Unfortunate Love Wednesday Update 18 October 2023


Unfortunate Love Wednesday Update 18 October 2023

Vikrant thanking Lakshmi for agreeing to his marriage proposal, and thought him suitable, so there is no question of refusal. He says even I agree for this marriage. Everyone gets happy. Vikrant takes elders’ blessings. Ayush thinks marriage is fixed and gets sad. Lakshmi and Rishi look at each other. Ayush looks at them and thinks why don’t they understand each other’s feelings, and thinks I have to work. Karishma congrats Lakshmi and asks her to take blessings from everyone.Lakshmi takes Dadi, Virender, Neelam, Karishma and Anjana’s blessings. Saloni hugs her happily. Anjana says Vikrant and Lakshmi’s marriage is fixed. Rishi congrats Vikrant and hugs him. Vikrant thanks him. Lakshmi looks at Rishi.

Balwinder comes back home and thinks his destiny is bad, he had gone to love Lakshmi and was beaten up by two guys. He thinks who is this new guy, if Lakshmi is marrying him. He thinks don’t think this Lakshmi, and says I am your life’s villain, I will kill him. He thinks Malishka didn’t call him since many days, as if he is the housefly in the milk. He thinks he is Balwinder Sood and does everything on interest. He thinks to expose Malishka, and says Lakshmi is mine and will marry me.


Vikrant apologizes to everyone for coming late in night and talking about this. He says everyone was tensed about this alliance so I thought to clear this. Virender says it is good decision. Vikrant thanks him and says I want to thank many, and says thanks to my mom and bhabhi for searching such a good girl for me and thanks everyone for their patience. Karishma says you are best and Lakshmi is lucky to get you. Vikrant says he is lucky to have Lakshmi and says there are no girls like Lakshmi and even if they exist, but everyone don’t get such a girl. He thanks Rishi. Rishi asks why? Vikrant says you are giving lakshmi to me, and says if you had not divorced then I wouldn’t have get such a good girl like Lakshmi. He says God made my Jodi with Lakshmi and your Jodi with Malishka. Sonal says yes. Malishka says she is lucky to get Rishi, and love him, more than anything else in the world. Ayush thinks she shall have poster on her face, my Rishi.

Anjana asks Neelam to show Vikrant’s kundali to their Pandit ji. Neelam says you have shown, its ok. Saloni says we want to get the marriage at the earliest. Karishma says they are more eager to get the married done fast. Anjana asks them to fix the date. Neelam says ok. Rishi gets teary eyes, but controls his tears. Vikrant thanks Lakshmi and says past will never come in their present or future. Ayush thinks Vikrant is acting. He calls Shalu. Bani picks the call. Ayush says he wants to give good news and tells that Lakshmi’s marriage is fixed. Shalu asks with jiju. Ayush says no with Vikrant. Shalu scolds him and asks why you was saying it good news. Ayush says I will tell you face to face tomorrow and asks them to sleep for now. Bani and Shalu get worried, thinks to whom Di will listen. Bani says marriage is fixed.

Lakshmi recalls and a fb is shown. Rishi comes to room and throws towel on Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks what is it? He says he is doing mischievous as she is his. He then says you are my friend. Lakshmi throws pillow on her and says the scores are settled now. they begin hitting each other using pillow. They laugh and fall on the bed. Sona sona song plays….Rishi looks at her. fb ends.

Rishi comes to Lakshmi and asks if she is sad? Lakshmi says no. Rishi asks her not to worry about Balwinder and says Vikrant did right to beat him, and then I beat Balwinder. He says I was there, thinking how to leave you alone, I was there, but didn’t come infront of you both. He says Vikrant saved you from Balwinder, like I used to save you. He says Vikrant is good, more good than me, you got a good life partner what you deserves, which your Bau ji wanted. He asks if you like Vikrant, and says he will keep you happy. Lakshmi nods her head. Rishi says you will get married and will leave from here for forever, he will keep you happy, if you stay happy then I will be peaceful that my Lakshmi is happy. He says if you are happy then I am happy. He is about to move hair from her face, but stops himself. He asks her to rest and says good night. He gets up and asks if you will miss me. Lakshmi is silent. Rishi gets teary eyes and says ok, don’t answer. He goes. Lakshmi cries.Rishi thinking about Vikrant’s words and gets sad. Ayush comes there and congrats Rishi. Rishi asks for what? Ayush says you have found the guy for Lakshmi, like the way you wanted. Rishi says Vikrant is a nice guy. Ayush says you have fulfilled the mission then why you are sad? Rishi says I am very happy for Lakshmi. Ayush says I came to congratulate you, as you regard her as your friend. Rishi says yes, she is my friend. Ayush says your friend’s life is set and tells that she will marry and leave from here. He says she will become someone’s wife, from leaving your wife, and will become someone’s wife and someone will say Lakshmi is mine. He says her life is set and asks him to smile. He says I have stopped getting sad, as you are getting married to Malishka and loves her a lot. He says once you marry Malishka then Lakshmi and your love story chapter is over. He says that means that you were together in the house. He says Malishka will come in this house, you love her a lot, she will be with you 24/7, then say my malishka….once Lakshmi is gone. He says we shall dance and do double fun, as Lakshmi is also getting married and she will go far away from us. He says I have so much work to do, and says I am going, but you shall sit here and imagine only Malishka in the room and not Lakshmi. He thinks Rishi is sad. He goes pretending to be happy for Rishi’s marriage.


Later everyone comes to have food at the dining table. Karishma asks Malishka about Sonal. Malishka says she had some work and went. Virender asks Lakshmi to sit and have food. Lakshmi sits. Dadi asks did you make breakfast? Lakshmi says yes. Dadi says you will not make breakfast from tomorrow. Lakshmi apologizes and asks if I did any mistake. Dadi says even I am apologizing as I have to tell you this. Lakshmi says don’t apologize. Virender and Rishi asks for the reason. Karishma asks what mistake she has done. Ayush says bhabhi can never do any mistake, why Nani is refusing? Rishi says may be there is a big reason and that’s why Dadi is refusing. Ahana asks her to tell. Dadi says once Lakshmi goes from here, we will not get food made by her, and I am habitual to it and that’s why I am trying to change my habit. Ayush says let us have food until she goes. Ahana says yes. Ayush says don’t know when we will get tasty food. Dadi says Lakshmi will not make food. Lakshmi says ok.

Neelam says she has talked to Pandit ji about Lakshmi’s marriage. Rishi says we shall get Vikrant’s kundali checked also. Neelam refuses, but Rishi insists. She says ok. Malishka says but our marriage will happen first. Rishi says no, I don’t want to do this marriage. Malishka asks what you are saying? Rishi says first Lakshmi will marry and then you will marry, means we will marry. Malishka says I thought you don’t want to marry and says Lakshmi’s marriage will happen first. She asks if our marriage will happen on the same mahurat. Neelam says the date will not change. Karishma says there is no chance to change the date. Dadi says someone shall ask Lakshmi. Virender says as if Lakshmi has no wish. Lakshmi says just as elders’ decide and says I am happy, as Rishi has brought me for this. Virender asks Neelam to call Pandit badrinath for mahurat and says though he has done mistake, but he is connected with us since many years and I trust him. Anjana asks Neelam if you have shown kundali to Pandit ji and taken out the mahurat. Neelam says she will talk to Pandit ji and will inform her. Pandit ji comes there and tells that he had a burden on him, after whatever happened with him. He thanks her. Neelam says Rishi’s dad asked me to call you, as he trusts you a lot. She says whatever I said then, said whatever I felt, but the way was wrong. He says he always prayed for them. Neelam says that’s why you are Guru ji. She asks him to sit and asks did you take out the mahurat. Pandit ji says he will tell, if she trusts him. Neelam says yes, I trust you and asks him to tell the date of marriage. Pandit ji says I have taken out mahurat, but the problem is big and horrible.

Rishi is talking to his employee. Mukesh comes there and gives juice to Rishi. He is about to fall. Rishi asks if you are fine. Mukesh says yes. Rishi asks where you are taking juices. Mukesh says Pandit ji has come. Rishi says ok.

Ayush and Shalu meet in the restaurant. Shalu says Ayush. Ayush says let me see you. Shalu asks him to stop staring at her. Ayush says you have said that I am seeing you. He asks her to use her mind. He says I was seeing the girl behind you. Shalu gets upset. Aysuh says I couldn’t stay without seeing this face. Shalu smiles.

Pandit ji says the problem is very horrible else I would have solved the problem myself. He reminds her of Rishi’s markesh dosh. Shalu reminds him of the goodnews which he told on phone. Ayush says yes, and asks her to say. Shalu says you said that you will give the good news to me, and that di’s marriage is fixed. Ayush says when Lakshmi’s marriage was fixed, Rishi was very sad and was looking at her. Shalu says we know that jiju loves Lakshmi di, but he doesn’t know. Ayush says once he realizes his love, he will stop the marriage. Shalu says if you don’t realize it then we can’t stop the marriage and says you are a box, has less mind, less intelligent and empty mind. Ayush says you can call me Ayush Dabba wala. She says we have to think that how to stop this marriage and says you can wait, but I can’t wait. She says Lakshmi di loves jiju a lot and says if this marriage happens then wrong thing will happen.

Pandit ji says we got Rishi marry Lakshmi for her markesh dosh and now his markesh dosh has lessen. Rishi thinks Pandit ji might tell something again and says he don’t want to fall in any blind faith.

Dadi and Virender tell Lakshmi that they are worried. Lakshmi asks what happened? Virender asks her to tell if she doesn’t like Vikrant and wants to stop this marriage. Lakshmi says I don’t want to stop this marriage and wants to do it, as you all said that Vikrant is good and will take care of me. She says I am lucky that you have regarded me as your daughter, and says I got here Bau ji and Dadi. Dadi asks her to say, if she is ready for this marriage. Lakshmi says no.