Wednesday Update on Begusarai Zee World July 25

Wednesday Update on Begusarai Zee World

July 25 Episode

Lakhan says to Bhushan that Phulan ordered that i cant marry Poonam so i will not marry her but i wont let her get married to anyone else, the one who will take baraat to her house, i will kill them, i swear i will not her groom live, Bhushan says you have gone mad, you will die and will make other people die too, Lakhan leaves, REkha says i am already dead, Bhushan ask what happened to you? Rekha says leave it, you wont understand, have you ever dreamed? you dont know how it feels when your dream breaks, Bhushan says Poonam is bearing so much pain and all you think about is your dream, Rekha says Phulan did wrong with us, Bhushan says he didnt do wrong, you should be thankful to him that he didnt punish Lakhan, i have seen him punishing people, and it shivers people, he was polite with Lakhan, i am telling you to not poison your son else you will be responsible for destruction, Rekha looks on.
Poonam is going to her house, she comes in her house, Birla is crying and says your fate destroyed, the one whom you thought as your husband for 12 years, will not marry you now, reason can be anything but people will blame you only that you have some fault that your marriage broke, now who will marry you? she cries and hugs her, Priyom comes there, Birla ask why you are looking at me like this that you have become stoned, cry as much as you want, you will feel better, now our fate has tears only, what will happen with you now, she cries, Poonam doesnt say anything and leaves for her room, Priyom is sad.
Poonam comes in her balcony, she recalls how Phulan dissolved the marriage, how he said that Poonam is nothing of Lakhan now, Priyom comes there, she ask am i a bad person? my marriage broke, my mother is crying but i am not able to cry? i am not getting tears, Priyom says i dont want to scold you now, i just want to listen to you today, Poonam says from last 10 years i knew where my life will go, i knew i will have to serve Lakhan and family for whole life but now when marriage is broken, i dont know where life will go, what i will do, i am not able to feel anything, Priyom finds parrots in cage there, he says look at them, these parrots are caged in this cage for years, they think this is life, they have never seen life after this cage and never thought life is after this cage, a free sky, freedom to touch clouds, they dont know about it, come lets give them freedom today, he opens the cage, parrots doesnt fly out, he says you always wanted to see world, so fly now, live your life, touch the sky you have always seen from far, Poonam looks at him, parrots fly out of cage and fly in sky, Priyom and Poonam smile, Priyom sys did you see they always wanted to come out of cage and today when i opened door of cage, they were skeptical to fly, they couldnt fly initially but then they mustered the courage and flied to touch the sky, now their life is not only this cage but the whole world, these are birds only but you are human, why dont you muster courage to touch your sky? life has given you second chance, you can choose whatever you want, it maybe studies, or marrying to Lakhan, or job or anything, i am sure, things will take time but one day you will find your sky and you will be able to fly but you have to try flying first and then you will be used to flying.

Mitlaish says to Maya that Phulan gets emotional soon, i dont understand his decisions, people like Lakhan who doesnt have brain and have power, skills, they should be under control, they are helpful in politics but father thinks about justice alot, he got emotional for Poonam and made Lakhan against him, what will happen with this now, Maya says you also went against Lakhan for that Bindya, you didnt think about politics then? Mitlaish gets angry and says i dont expect you to make fuss out of everything, every man lose sense in anger, Bindya is history, will you stretch her to future, i have nothing for her now, he gets Bindya’s call, he is stunned and says you are courageous, he says i feel to kill you, she says so come to me with gun at 10pm near lake, when you will know reason of my running then you wont be able to kill me, if you want to know reason then come, he says i will come. she ends call and says to Yadav one is done, now time to call another one, she call Priyom, he says i told you to forget Begusarai, Bindya says i will not come here again but i incurred loss, i want to make house and 2 3 lacs are less, you give me 1 2 lacs, its nothing for you, will you give me money? i will wait for you at 10pm, she ask him to come to meet her in market and if you dont come then i will have to call Mitlaish and tell about your plan of making me run, will you come? Priyom says i will come and will done your work. Bindya says to Yadav all is set, your men will kill Mitlaish and Priyom outside house and we will attack Phulan in house, will kill his whole family, Yadav says i thought you are only beauty but you have brains too, Bindya says when women starts taking revenge then men are nothing infront of her and now i have to teach this to Phulan.

Phulan makes Pinto sit on his back and becomes horse for him, Pinto kisses his cheek, he gets tired and ask Piddi to bring water for him, Piddi goes.
Mitlaish says to Maya that i will come, Badi Amma ask where are you going at this time? Mitlaish says i have some work, he sneezes, Choti Amma sys this is bad omen, Mitlaish says this myth only, he leaves. Priyom is leaving house too, Choti Amma ask where are you going now? Priyom doesnt answer and leaves.
Chuna Yadav with Bindya comes near Phulan’s house, she says our right time wil come soon, he gets a call from his agent that Mitlaish and Priyom have left house, Yadav says i will take revenge of my father’s death. he ask his men to get ready, Phulan is alone in his house, he gives pistol to Bindya, she takes it, and is tensed, he says you cant fire it, you stay here and just listen bullets fired from me, Bindya says no, in my profession, drama in not seen but done, i will come with you, Yadav says ok, they starts going sneakily towards Phulan’s house.

Lakhan is sitting in his room, he gets a call from his man and says i saw Chuna Yadav and his men going towards Thakur Haveli with guns, what to do? Lakhan says nothing, men are there in haveli to fight, Bhushan ask with whom you were talking? Lakhan says no one.
Yadav’s men kills Phulan’s men outside Haveli. Yadav with bindya starts approaching Haveli, they find three men of Phulan guarding the gate, Bindya says we should go from other as if you fire these men then Phulan will become alert, she says we should go to Manjeeta’s house then jump to Phulan’s haveli, they come to Manjeeta’s house terrace, Manjeeta, Birla are sleeping in house. they cuts the lock of door, Yadav’s men points gun at Manjeeta, Yadav ask them to not shoot else it will alert Phulan, just keep an eye on him, one man points gun at Poonam too who is sleeping in her room, Yadav with bindya and his men jumps the terrace and goes to Phualn’s haveli. Bindya takes him to room and says all are weapons of Thakurs are here, he opens door and finds weapon there, he locks the door and says now all their weapons are in our hands, Yadav points hi men outside all rooms of haveli, Bindya takes Yadav in house, she shows him Phulan’s room and says this is your destination, Yadav shouts his men to attack, he opens Phulan’s room, finds someone sleeping and fires at him, he takes of sheet to find no one there, he says seems like they got to know about us, he says no one should be saved, Badi Amma alongwith Maya, her kids, Piddi are in store room, Badi Amm have gun in her hand, Yadav gets a call from his man, he says Mitlaish and Priyom didnt reach at Lake or market, Yadav says they deceived us, Phulan is hiding behind pillar, pointing gun at Yadav, he calls priyom and ask him to finish, Priyom comes in street and fires Yadav’s men standing outside haveli, Phulan fires at Yadav’s men.

Manjeeta wakes up listening bullets noise, he attacks the man pointing at him with axe and kills him. Birla wakes up too and is shocked. Priyom has shoot out with Ydav’s men outside Haveli while Phulan has shoot out inside Haveli. one man points gun at Manjeeta, Manjeeta looks at him angrily, man is about to shoot him when Poonam hits him with rod from back, Manjeeta and Birla are shocked, manjeeta kills him with axe, Birla and Poonam are afraid, Manjeeta ask them to hide in room and dont come out till he comes back, he calls Phulan and says everything is fine here, i am coming, he takes gun and leaves.

Priyom is firing at Ydav’s men. inside Haveli, Yadav shoots Phulan’s man, Phulan gets angry and shoots at Yadav, Yadav runs and hides behind pillar, Phulan and Yadav have cross fire, Phulan fires his men, one man points gun at Phulan and is about to shoot him but Manjeeta comes from behind and shoots him, Phulan smiles, but Yadav fires at Manjeeta and injures his hand, Phulan is shocked, Priyom comes there and helps Manjeeta sit down, he points gun at Yadav and hits him on leg, Mitlaish comes back home and starts shooting Ydav’s men too, Ydav runs with broken leg and hides in room, Mitlaish, Priyom hits the door to break it, store room is in same room where whole family is hiding, Piddi’s phone ring in store room, Yadav says so they are hiding here, he comes in store room to find Badi Amma pointing gun at him, Yadav takes out grenade, takes out its pin and is about to throw at them when Badi Amma shoots at him, Priyom and Mitlaish breaks the door and shoots him from back, grenade falls from his hand comes in feet of Phulan, Yadav is critically injured, Mitlaish shouts that grenade’s pin is out, move away, Phulan is confused, Yadav says i will die but will take Phulan with me, Priyom runs and pushes Phulan away, he covers grenade so that all are saved by it and he dies only, all are shocked.

Priyom lies on grenade to cover it from other family members, Mitlaish shouts Priyom to move away, Badi Amma ask him to run, he says you all run away, Phulan ask Priyom to get up, he says no you go from here, Phulan pushes him from there and says seeing your courage this bomb got diffused, Mitlaish finds bomb dead, i have seen many who takes lives of others but there are very less people who are ready to give their life for others, i am proud to be your father, thanks for being my son, Priyom hugs him, Phulan kisses his forehead, Badi Amma says to Priyom till now i thought you only fire at girls with love but you proves today that you can fire real bullets, well done son, Maya says were you not afraid, if bomb had blasted? Priyom says in war, one should not get afraid, only fight for winning, i had listened this from Phulan and remembered today, Phulan hugs him, Mitlaish doesnt like it.
Manjeeta is injured as bullet has hit his hand, Poonam and Birla comes there and supports him, he recalls how Poonam saved his life by beating the goon, he blesses her by putting hand on head, he ask to take me inside haveli. In Haveli, Yadav and his men’s bodies are thrown out, Manjeeta comes there too. Bindya comes out of box lying in Haveli, all are shocked to see her, Phulan folds his hand infront of her, all are stunned, Phulan recalls how Bindya called him when she was outside HAveli with Yadav and how she made him listen Yadav’s plan that he will enter Haveli and will kill everyone, fb ends. Phulan says to Bindya if you had not told me about Yadav’s ideas of attacking Haveli then we wouldnt be alive today, whatever you done, i am thankful to you for that, Bindya says dont embarrass me, i am dancer but i have eaten your food, how can i be disloyal with you, when i left Begusarai, Yadav kidnapped me and forced me to call Mitlaish and Priyom and send them away from Haveli so he can attack you, i knew you will fight him but for safety i told you, Phulan says you will get reward of your loyalty, he ask Badi Amma to fill her pockets with money before she leaves, Bindya folds her hand and says i dont want money, what will i do with money? if i take this money from Begusarai then Yadav’s men will kill me, if you want to do something for me then put me under your blessing, let me live here, i will be safe in Begusarai, i dont want money, only let me live here, Maya doesnt like it, Phulan says for my family, you made Yadav’s men your enemy so now your safety is my responsibility, he ask Priyom to find a house for her and Ghungroo in Begusarai, Badi Amma leaves from there, all leave, Priyom curtly looks at Bindya, he leaves too, Bindya smirks.

Ghungroo thinks that now i got to know 100 jerks must have died when this Bindya was born, the Thakurs who were on verge of killing her, now they will protect her. Bindya looks at Thakur’s throne with lust, Ghungroo sys to her that i bow to you, you made Yadav die and became hero of this house, now i will call you Madam ji from heart, he says why you didnt take money? Bindya says you will always think small, when i came here, i used to think small too but these thakurs made me learn how to think big, when this Priyom thakur kidnapped us in Lakhan’s marriage, he had put us in a room, she recalls how the room was filled with money, jewelry, she says i cant forget that sight, now i want all that, she looks at Phulan’s throne,

Credit Precious Nkem