Wednesday Update on My Golden Home Zee World

Wednesday Update on My Golden Home Zee World

Diwan is still in shock because of the slap Abha gave him. Yashodhar ask if the bank will give the loan to Thakur? Divan is still shocked. Yashodhar furiously shouts at him and tells him that only one slap has closed his mouth. Diwan is scared that maybe Thakur will send the police to arrest him for fraud case.

Thakur talks with his wife and how helpless he is and he also felt so sorry that the engagement of Abha got cancelled. His wife tells him that she is happy that the engagement got cancelled because those people didn’t want a relationship with Abha but with Swarn Bhavan. Thakur tells her that maybe she was right but now that they have nothing it will be difficult to find a groom for Abha. Chandra Prabha tells him not to worry as god is with them.

A strange man is reading the newspaper and is shocked to read about Swarn Bhavan been auction. His daughter is all excited and asks him to buy Swarn Bhavan because she always dreamt about living there. The strange man has a weird and strange expression on his face.

Thakur also reads the newspaper and he gets sad as he looks at all the paintings of his ancestors. Chandra Prabha looks worriedly at him too. He walks around the whole of Swarn Bhavan. He gets a flashback of his father when he was dying and how he made a promise to his father that he will always care for Swarn Bhavan.

The new family introduced to the show is discussing about Swarn Bhavan. The girl tells his brother and sister in law that she has already asked their father to buy Swarn Bhavan. Her brother is against the idea of buying Swarn Bhavan. He says it is a dead investment but his father says nothing and leaves.

The man comes to Swarn Bhavan and looks around. He offers the Thakur 25 core without interest and the Thakur asks why? The man tells him that he doesn’t want Swarn Bhavan auctioned. The man tells Thakur that his father used to have a driver named Ramprasad. Thakur says yes, the man tells him that the driver was forced to leave his job and he was his son “ADVOCATE JAGMOHAN PRASAD”

Thakur is shocked and was also out of words. He voiced out that now he will have to take help from a drivers son.
Mr Jagmohan Prasad says he also has a relation with Swarn Bhavan and he wants to help him. The Thakur gets very rude and insults him very badly and also asks him to leave. The man gets very angry and he leaves.

Abha informs Thakur Uday Pratap that she has found a way to stop Swarn Bhavan from being auctioned.

Abha and Uday Pratap visit the MLA and Abha informs him that the government should stop Swarn Bhavan from being auctioned. She explains that Swarn Bhavan has completed 100 years and should be a part of cultural heritage.

The MLA informs Abha that Uday Pratap had earlier rejected a proposal to include Swarn Bhavan in the government’s list of heritage buildings.

The MLA and Abha are shocked when Uday Pratap says that he still refuses to hand over Swarn Bhavan to the government.

Jagmohan gets emotional after reminiscing about an incident where his father was insulted by Thakur Uday Pratap’s father. Jagmohan tells his mother that he will buy Swarn Bhavan and avenge the insult.

Chandra Prabha tells Prakash that he is the light of his father’s future. Prakash gets upset and starts hitting his head on a wall, his mother and Lata stops him and he says that he is a loser as he can’t do anything for his father. His mother gives him courage and says that their blood is of the Thakur’s and that they were not weak. She tells Prakash that they are strong and they have the courage to fight against all problems.

Thakur gets happy when he hears this and thanks his wife for keeping the family together and also for been so strong. He tells his wife that the situation is bad but they will all face it together. He makes a promise to his whole family that they will be together and will get their Swarn Bhavan back one day. They all promise to put in much effort to get back Swarn Bhavan. They all pray to god and Thakur tells the gods that they accept his decision but they will fight to get back what is rightfully theirs.

Yashodhar and Diwan are very happy that tomorrow will be the auction day for Swarn Bhavan. Yashodhar tells Diwan that he has taken revenge for the slap he got from the Thakur. He then asks Diwan as to how he will get his revenge for the slap he got from Abha? Diwan says that he will think of something but he will take revenge and Abha will surely pay for the slap she gave him.

The next morning, the hot news on the headline for that day was Swarn Bhavan been auctioned. Raghav comes to Swarn Bhavan and offers the Thakur family to live at his house but the Thakur and Chandra Prabha refuses.

The auction started and the starting price was from 20 core. The whole family is upset and shocked. Yashodhar, Diwan and Jagamohan Prasad enter the auction venue. The bidding starts. In the end Jagamohan offers 25 cores and Swarn Bhavan became his property.

Thakur is in a state of shock but he doesn’t speak. Abha, Lata, Prakash and Chandra Prabha are all worried.

Jagamohan Prasad’s daughter is very happy that her father has bought Swarn Bhavan for 25 core’s. She tells her bother and grandmother about it. Her brother gets upset and angry when he hears about it. He says that when he asked for 21 core for his chemical factory his father refused and now he went ahead and bought a stupid house for 25 core. He angrily leaves from there.

Diwan and Yashodhar are celebrating the auction of Swarn Bhavan. They both tell each other that the Thakur has only 15 days to leave Swarn Bhavan. Yashodhar gave Diwan 24 rupees but Diwanji gets upset.