Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 15 April 2021


Twist Of Fate Thursday Update 15 April 2021

Prachi tells Ranbir that she don’t want Rash driving and slow driving too. Ranbir says your superpower activates with me just. Prachi says I did everything. He stops the car and asks her to get down. She says on the road. He says your home came and asks her to get down. He asks her to take his umbrella. She says no, I will not melt down. Ranbir drives off and thinks she must be drenched in the water. Prachi keeps her purse and enjoys the dance with wide arms. Ranbir checks his wallet to fill up the petrol and thinks it is in her purse. He goes back and sees Prachi enjoying the rain. He gets mesmerized seeing her altogether different side from the usual ones. She comes to him and asks why didn’t you do? She sprinkles water on him. He says it is dirty. She says you don’t know how to enjoy the rain. Ranbir says next day, you have to eat medicine. He asks for his wallet. Prachi gives him and says bye.

Rishi comes home. Prachi tells Sarita behen that Pragya got drenched, but Rishi doesn’t. Rishi says hi to Shahana. Shahana is upset and goes. Sarita behen asks how you didn’t get drenched in water. Rishi says Purab Khanna dropped him home. Pragya asks about fusion beats. Rishi says he is working with Purab’s company Rhythm and tells that he is Abhishek Mehra’s best friend. She asks if everything is fine? He says yes. Pragya feels good that Purab has his own music company.

Ranbir thinking if the God opened the water tanker today as the rain continues. He thinks of Prachi’s words that he shall feel the rain to enjoy it. He gets down the car and enjoys the rain. Yeh baarish ka paani plays….Rhea comes to him and asks what the hell is he doing here and says you will get unwell and asks him to come inside. Ranbir says I am enjoying a lot and asks her to go inside. Rhea is surprised. Ranbir says sorry and says lets go inside. Pragya and others are having food. Pragya serves food to Rishi and says she made it for him. Sarita behen says Pragya made it with so much love. Shahana tells Prachi that Pragya is behaving as if Rishi is her Damad. Prachi says it is not like that. Shahana says you are in someone thoughts. Prachi thinks of Ranbir. Shahana says she wants her room back. Prachi and Shahana go to their room.

Pragya tells Rishi that she will come to office tomorrow and meet him so that he doesn’t give more liberty to him. Rishi smiles. Sarita behen do you know him? Pragya says very well. She thinks to enquire about Abhi and her daughter and thinks to meet them. Beeji and Pallavi wipe Ranbir’s wet hairs. He tells Pallavi that the water has become cold and asks her to bring warm water. Beeji asks her to bring warm water. Ranbir praises Dadi for bringing her. Pallavi goes. Ranbir asks Beeji to go to Vikram and asks if he needs anything. Beeji asks him to take steam and goes. Ranbir messages Vikram to get some love from Pallavi and Beeji.


Ranbir comes out to hall and sees Abhi sitting in dark. He comes to him and asks why is he sitting in dark. Abhi is having icecream and makes him have it. Ranbir sneezes and tells that he was drenched in water and enjoyed it. Abhi asks if there is any girl in his life and asks him to tell. Ranbir thinks of Rhea and says actually. Dadi comes there and says I asked you not to eat at night. Abhi says I know it is not permissible to eat in night for Rhea and Kaira. He says Ranbir was acting. Dadi asks them to sleep. Abhi whispers to him that even he had felt similar thing and then realized it is love for him. Ranbir thinks of Prachi. Abhi asks him to get himself checked. Aryan comes there. Ranbir asks him to play video game with him.

Shahana asks Prachi why is she worried? Ranbir plays video game. Aryan asks what is that which is bothering him. Shahana tells Prachi that they have shared many things and more than a sister. She asks her to tell what is it? Aryan asks Ranbir what is not in his control which is bothering him. Ranbir says I am going to sleep. Prachi asks Shahana not to tell anyone and tells that she is very dangerous, but seems appear. She tells how she fought with the goons and made them fell. Shahana appreciates herself and compares herself to a fighter.

Ranbir is sleeping and thinks of Prachi’s words. He keeps his head on Aryan’s shoulder and says good sleep. Aryan asks why are you saying this and gets up. He thinks I will not sleep here, but where to sleep. Rhea feels love for Ranbir and smiles. Purab comes home with Priyanka and tells Rhea that she has surprise for her. Rhea gets happy seeing her and hugs her. Rishi wakes up in night to drink water and finds the jug empty. He finds ladies handkerchief on the table and thinks it is one of the lady in the house. Purab comes to Abhi’s room and says now there will be much sound. Priyanka comes and surprises Abhi. Abhi asks where is your mom? Priyanka asks him if he is not happy. Abhi says he is happy. Priyanka calls Dasi and gives call to Abhi. Abhi talks to Dasi. Dasi asks him to take care of Priyanka. Abhi says Priyanka and Rhea are like sisters and promises not to let anything happen to her. Purab says Priyanka has joined our company as the intern. Abhi says I will tell you what work to do and give you a cabin. Rhea tells Priyanka that she will wake up Mitali as she had made white butter for them. Abhi gets emotional and tells Purab that Rhea was like Pragya and used to eat white butter a lot, but never put on weight. He says if Rhea had any sister then would have mingled with her. He says Pragya wanted to have a son, but I wanted daughters. Purab says Rhea is like you and the daughter with Pragya di must be like her.

Purab telling Abhi if Pragya di and you were together then the daughters would have been together and you would have spend quality time with Pragya di. Abhi says she had time for everyone, but not for me. A fb is shown. Abhi asks her to come to room and says he wants to spend quality time with her. Pragya says I know such things are going on in your mind. Abhi says it is going on everywhere and asks her to tell what is in his mind. Pragya says in your mind…and asks him not to trouble her, says she has to teach white butter making to Mitali bhabhi. Pragya asks him to go and tries to push him out. Mitali comes there. Abhi tells her that Pragya is pushing your dewar and says she is such a bad bahu. Mitali says she is bad to push him. Disha comes there. Abhi says he told her to come to room and spend quality time with him, but she is thinking something else. Mitali asks what? Disha says Bhabhi. Mitali understands and politely scolds him. She takes Pragya to make butter. Disha asks Abhi to lift Pragya and take her to room. She says she will handle kitchen. Abhi says ok and lifts Pragya and takes her to room. Disha laughs. Fb ends. Abhi tells Purab that she never had time for him, but he used to make efforts to spend time with her, sometimes with love and sometimes with fight. Rhea comes there and takes Purab with her to give tablets to Aaliya.

Shahana comes to kitchen and asks Rishi what is he doing at this time. She tells him that it is her handkerchief and asks him not to steal anything. He says you are cute. Shahana says don’t be friendly and asks him to just be a guest. He says he don’t use girls’ stuff and is going to room. Shahana tells him that there is a ghost in the room and troubles only guys. She says it doesn’t trouble us as we are brave. Pragya comes and asks what is happening? Rishi says she was telling that there is a ghost in my room. Pragya says I know why you said. Shahana gets upset and goes. Pragya appreciates Rishi and says you are good else if some other guy would have been in your place then would have fought with you.

Ranbir flirts with the receptionist and asks about her boyfriend. She says she had boyfriend, but now don’t. He sees Purab coming and asks him to give half day off, as he needs to go for football practice. Purab says there is a sudden work pressure and asks him to call his Dad and Prachi. He says Vikram has accepted some event and we have to make the arrangements soon. Ranbir calls Vikram. Purab comes to Abhi. Abhi asks why Pragya didn’t come and tells that if someone comes in her life, like last time King Singh came. Purab says it is not like that, I talked to Pragya di. Ranbir comes there and tells that Dad will not come today. Purab says he went to Mumbai for conference. Abhi says he wants you to make you (Ranbir) do a lot of hardwork. Ranbir asks what I shall do? Abhi says I will handle everything and asks him to send all interns. He says I will call Meera for help.

Priyanka talks to Dimpy and Shaina while driving the car and tells that she wants to be like Rhea, but she is not like her. Shaina asks her to buy her lenses from the shop. Dimpy asks her to be careful as pick pocketers might be here. Priyanka gets down from the car and thinks it is very crowdy place. She collides with Sarita behen and makes her fall down. She then asks her if she can’t see and walk. Sarita says you collided with me and made me fell down and scolding me. Priyanka calls her old lady and misbehaves with her. Sarita behen gets angry on her. Pragya comes and asks what is it? Priyanka says you should have kept her tied at home. Pragya says what you said to her? Priyanka asks if she is Inspector to ask her. Pragya says she is not an Inspector, but can call Inspector here. She tells that you are wrong to misbehave with Sarita behen and tells that she has muddy water on her saree, that means you made her fall. She asks her to apologize to her. Priyanka refuses to apologize. Pragya says what do you think that we are lower than you. Sarita behen says she will call Police. Priyanka thinks if Police comes then they will not listen to me and says sorry. Sarita behen asks her to put her vegetables in the bag. Pragya says its ok. Priyanka sits in her car. Pragya asks Sarita behen to change her saree. She says she was like Shahana. Sarita behen says Shahana has a good heart unlike this girl. Dimpy asks if everything is alright? Priyanka says she met an old lady who left her mind at house and says if she again meets me then..I will not leave her. She says she will drop them and go to office.

Prachi comes to the conference room and sits beside Rishi. She talks to him. Ranbir comes there and sees her talking to each other. He says I am the boss and will introduce you all. Prachi thinks he don’t leave a chance to call himself boss. Abhi and Purab come there. Abhi says you all are getting a chance to prepare for the event and tells that it is fashion show in Rhea’s college. Prachi thinks she has to participate in the show, then she will manage. Abhi says Ranbir will be head of the event and asks them to do the work. Ranbir asks how I will do alone? Abhi says everyone will be with us and asks Prachi to be with Ranbir. He goes.

Priyanka comes there and asks an intern about the meeting. She says she will tell. Priyanka asks Rishi if he missed her when she was not here. Rishi nods his head. She gets happy thinking he missed her. Sarita behen calls Rishi and tells him that a rich girl collided with her and called her old lady. Rishi says who was she to call my sweet nani as buddi. Sarita behen says she didn’t see my cuteness, but saw just my age. She tells that Pragya was with me, but she is mother india and left her. Shahana hears her and asks Sarita behen who was that girl and tells that she will see her. Sarita behen says you are understanding and says she will tell about that girl’s appearance and asks her to catch her and bring her to her. She says I will give you anything which you asks for. Shahana says done.

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