Undercover Love Zee World Full Story


Undercover Love Zee World Full Story

Undercover Love Zee World revolves around Jagaddhatri, an orphan girl who becomes a crime officer, and her friend Soumyadeep who is also a crime officer. He comes from a wealthy background. Jagaddhatri’s family has no idea about her secret hob. The show was directed by Sukamal Nath and produced and written by Snehasish Chakraborty under the production company Blues Production Replacing This is Fate.

Undercover Love Zee World Full Story

It’s a romantic thriller series that involves Jagaddhatri who leads a double life. solving crimes while maintaining her identity as an ordinary girl. After her mom’s death, she is raised by her uncles and aunts in a very traditional environment. This year during Jagaddhatri puja, Jagaddhatri takes the responsibility to make “Naru”(Bengali sweets).
On the other hand, the male protagonist is busy taking pictures of Jagaddhatri’s cousins However, during the puja preparation, Jagaddhatri and the male protagonist get a notification on their phone and rushes to the crime scene.
At the same time, Jagaddhatri’s grandma urges her to bring holy water for the puja.
Elsewhere Jagaddhatri transforms herself into fierce Officer Jazz. Near the Ganga bank, she saves a little girl named Kankan from some kidnappers like goddess
Jgaddhatri. She even says that wherever Jagaddhatri steps foot, the crime vanishes from there.
After saving the little girl, Jaggddhatri returns to her home dressed like a normal girl with the male protagonist who is her best friend.
However, the male protagonist loves Jagaddahtri but she sees him as a friend. It will be highly interesting to see how Jagddhatri will maintain her dual life without her family knowing.
Let’s see how the male protagonist and Jagaddhatri’s love story will flourish in the traditional

Brief Information and Details on Dholi beats Zee World

  • Genre: Drama
  • First Episode:
  • Total number of episodes: 420
  • Total numbers of Season: 1
  •  Channel: Zee World Africa
  • Network: Zee Tv
  • Original name:Jagaddhatri
  • Tele Country: Indian

The Main Cast on Undercover Love

  • Ankita Mallick as Jagaddhatri Mukherjee (née Sanyal) aka Jas Sanyal – a special crime branch officer, Deb and Shikha’s daughter, Swayambhu’s wife, Mehendi’s paternal half sister, Utsav’s ex girlfriend.
    Jagaddhatri Realname Ankita Mallick Cast on Undercover Love Zee World

    Ankita Mallick as Jagaddhatri


  • Soumyadeep Mukherjee as Suryanath Mukherjee aka Swayambhu – a special crime branch officer, Jagaddhatri’s husband, Utsav’s paternal half brother.
    Suryanath Realname Soumyadeep Mukherjee Cast on Undercover Love Zee World

    Soumyadeep Mukherjee as Suryanath


  • Kanchana Moitra as Shakuntala Sanyal: Deb’s second wife; Jagaddhatri’s step mother; Mehendi and Mouma’s mother.
  • Biplab Banerjee as Deb Sanyal: Jagaddhatri, Mehendi and Mouma’s father; Late Shikha’s former husband, Shakuntala’s husband.
  • Sanchari Das / Ritu Rai Acharya as Mehendi Mukherjee (née Sanyal) (Main Antagonist) : Deb and Shakuntala’s daughter; Jagaddhatri’s half sister; Mouma’s sister; Utsab’s wife.
  • Soma Dey as Mahasweta Sanyal: Deb and Nupur’s mother; Jagaddhatri, Mehendi, Mouma’s paternal grandmother, Upasana and Aradhana’s maternal Grandmother.
  • Shobhana Bhunia as Upasana Ganguly: Nupur’s daughter; Aradhana’s elder sister; Jagaddhatri, Mehendi, Mouma’s cousin sister.
  • Somashree Chaki as Nupur Sanyal: Deb’s sister; Upasana and Aradhana’s mother; Jagaddhatri, Mehendi, Mouma’s aunt.
  • Roshni Ghosh as Aradhana Ganguly: Nupur’s daughter; Upasana’s younger sister; Jagaddhatri, Mehendi, Mouma’s cousin sister
  • Sahamita Acharya as Mouma Sanyal: Jagaddhatri’s half sister, Deb and Shakuntala’s daughter; Mehendi’s sister.
  • Rupsha Chakraborty as Koushiki Mukherjee, Samaresh’s ex- wife, Kakon’s mother.
  • Aditya Chowdhury as Samaresh Chattopadhay: Koushiki’s husband, Kakon’s father.
  • Devangana Fozdar Gungun as Kakon Chatterjee – A deaf and dumb child, Jagaddhatri’s student, Koushiki and Samaresh’s daughter.
  • Arka Chakraborty as Utsav Mukherjee (Main Antagonist): Rajnath and Boidehi’s son; Swayambhu’s half brother; Sangvi and Shayna’s brother; Jagaddhatri’s former Boyfriend; Mehendi’s husband; Kaushiki’s cousin brother; Menan’s Boss, A crime syndicate head.
  • Moumita Gupta as Boidehi Mukherjee – Rajnath’s second wife; Utsav, Sangvi and Shayna’s mother; Swayambhu’s step mother.
  • Supriyo Dutta as Rajnath Mukherjee aka Raju – Boidehi’s husband; Swayambhu, Utsav, Sangvi and Shayna’s father.
  • Tapashi Roy Chowdhury as Bhargabi Mukherjee: Dibanath’s wife; Koushiki’s mother
  • Manishankar Banerjee as Dibanath Mukherjee aka Diba: Rajnath and Chandranath’s eldest brother; Bhargabi’s husband; Koushiki’s father
  • Ashim Mukhopadhyay as Chandranath Mukherjee aka Chandu: Dibanath and Rajnath’s youngest brother; Priti and Gorima’s father; Debu’s father-in-law
  • Rupsha Chatterjee as Gorima Mukherjee: Priti’s sister: Koushiki, Utsav, Sangvi and Shayna’s cousin sister, Gunjon’s love interest
  • Payel Tarafdar as Shayna Mukherjee: Rajnath and Boidehi’s daughter; Swayambhu’s half sister; Utsav and Sangvi’s sister; Kaushiki’s cousin sister
  • Prarona Bhattacharya as Sangvi Laha (née Mukherjee): Rajnath and Boidehi’s daughter; Swayambhu’s half sister; Utsav and Shayna’s sister; Kaushiki’s cousin sister; Shambo’s wife
  • Twarita Chatterjee as Pritilata Ganguly aka Priti: Debu’s wife; Koushiki, Utsav, Sangvi and Shayna’s cousin sister
  • Debjoy Mallick as Debranjan Ganguly aka Debu (Main Antagonist): Priti’s husband
  • Satyam Majumdar as Sadhu Batobyal
  • Gourav Ghoshal as Anthony Menan (Antagonist) – A dreaded and foolish gangster and a Absconded Criminal from Interpol and Special Branch, Utsav’s partner.
  • Sougata Dasgupta as Gunjon – Gorima’s love interest.
  • Priya Paul as Divya Sen (Main Antagonist): Samaresh’s love interest; Koushiki’s rival
  • Sukanya Chatterjee as Shorindri: A Reporter; Utsav’s former lover
  • Subhajit Banerjee as Inspector Bagchi (Antagonist)
  • Amitava Das as Pritam Laha
  • Meghna Mukherjee as Pritam’s wife
  • Raja Kundu as Shambo Laha: Pritam’s brother; Sangvi’s husband
  • Sonali Chatterjee as Anjana Laha: Pritam and Shambo’s mother
  • Suravi Sanyal as Shalini Laha: Pritam and Shambo’s cousin sister
  • Monalisa Das as Lekha
  • Aditya Roy as Vedchandra Basu
  • Susmita Roy Chakraborty as Subhadra Basu
  • Siddhartha Ghosh as Sourandra
  • Sayantani Majumder as Simantini
  • Nandini Saha as Tinni Chatterjee
  • Taniya Paul as Deepika Chatterjee
  • Subhojit Bakshi as Berandra
  • Ananya Biswas as Nuri Nayak: Actress and model
  • Srideep Bhattacharjee as Siddhartha aka Dodo: Actor, Dipranjan’s murderer
  • Koushiki Paul as Darpana Ganguly: Dipranjan’s daughter, Nupur’s step daughter
  • Niladri Lahiri as Dipranjan Ganguly: Nupur’s ex-husband, Upasana, Aradhana and Darpana’s father
  • Payel Sarkar as Payel
  • Akash Ghosh as Lilliput
  • Pallab Chakraborty as Tarun Tirtha Tolapatra
  • Kaustuv Sengupta as Tushar Tirtha Tolapatra
  • Meghna Halder as Barsha Kaul
  • Joy Badlani as Guru Sharma

Today’s Zee World viewers are tired of the same old in-law drama; Jagaddhatri will offer another viewpoint.

The purpose of this show is to accept good ratings by showcasing women’s empowerment with a twist.

The audience will always be on the edge of their seats as the show depicts the multiple lives of its female heroine, which can aid in generating television ratings points.