can talk to the guy and if they both agree then they can get married. Zara says I don’t want to marry, I want to become independent.

Shahbaz tells Jalali that Zara went to Irfan’s house. Jalali says I can kidnap Zara and then I will not spare her. Kabir hears it and is angry. He leaves from there. Shahbaz sees him and calls Azra.

Salma tells Zara that if your fate is with Kabir then he will fall in love with you. They hear a doorbell and come to see Kabir there. Zara is surprised to see him. Azara says we knew that you would come to take her. Zara says I have to go for the kids. She thinks that I pray that God will make Kabir fall in love with me. She tells Kabir that I am ready to marry.

Kabir is looking at the newspaper. Zara asks what is looking at? Kabir says I am searching for the pros that a girl should have for her wedding. Zara says let me know what good things I have? Show me. He hides the paper from her but Zara takes it away and runs away. Kabir runs behind her. Zara reads that we need a hard working guy for an innocent and pretty girl. Zara says this looks like a job ad. Kabir asks her to stop it.

Shahbaz tells Ruksaar that I want a bad guy for Zara so he will make her life hell. Ruksaar says how will that happen? Azra comes there and says I will help you.

Kabir notes Zara’s height and says I need it for the ad. He checks her weight. Zara says you can write fake weight. Kabir says let me do my work. Zara says if they know my truth then they will runaway. Salma comes there and says I will help you. She asks Kabir to take her picture and I will ask in my circle. Kabir says I don’t want her to be married in Lucknow. Salma says no, I want her to marry here only. Kabir tells her that I want her to be away from Jalali and Shahbaz, he leaves. Salma tells Zara that he is not listening to me. Zara says let’s see what my fate has.

Kabir gets a call and says I will send you her photos, I can get her married in 3 days. Ruksaar and Azra hide to hear it.

Salma tells Zara that you shouldn’t have allowed Kabir to marry you off. Zara says then I wouldn’t know how much he cares for me. Salma says love has different forms, some people love after marriage and some people think they love but it’s fake like Ruksaar’s. She coughs, Zara gives her water. Salma says I don’t know if your love will be fulfilled or not. Zara says maybe this one month will make my love have it’s way. Kabir comes there and says to Zara that I need your photo. Zara brings her album. Kabir tries to choose a photo but it’s not good. He finds her photo with him and smiles. Kabir says this photo is good, he is about to cut it but Salma says you can’t cut it, it’s a good photo. You can take Zara’s photos from your phone. Kabir says okay and leaves.

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