Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 27 December 2020


Zara’s Nikah Sunday Update 27 December 2020

Zara is locked in burning room and cries in pain. Kabir breaks glass window and goes inside, he says nothing will happen to you. Zara is stabbed in stomach because of a nail. Kabir lifts her and takes her from there. Rizwan locks factory door from outside and leaves.
Kabir is looking around in factory to find a way. He asks Zara to sit while he looks around. Zara cries in pain. Kabir hugs her and says keep your eyes open, you want me to make you laugh?

Zara says dont leave. Kabir says you are with me, dont worry, I am coming. Kabir sees a burning drum going near Zara, he uses extinguisher to save her and asks her to cover her mouth.

Shahbaz calls his goon, goon says patrol is filling in tank, soon factory will be blasted, there is no one inside, he ends call and mistakenly his phone falls in tank.

Zeenat comes to Shahbaz and asks him for fees as Kashan is in Shikharpur. Shahbaz gives her money and says why he went there? Zeenat says for property, she leaves. Shahbaz says he left when I said no. He calls Kashan but Kashsn doesnt take his call and says I cant tell him that I failed there as well. He sees goons coming to a shop and using Zara’s purse for money. Goons leave. Kashan says why goons had Zara’s phone? They did steal from them? He calls Kabir and Zara but theirs phones are off. Kabir is trying to break a door. Zara is crying in pain. Kabir says dont worry, we will leave. He screams from window to save them, my wife is here.

Salma is calling Zara and tells Irfan that Zara’s phone is not ringing, I am worried. Irfan says call Kabir or Ayesha. He leaves. Salma calls Ayesha. Ayesha says Kabir’s phone is not working but dont worry, they must be fine. Zara shows a vent to Kabir. He tries and takes net off. He says we have to leave. Zara is fainting. Kabir says no, you cant faint, I will leave and then pull you out. Kabir goes out of vent. Zara tries to crawl near vent but falls down. Kabir jumps from otherside of went and knocks on door. Shahbaz’s goon is outside and sees tank filled with patrol, he lights matchstick. Kabir is trying to open factory door but cant. Outside, goon tries to call Shahbaz but his phone is off.
Kashan calls Shahbaz and tells that some goons attacked Zara and Kabir. Shahbaz is worried and thinks I have to talk to my goon. He calls Rehman but his number is busy. Rehman is trying to call him too. Shahbaz calls inspector and says my son is missing. Ayesha hears it and is shocked.

Kabir prays to God and asks him to help. He uses cylinder to break door of factory. He runs out and prays for God to help. He says I have to bring Zara out of here. H jumps back inside and goes to Zara. He says we have to go out of here. Zara is crying in pain and says you leave, let me die here. Kabir says no. Zara says I am giving you a chance to get away from me as you wanted. Kabir says no, I am not leaving you here. Zara says what do you want? You left me and now you dont want to leave me? leave me alone, you left me for 15 months. Kabir says yes and 22 days, I know everything.

Rehman says if I dont blast this factory then Shahbaz will be angry so lets do it.

Zara says to Kabir that I wanted to die in your arms, my death is here, I am not angry with you, forgive me for anything I did. Kabir cries and shakes his head. Zara says I want to leave this world as Zara Kabir Ahmed. Kabir says you will not die. Zara says I died when you stopped loving me. Kabir says no, I never stopped loving you. You were in death trap and dying because of me so I promised God that I will stay away from you.. he looks up to see Zara unconscious. He shakes her head but she doesnt move.

Rehman starts fire which goes in factory tank filled with patrol. Whole factory has a big blast. Rizwan’s goon calls him and tells him about it. Rizwan thinks Zara and Kabir are dead now.

Ayesha calls Salma and says police is searching for Kabir and Zara. Irfan goes to police station.

Irfan, Shahbaz and Kashan are in police station. Inspector says we are finding them, we have goons who attacked them in our custody. Officer comes and says one goon told us that they locked Kabir and Zara in factory. Shahbaz says what? Other officer comes there and tells about blast in factory. Shahbaz is shocked and shouts no, Kabir is alive, this cant happen. Irfan says no, Zara and Kabir must have fought. Kashan says they must have left from there. Inspector says that blast was not a mistake but a planned blast. Shahbaz is tensed.

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