Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Sept 19

Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate Sept 19

Abhi comes to terrace. Pragya asks how did you come here. Abhi says he climbed the wall and came here. He touches her face….Sanam Re plays…………Pragya closes her eyes. It was her imagination. Abhi comes there and thinks unbelievable. He likes the decoration. Pragya asks how did you come here. Abhi asks I came from this way. Pragya says okay. Abhi asks did you decorate all this for me and says I can’t think that you are so romantic. You talk dull and boring, but your work is romantic.
Abhi thinks this situation and time is right. He holds Pragya’s hand. He asks her to look at him, in his eyes…..Allah wariyan plays………He asks what you are seeing? He says there is a language of silence, and I will talk you in that language. He says my talk is not over yet. He says if I tell you that I want to sing for you all my life, how you will feel? Pragya gets emotional. He asks how you will feel if I tell you that I love you. Will you stay in my heart as my music, for forever. Pragya is happy and smiles. Abhi asks how did you feel? Pragya asks what? Abhi says he has practiced and tested on her. Pragya says you should have told me that it is a test. Abhi says I will tell you, why did I do this. Pragya says no, I am going now as my working hours are over. Abhi tries to stop her, and thinks why she is over acting as if I should proposed her.
Taya ji tells that the food is delicious today. Tai ji asks Mitali, why she is smiling? Mitali says I came to know something which you people don’t know and says my enemy is going to cry today. Aaliya comes there, Mitali stops talking seeing her. Aaliya thinks if Bhai propose Tanu now then nobody will stop him. Abhi is coming downstairs, but Aaliya stops him and says Tanu is waiting for you on terrace and asks him to have food with her. She asks him to propose Tanu. Abhi says I am doing this for you, and goes. Aaliya smirks and thinks I am helping myself. She thinks Pragya’s dreams will be shattered seeing Abhi proposing Tanu.

Abhi thinks if he is doing wrong and recalls Dadi’s scolding him. He thinks he is doing this for his family and it can’t be wrong. He comes to Tanu, and says I want to talk to you, but before that I want to apologize to you. He says I never misbehaved with anyone, and my intention was never to hurt or ruin your respect. He asks Tanu to forgive him. Tanu thinks why he is not proposing me. She says what I will get with forgiving you. I will not get back my lost respect. Aaliya stops Pragya and asks where you are going? Pragya says she is going home as working hours are over. Aaliya tells her that Abhi didn’t like her bad decoration. Pragya asks her not to lie and says Abhi liked the decoration. Aaliya tells her that she will be happy when Abhi kicks her out and says she
is going to have dinner. Pragya thinks to go and check. Aaliya thinks Pragya is a fool and believes my talk. She thinks it will be fun now. Tanu says now nothing can happen, I am finished. You are a rockstar, and will not be bothered, but my career is ended. She tells that her parents are suffering in Delhi because of that incident, sheds some fake tears and asks why did you call me and asks about the decoration.

Abhi asks did Aaliya tell you anything? Tanu says no, and asks why did you call me. Abhi thinks his proposal should be good so that Tanu agree. Tanu asks him to tell. Abhi says I was thinking how you will react after hearing me. They sit. Abhi apologizes to Tanu again and says he wants to correct the mistake done by him. He says I never told this to anyone, I like you and want you to be my girl friend….we can be friends too. He says this is the right time to get back together. He asks her to give him a chance so that they can build a beautiful and meaningful relationship. Pragya comes there and sees Abhi proposing Tanu. Abhi holds a flower in his hand and proposes Tanu for marriage. Pragya is taken aback, shattered and walks off.

Tanu is very much happy at her heart, and thinks my dream is fulfilled today…Abhi is proposing me. Tanu tells him that she is very much happy and waiting from many years to get his proposal. Abhi says what do you mean by years, as we met just few days back. Tanu says she feels connected with him since births and says I like you. I thought I was wrong about you, after party incident, but now I understand that you cares for my feelings and we are made for each other. Abhi says you like this…I am proposing a girl for the first time. Pragya runs thinking about Abhi’s proposal to Tanu, recalls Abhi practicing on her and cries. Aaliya sees Pragay crying and smiles, thinking she saw what she wanted. She thinks I want to scratch your wounds, but will not ruin my plan. She takes Pragya’s video and thinks this will help us in our celebration. Pragya thinks Abhi has nothing in his heart, and he loves Tanu only. She thinks I am just a past for him, and Tanu is his life now.

Tanu comes back to Aaliya and tells that Abhi proposed her. She says she is very much happy, and it is the best day of my life. Aaliya asks her to get ready and see the double doze of happiness. She shows Pragya’s video in which she is crying. Tanu is very much happy. Aaliya says I am sure that Pragya will cry all her life and boast about her plan. Tanu thanks Aaliya and says you have done right. Aaliya asks Tanu to keep Abhi in her control and says Pragya is wounded tigress now. She shall not know how we have fooled Abhi and made him propose you. Tanu asks her not to worry and says she is expert in fooling people.

Sarla tells Beeji that she is tired of bringing ration of the month. Pragya comes home and says she brought vegetables. Sarla asks about her day at office. Pragya says she did decoration today and tells that she got much importance from her boss. Sarla says we will have food together now. Pragya says she had food in the party, and is now tired. She says good night and goes. Beeji understands something is wrong. Abhi thinks I thought Tanu will not agree, but she agreed. He thinks she agreed because of Nikita’s decoration, but Nikita got upset with me. He thinks he is happy, but his heart is sad. He thinks if he did a mistake by proposing Tanu. Pragya cries in her room thinking about Abhi proposing Tanu. Beeji comes there. Pragya asks when did you come here. Beeji asks what did you do today in your office. Pragya tells that she did arrangements for the event. Beeji asks her to tell clearly what happened? Did Abhi tell you anything. Pragya says nothing. Beeji asks her to tell clearly. Pragya looks on.

She tells that she is living with fake hope that Abhi will remember everything and then they will stay together. She says I am not his wife anymore. His love and life is Tanu now. Beeji asks her to tell clearly. She says Tanu will try to trap Abhi. Pragya says Abhi proposed Tanu today, and says I am just his secretary and nothing else. Beeji is shocked too, but asks her to have faith. She asks Pragya not to worry and says nobody can separate you with Abhi until you have sindoor of Abhi’s name. Pragya hugs her and cries.

Abhi thinking that he has done something wrong and thinks he did wrong by joking with Nikita. He thinks to call her and apologize. Pragya thinks don’t know if he will get back his memory and will remember me. She thinks I should not go there as he will be marrying Tanu now. She cries badly. Abhi calls her. Pragya sees his call and thinks why is he calling? I shall not talk to him now. She doesn’t pick the call. Abhi thinks she might be sleeping. Later in the morning, he thinks what is the meaning of this dream. Nikita is going far from me and I am crying. Aaliya comes there and asks what did Tanu say after your proposal. Abhi says she said yes. Aaliya acts not knowing it and says she is very happy. Abhi says Tanu likes me, and might have proposed me if not me. Aaliya says
everything is falling in place, and asks him to announce in party that he is marrying Tanu. Abhi asks why there is a hurry? Let us spend some time with each other, know each other, and when the time is right we will make an announcement.

Aaliya says you both are bad in people’s eyes and says it will affect your careers. She says you need to tell everyone and tells that she is calling media. She asks him to tell that he and Tanu are in a relationship and commitment now. Abhi says what about Dadi? How can I take my life decision without talking to Dadi. Aaliya says I will handle Dadi, mean will talk to her. She goes to make arrangements for party. Abhi thinks he can’t handle Dadi. Pragya thinks what I will do by going there, thinks to leave the job, and says I can live with his memories, but can’t live seeing him with Tanu. Abhi thinks to make Nikita tell Dadi about his marriage plan with Tanu. He calls Pragya again, but she doesn’t pick the call. Abhi thinks if she is sleeping till now, thinks she might be upset with me till now, and thinks to go to her house and say sorry.

Sarla asks Pragya what happened? Why she is not getting ready for office. Pragya tells her that boss called and told that she don’t need to come for work today as he went out of city. Sarla says okay, and asks her to have food. Beeji asks Pragya, why she is not going to work today. Pragya closes the door and tells Beeji that she can’t see Tanu with Abhi anymore. Beeji says I think you don’t trust your kumkum. Pragya says truth is that he has chosen Tanu to spend his life. She says I will spend my life in his memories, rather than seeing them together. Beeji says it was a conspiracy against Abhi and shows newspaper in which Abhi is accused of misbehaving with Tanu in the party. Beeji says that’s why Abhi proposed Tanu. Pragya is shocked too.

Beeji says they played a cheap trick, made Abhi embarrassed and forced him to propose Tanu infront of you. She says they made you see that so that you go away from his life. Pragya recalls all the incidents starting from party till Abhi proposing Tanu. Beeji says they want to make you feel jealous and go away from Abhi’s life. She asks her to ask her heart and know the truth. She says I will not force you to go there, but I will tell you one thing. She says Abhi doesn’t remember anything now and doing whatever they are asking to him. Pragya says you are saying right, I can’t leave him alone now, will make those both go far from him. Abhi thinks he will go to Nikita’s house and will make her face Dadi. He thinks it is good that Dadi is not here and thinks to meet Nikita.

Aaliya stops him and asks where is he going? Abhi says he is going to secretary’s home. Aaliya says she will not come now. Abhi says I didn’t fire her from job. Aaliya says she don’t want to work and got afraid of work. She badmouths about Pragya and tells that she will hire a good secretary for him who will be very patient. Abhi recalls taking Pragya’s patience test, and says he will meet her anyhow. Pragya comes to Mehra house and sees the decoration. She thinks why house is decorated today and comes to Abhi’s room. She thinks he left room all messed up and cleans it. She recalls her boss avatar and a fb is shown. She smiles and sets the room. Abhi comes out of washroom and thinks how dare she leave the job. He is surprised to see Pragya and asks why did she leave job. Pragya says she didn’t leave job and came just 10 mins late. Abhi asks why you didn’t pick my calls. Pragya says she slept early in night and wake up late. Abhi says he has taken a decision and needs her help. He apologizes to her.