Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart episode


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart episode


EPISODE 162 – 163

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Samrat’s residence, Urmi sees Amrit talking rudely to one of his employee of the company on the phone, when he tries to find faults with the way Amrit is handling business by ditching old associations and finding new buisness partners. Urmi tells him that he does not have the authority to scold or fire any of his employees as this authority solely lies with Samrat who is the real owner of the company and asks him not to forget that the business is Samrat’s and he is a mere replacement for sometime and asks him to retain the business as Samrat left to him. Amrit agrees silently. Urmi leaves. Mukti comes down cleaning Samrat’s room and finds the bag that Shashi had hidden under Samrat’s pillow. Amrit takes it from Mukti assuring that he would give it to Urmi. Mukti leaves. Amrit thinks that this bag would help him to eliminate Urmi out of his way. Samrat remembers his Tauji’s advise, and is tensed. He smiles to himself, thinking that it’s ridiculous that Urmi was leaving Samrat. He still doesn’t let go of his ego, that she is lucky to have a husband like him. He takes a selfie, and just then Mandira walks in. samrat asks her to get the mirror. She asks why does he need it. He asks her to do what she is told. she complies. He takes a good look at himself, after asking her to leave. She is still at the door, when she teases him about looking okay. He ogles at his won reflection, and just as he is about to get stylish, he gets a sprain on the neck and stops it right there. He thinks that Urmi is a fool to even think about leaving a good looking, handsome and dashing husband like him. He disregards Tauji’s advise. Mandira overhears this and is shocked as to who is uncle, Samrat talking to, and thinks that he has gone mad.