Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 9 October 2020


Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 9 October 2020

Zara’s Nikah Friday Update 9 October 2020: Zara is washing dishes in kitchen and recalls her words that her husband doesnt earn. Zara says sorry Kabir, I didnt want to insult you, she recalls Shahbaz’s trick and says he is using you but I wont tell you, I will show you and then you will win both paths,

you can hate me now but you will understand. Ayesha comes there and asks where is Zara? Zara says I am always Zara who will follow her rules and right path. Ayesha says my Zara never insulted people but today you insulted your husband infront of his family, why? Kabir is throwing Zara’s clothes from cupboard.
Ayesha says to Zara that I took you as my daughter then how can I see you like this? we wont be happy seeing you like this, you are our pride, get dressed nicely and live like our daughter, she cries. Zara hugs her and says I love you all, there is a reason why I am doing all this. Ayesha asks what? Zara thinks that her destination is far, she says I cant tell you. Kabir looks at Zara’s clothes and her things, he packs her stuff.
Ayesha says to Zara that if you insult this house publicly then I will become mother in law easily. Kabir brings Zara’s luggage in lounge. Zeenat says you are doing right, I will help you. Kabir takes Zara’s things and puts them near door. All look on. Zara comes there. Ayesha asks what is all this? Zeenat says he couldnt bear Zara’s insult so sending her home. Kabir throws Zara’s things on floor and says do you need any luxury stuff? its easy to pretend to be poor but its difficult to live it, you havent seen it, he lights matchstick and burns all her stuff. Kashan says what is all this? he goes to bring water. Kabir says to Zara that I gave my life to nation so they can earn, I want to see till when you can pretend to be poor. Zara says I promise to not drink water from my house or this house till you dont earn, I wont take a penny from my parents.

Zara comes to her room and is tensed. She looks in her cupboard and sees her drawers locked. She opens her drawer using key and calls someone.
Kabir says to himself that Zara have everything in house, what problem she have? I will see till when she pretends to be poor.
Zara calls someone and says come to house. Ayesha says to Shahbaz that this house is getting out of control. Shahbaz says think about what Irfan said? that Kabir had grudge, I think they are taking revenge from Kabir, he was not earning since after his marriage, Zara was fine with it but now she has a problem? She has lived a lavish life and she cant live a simple life now, she will get over it. Zeenat says jeweler is here.

All come in lounge. Kabir says jeweler came to buy gold. Shahbaz says we have only bought gold, not sold it, who called him? Zara comes there with her jewelry and says I called him, what never happened will happen now. Shahbaz says this will insult us. Zara says I have told jeweler that I want to get new designs so I am selling old ones. She says to Kabir that you burned my everything but left my jewelry, one portion is yours and I dont have right on that so keep it, you will need it, other portion is which my father gave me after working hard, I will sell it to jeweler, will you go to him or me? Kabir glares at her.
Kabir comes back from jeweler and says they were sold for 3.75lacs. Zara gives one note to Ayesha and says this is money for salt, roti and now I want tea. Ayesha raises hand but stops herself and says you will give me money for that? Zeenat asks if she is in senses? Zara says I will tell my next step tomorrow as you guys wont take my money.

Ayesha says what Zara is going to do now. Shahbaz looks on.
Zara is calling someone.
Zeenat asks Kashan if Zara will leave? Kashan says she is not weak, she will do something big.
Alina comes to Kabir and says chill, she will resolve everything tomorrow. Kabir says this time decision will be taken. In morning, all see a board and there is Zara’s worth 3.75lacs written on it. Some men bring stuff and says Mrs. Kabir ordered all this. Zara says I will pay from cash. She pays 21K and goes to look at grocery, all family members look on as she pays bill and deducts from her worth. Zara says I wont take anything from this house as my husband doesnt earn. Ayesha says you will live separately? Zara says ask your son to earn so I have some worth. Kabir says it wont happen. Zara asks Shahbaz how much will be the rent for outhouse? Shahbaz says shut up, she asks to call Irfan and take her, she is insulting us. Zara says I can live somewhere else too but people will talk about it and take your name too. Ayesha says then live in your room.

Zara says I dont have much money to afford that room. Kabir says you will pay 2.5K for outhouse room every month and dont show face. Zara gives 3K for electricity and water. She says my worth will deplete everyday and if you dont start working till its 0 then I will go to dargah and beg people, Kabir glares at her.

Kabir comes to Ayesha’s room and is searching for outhouse. Ayesha says have you gone mad? She says to Zara that you cant live there, she says to Kabir that you are her husband and sending her there? Zara says he can listen to me and I will stop. Zeenat gives outhouse key to Zara and says she wont listen, she says there is a snake seen in outhouse. Kabir says its a rumor. Zeenat says I just want her to be careful. Ayesha says dont do it Zara, I am not your real mother so you are not listening. Zara says Kabir is your real son so why not ask him to do what I want? Zara leaves. Ayesha cries and says this is wrong. Kabir says dont cry, she is my wife, I care for her and you know she is stubborn, dont try to make me listen because of her. He leaves. Zeenat says to Ayesha that Zara is clever to do all this. Ayesha is worried about snake.

Zara comes to outhouse with her makeshift bed. She looks around and is scared of snake. She opens door and looks around hearing some ruffling noise. She doesnt find servants.

Ayesha says to servants that my daughter in law pledged to pray to God and live with servants for 30 days. Shahbaz thinks that Ayesha gracefully took care of it. Servant says we are happy to be with her. Ayesha asks them to take care of Zara. Kabir says no, they will not take care of Zara.

Zara says prayers and enters her room, its all rusty and dusty. She sees something moving but its just a rat. She says I cant do it, its too difficult but she finds a newspaper which says that a girl won medals. She recalls Shahbaz’s words and him fooling Kabir. She thinks that its difficult but I will show path to Kabir.
Kabir asks servants to go to garden house. Servants leave. Ayesha says I was thinking how Zara will live with two male servants. Kabir says I can fight her but I care about her, I will never let her live with unknown men. Zara hears it and thinks that his love will take me to my destination.

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