Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 9th January 2024


Twist Of Fate Tuesday Update 9th January 2024

Ranbir briefing everyone about the game in which married couple shall participate. He says the husband shall be blindfolded and identify their wife. Vishaka says it is good game, and tells that this game shall be played by unmarried couple again. Ranbir thinks if he has done wrong. He asks for blindfolds and asks who will go first. The girls say Tau ji. Ranbir blindfolds Ashok. Ashok says it is easy to search his wife and checks for her tall height. Ranbir makes her bend a bit, but Ashok identifies Manpreet. Manpreet smiles. Ashok is happy. Next Akshay’s turn comes. Ranbir blind folds him and says I trust you…you will not lose. He asks him to search his wife and love, whom he loves a lot. Divya changes Prachi’s place with Mihika. Akshay was about to hold Prachi’s hand, but holds someone else hand. Vishaka thinks there is nothing between them. Akshay tells Prachi that you was here? Prachi says he was about to hold my hand, but. Ranbir says Akshay is right. Abhay asks Ranbir to identify Mihika now. He blindfolds him. Ranbir goes to Prachi and holds her hand. Galliyan song plays…..Ranbir removes his blindfold and looks at her. Abhay says nobody can identify their real partner. Divya tells that Tau ji had identified Tai ji. Prachi asks how dare you to hold my hand, you should have held Mihika’s hand. Ranbir says why you are angry, and tells that even Akshay held someone else’s hand. Prachi says yes, she is angry on Akshay. She says you don’t love me and didn’t identify me. Akshay apologizes to her and tells that he will identify her. They fight like husband and wife. Vishaka thinks I am only wrong, and tells Manpreet that they are fighting like husband and wife.

Ashok asks Prachi not to forgive Akshay and says how dare he that he didn’t identify you. Mihika says Dad loves you very much. They ask Akshay to apologize to Prachi, with a feel and holding his ears. He says ok fine and says Prachi…I am sorry. Prachi stops him from bending down on his knees and says I over reacted. Manpreet asks the girls to come and get the mehendi applied. Neha asks Akshay to love her always. Akshay is happy that Prachi fought and got upset with him as a wife.

Prachi goes to the kitchen and thinks how Ranbir held her hand and identified her. Ranbir brings water for her, and says your energy might be wasted while doing fake fight. She throws water on the floor and says this is your place in my life. She says she don’t need him and don’t want to talk to him about her life. Ranbir holds her hand and says you have said a big thing, this is my place in your heart. Song plays……Main kamli ban chali ya….He leaves her hand and asks her to answer, if she don’t have answer or don’t want to give. He says when you was fighting with Akshay, you was fighting with much right. Prachi says I have right on him, he is my husband and life partner. He says I didn’t ask who is he? Ranbir asks her to answer him and asks if you need me or not. Prachi says no..I don’t need you. Ranbir gets upset and goes behind her. Prachi asks why you are coming behind me. Ranbir says you want this and wants me to come behind you. He says you don’t want to answer me, and I know that you really like me to be behind you, you like it. Prachi says you have snatched my peace and happiness, gave me headache and asks him to go. Ranbir tells her that Mihika is better than her. Prachi asks why you are talking to me, and asks him not to do timepass with her. Ranbir says yes, I shall go to her. Vishaka hears them in the end and thinks there is some relation between them of the past. She goes to Ashok and asks how much you know Ranbir? Ashok says knows him, but knows him more for business. Vishaka says she felt as if Prachi knows Ranbir from before. Ashok says Prachi’s sister was about to marry to Ranbir then. He goes. Manpreet asks Vishaka not to do this. Vishaka says I am worried for Akshay, as I have brought him up. Manpreet asks what did you see? Vishaka says there is something between them, the matter is not that he married her sister or not, but there is something. Manpreet asks her not to spoil their relation like spoiling Ashok and her relation due to her doubt, else everyone’s life will be incomplete. She gets teary eyes and goes.

Abhay sees Akshay admiring Prachi. He says my bhabhi has problem with you. Akshay asks what is your problem, you have forgotten your Bhai? Abhay asks him to go and cheer up Prachi. Akshay comes to Prachi and asks her to come with him for 2 mins. Prachi says I need to talk to the guests. Akshay says your smile is important for me, and says I didn’t know that the game was serious for you, else I would have done cheating. Prachi says she is not upset and asks him to forget everything. Akshay says I was trying my luck. He winks at her. Ranbir comes there and asks why he is winking his eye at her. He asks Prachi to come with him to get mehendi applied and holds her hand. Prachi asks Ranbir what everyone will think. Ranbir holds Akshay’s hands and asks him to come too. He asks them to get mehendi applied to their hands.