Wednesday Update on Twist of fate Sept 12

Wednesday Update on Twist of fate Sept 12

Pragya smiling happily seeing Abhi’s poster. Allah wariyan plays. Abhi comes and asks how she is feeling after performing on stage. Pragya says it is good. Abhi says he can see something incomplete in her eyes, and says he can see, but can’t know. He asks her to go to Doctor and says he is getting confused. He says I don’t want you to get in any trouble, being my fan no. 1. Pragya smiles….Abhi asks her to go to Doctor first and says then only we will have an eye lock, and says then only we will talk. Pragya thinks my eyes wants to complete our incomplete story, even you have forgotten everything. Mr. Sethi asks Saira about the CD. Saira says I have given CD to Pragya. Mr. Sethi says there should be no problem in the function and says it is more important for me
than Abhi. Saira says okay, I will get it from her. Aaliya stops Saira and takes her forcibly from there. Purab appreciates Pragya’s singing skills on stage, and says you sung great. Pragya says she got strength from Abhi, as he introduces her as his biggest fan. Purab says even God wanted this, and that’s why you came on stage.

Pragya says but I am just his fan for him, and says I don’t want to dream anything. Abhi says I have heard everything….and come to them. He says what you were talking about? Purab says I was telling her about event. Pragya says I don’t want to see any bad dream. Abhi says what you was saying, asking help from Purab to help you become a singer. Purab says di….Abhi says di. Purab says she…he says her sister will feel bad. Abhi asks did you see in her eyes? Purab says what will happen if I see? He asks if he is jealous…and says you told that she is not your type. Pragya says did you say it? Abhi says I told cute also. He says she is my true fan and knows everything about me. He says I will help her whenever needed. Purab says you have to be with her everytime.

Dadi and Dasi greet Sarla and Beeji and leave in their car. Sarla says Abhi might have felt bad as we haven’t come there. Beeji asks her to think about Pragya’s love. Sarla says I am thinking about her betterment and says I can’t risked her life for her happiness. She tells that she is scared of Aaliya and her threat. Beeji asks her not to worry.

Mr. Sethi goes on stage and says Abhishek Mehra will launch the album. Aaliya thinks it will be a joke and fun. Abhi addresses to the media and says he is rocking and will always rock, he is not affected by the accident. Reporter asks when we will hear your concert date. Abhi says I am going to do a rocking concert soon for my fans. Aaliya wonders where is Pragya?

Music CD is played and it turns out to be a wrong song. Audience get crazy. Saira asks Pragya what did she play? Pragya gets stunned and shocked. Abhi laughs and says it is a prank played by him. He says his album will be launched tomorrow online. Aaliya thinks she will watch the show made by her.

Abhi pulls Pragya aside. What did you do? Which CD did you play? This isn’t some ordinary event. It is my concert. She fumbles in reply but he continues scolding her. Ordinary people spend their lives just like that. I have made a name for myself. I have earned it the hard way. She tries to make him understand it wasn’t her fault. He says it was my mistake. I called you my fan no. 1 and you thought we are friends. I respected you before everyone and you only were trying to take me down! I only made you my fan no. 1. I take it back from you. Don’t tell anyone this anymore. I will even throw that poster out from office so no one can see either my name or photo with you. She walks away sadly. Aaliya eyes them from far. Someone has said it right. You enjoy flying in air and you cry equally
when you are pulled down. Pragya got enough disrespected today. Bhai only shower her her place today. She wont come before him after today if she is a little ashamed of herself.

Abhi comes to where Pragya is. You make mistake and cry too. I will scold you if you are wrong. She replies that she dint make any mistake. He refuses to believe it. Every thief says so. I dint say that to you but in general. Please don’t cry. I don’t like it. She asks him why he makes her cry then. He explains that he can scold her if she makes a mistake which she certainly did her. She says I only played the CD which I got. I don’t have any mood to do things wrong or play wrong songs. He wonders where he got stuck. He tells her he dint know. It was my mistake. I am mad to scold you. I am sorry. Please wipe your tears. She complies. He jokes that she should be happy. I said sorry toy ou twice. She retorts that the one who makes mistake will apologize. You said I am not your fan no. 1. I dint even get that poster in your office. I dint come to talk to you. Leave it. You do things as you like. Some girls come to take his autograph so they go quiet. Once the girls leave, Pragya starts scolding him again. You are Khadus. I make you Khadus No. 1. I wont hear your song, neither in the car nor neighbourhood. I will close my ears instead. She returns him his handkerchief. He thinks my event got spoiled. She is still scolding me and I am evenly apologizing. She leaves finally. He mistakenly plays the CD again. He walks away feeling embarrassed as people look at him.

Pragya walks up to Abhi’s poster and scolds it. You don’t have to listen to anyone. You only know how to scold people. You are a great rock star after all! You said you wont talk to me? I will not talk to you. It will hurt your ego. Purab comes to her. Did you have a word with him? She disagrees. I don’t know anyone by that name. He is taken aback. She tells him not to take his name before her. He is a rock star. She tells him what Abhi said to her. Purab jokes and ends up sayin sorry to her. Pragya says you both say anything you want to and then say sorry. He apologizes again. You are acting like Abhi too. You aren’t even listening to me. Good thing is he dint fire you. He only scolded you. She tells him not to take his side. He disagrees. It was all Aaliya’s plan. I warned you she will come here and do something to make you look bad in Abhi’s eyes. He isn’t at fault. He only reacted to what he saw. She agrees not to scold Abhi. But I wont spare that Aaliya. He asks her what proof she has. What will you say to Abhi? It will only make things better for Aaliya. Pragya nods. Everything was going so well. He was speaking to me so nicely and now this. I cannot take it. He says I understand but forget about this for now. It will be fine. They leave together.

Aaliya thinks where Bhai is. He must be still angry. It is about his career after all. I have to do it with him because of that Pragya. I cannot risk his business because of her. I have to do something or my future will be in problem.

Tanu calls Aaliya. You dint tell me about Abhi’s event? Tanu and Aaliya bicker over the same. Tanu says I could have taken things with Abhi forward if I was there. Aaliya reminds her how she said she will listen to her. Or else, do things like you want to. Don’t come crying to me if everything gets messy. Tanu apologizes to her. I will not come even if you will ask me to. Don’t be upset. Come to my place. I have to show you something asap. Aaliya sounds uninterested but Tanu insists. You will like the surprise. Aaliya thinks to go to Tanu’s place. Bhai will go home only.

Pragya comes home. I will surely not talk to him. He scolded me for no reason. He should know how bad it feels when your loved one is not talking to you. She turns and finds her mother, her Dadi staring at her. Pragya is puzzled. She asks for water but they tell her to take it herself. Pragya says I could but I got tired. I had my hands full today. they nod. We know what it was and with whom you were busy. Pragya gets thinking about the event. I dint go on stage on my wish. He took me there. Dadi complains to Sarla ji and they have a cute nok-jhok. Pragya asks them what’s happening. They refuse to tell her. Pragya requests them to end the suspense. What did I do? Dadi suggests her to stand in front of the mirror and understand what you did wrong. What will you do if someone gives you respect and treats you well? Pragya replies that she would respect that person as well and treat him or her nicely. Pragya is confused and ends up saying I

Abhi says you all gave her this freedom. You had to scold her but she is scolding you all instead. Pragya asks him how he came here. Talk to me. He tells her to sit. I did so much for her. I sang for her. I introduced her to everyone. Pragya keeps on talking in between. He warns her to be quiet or he will throw chair on her head. Everyone gulps. Abhi continues talking. I was so nice to her. She scolded me for everything even when she played the wrong CD. I was the one who apologized twice yet she called me Khadus. Why? Pragya reasons that the fault was in the CD. I only played the CD I received. Dadi seconds her. He replies that he cannot scold the CD as she only played it. Dadi nods. Pragya adds that she will play the CD she will receive. He repeats at her to be quiet or he will hit a chair on her head. Abhi asks her as to why she called him Khadus even when he apologized to her. They argue. She asks him for how many things will he say sorry. You are even instigating my family against me. They even out what the other has done. Dadi tells them to be quiet. What do you want Abhi? Abhi asks for Thai massage. Right now, a sorry would do though. Ask her (Pragya) to say sorry to me. He goes to another room. Everyone looks on.

Pragya says I wont say sorry. I dint do any mistake. You all can li9sten to him. I don’t have this much patience to hear him all the time. Abhi says she has so much ego. Even I don’t have one. Tell her I wont come now. She can come to apologize me. Everyone ends up smiling.

Dadi tells Pragya that Abhi has a very pure heart. He does not think bad for anyone. Pragya agrees. Dadi asks her why she dint say sorry then. Pragya reasons that she was crying. It will go to ego if he is wrong. Dadi points out that she too have a big one. Pragya does not want to apologize as he will roam around her all the time for some or other excuse. Dadi understands her logic. You both are kids. Pragya says you have to be kids to be happy. I am sure he will try.