Unfortunate Love Monday Update 23 October 2023


Unfortunate Love Monday Update 23 October 2023

The Episode starts with the PA announcing that they will start this Swearing-in Ceremony once Chief Minister comes here. He requests Dayasagar to speak a few words. Dayasagar takes the mic and says he wants me to express my thoughts to you. He says a good politician is the one who doesn’t let the time wasted on the stage, tells that he wants to end the corruption and terrorism. He says I will expose a big corruption and tells that he has come to know something which will shock everyone. He says he wants to make the corrupt people vanish from this country. Lakshmi gets up and asks if I can say something. Dayasagar asks her to come. Lakshmi asks Rishi to go. She goes to the stage and keeps her bag there. She tells that she wants to thank Dayasagar ji for his truthfulness, and tells that they all have to support him, and take a pledge that they will support him. Everyone claps. Badru hears and thinks she went to stage to keep the bomb, on the pretext of saying this. Lakshmi then asks Dayasagar to come with her. Badru hears him. Lakshmi keeps the blue tooth device in her pallu. Dayasagar comes there. Rishi comes to Badru and hits him. Badru hits him back.


Lakshmi tells Dayasagar not to react and tells that bomb is planted here, by her. She tells that it is in her bag. Dayasagar is shocked. Lakshmi tells him that he has to go from there.

Rano asks Bani about Shalu. Bani says Shalu went to Ministry for Lakshmi. Rano asks for what. Bani says she doesn’t know. Neelam prays to God and asks him not to let anything happen to Rishi and also Lakshmi. She says she is not bad and don’t want anything to happen to her, as she is in trouble due to Rishi. Karishma asks Neelam what happened? Neelam tells that she is praying for Rishi. She says he went for Lakshmi. Karishma says it is no wonder. Neelam says she is very worried. Virender tells that nobody’s call is connecting. Neelam says I will go there. She tells that she will have peace when she sees Rishi safe, and that’s why I will go to Ministry. Dadi comes there and gets worried hearing about Lakshmi and Rishi. Ayush comes there and says even Shalu went there, and calls her, but phone is off. He says may be her phone battery is low. Neelam says surely there is a problem there. Rishi beats up Badru. The CCTV guy is seeing Rishi beating Badru and informs other terrorists. Badru acts and asks why you are beating me. Rishi says I thought that you are a terrorist. Badru says if I am a terrorist then I would have killed you by now.

Lakshmi asks if there is any safe place? Dayasagar says yes, but he can’t leave until everyone goes out safely from here. The terrorists come there and aim gun at the guards and Rishi. Rishi says they are the terrorists and he (Badru) is the boss. Badru signs them to keep the guns down. The guards and the terrorists start fighting. Rishi also fights with Badru. He gets injury and falls down. The people in the Auditorium comes out running, making the terrorist falls down. Everyone falls down. The Inspector comes there and sees Rishi aiming gun at Badru, asking him to give remote. He asks Inspector to ask him to give the remote. Badru keeps the remote on the floor. Rishi asks the people not to worry and breaks the remote. He asks Inspector to arrests the terrorists.
Lakshmi asks Dayasagar about the way. Dayasagar says a tunnel is made few days back and nobody knows about it. His PA, and the other Ministers asks him to go for his safety. Lakshmi tells Dayasagar that all the security is in terrorists control, and says you need to go else everyone will die. Badru stamps his feet on the floor and says the bomb is activated, as it was in my shoes. He says now everyone will die after 30 mins. Everyone panics.Badru spraying something to faint everyone. He then hits Rishi against the wall, faints him and takes him from there. PA finds Lakshmi’s purse and opens it to find the bomb. He thinks this bomb is activated, what to do now? Shalu says sorry to the terrorists and thinks she has to do big drama. She says I have a feeling that I am in love with you. He asks if you are joking as you was fighting with me. Shalu says I was seeing you and that’s why I fell in love with you. She says what is the use of this love, and tells that they will die soon. He asks if she is really saying truth? Shalu says yes, and asks him to kill her first and do bomb blast later. She says I truly love you. Lakshmi and Dayasagar are in the tunnel. Dayasagar thanks her for saving him. Lakshmi says you are targeted as you wanted to expose a businessman and tells that the businessman is with the terrorist boss. Dayasagar tells that the businessman will make our country weak from within. Lakshmi says Rishi will take the remote and this bomb blast will not happen. He gets his PA’s call who tells that the bomb is activated. Dayasagar asks where is Rishi? PA says nobody knows about him. Lakshmi gets worried.


Anjana asks Vikrant to take Lakshmi for shopping. Neelam and Dadi want to go there, but Virender and Ayush don’t want her to come. Anjana calls Neelam. Karishma tells her that Bhabhi is busy. Anjana asks if Vikrant can take Lakshmi for shopping? Karishma says yes, but now Lakshmi is not at home as she went to Ministry. Anjana gets happy. She ends the call and tells Vikrant. Vikrant says just as she comes from Ministry, you shall take her from shopping.

Lakshmi worries for Rishi and thinks if they have kidnapped him. Dayasagar asks her to think positive. Ahana comes to Neelam and Virender, and tells about the firing at the Ministry. Malishka comes there and asks what happened? Karishma tells about it. He says if we go like this, then might put him in trouble. Ayush tells that he is going and tells that when Ram and Sita are in danger then how can hanuman be at peace. He goes. Neelam blames Lakshmi and tells that she is a curse for him. Virender says if Lakshmi is inauspicious then everyone is inauspicious there. Dadi says we are inauspicious for Lakshmi and not viceversa. Badru takes unconscious Rishi to the conference hall, and slaps the watchman for sending those two terrorists there.

Dayasagar gives credit to Lakshmi for using her wits and saving him, urging all the people to cover the CCTV cameras, and gives them cloth. fb ends. Lakshmi tells Dayasagar that they might be searching him in the auditorium. Badru calls Dayasagar. He says it was surely Lakshmi’s idea to close the CCTV footage. He asks her to tell Lakshmi that Rishi and her sister is with him.. He asks him to save the innocent people, by giving him proofs. He says if you think of catching me, then remember that I can explode the bomb from anywhere.

The terrorists think that they have done a big mistake by shooting, and tells that they will not be caught by the Police. They consume poison and die. The terrorists tell that the businessman does wrong and I won’t let him succeed. Lakshmi asks him to give proofs and says she will take it. Dayasagar says no, I will take it.