Twist Of Fate Monday Update 7 February 2022


Twist Of Fate Monday Update 7 February 2022

Abhi telling Pragya that he feels that she is punishing him and getting him married to Tanu, as they stayed separated for many years. Pragya says idea is good. Abhi says you can punish me whatever you want. Aaliya coughs seeing his romancing with Pragya. Pragya asks him to control and asks him to go and tell Tanu that he is ready for marriage. She tells that they have to take 5 days from Tanu and says we shall keep an eye on her every move. Aaliya says Pragya is right, trust her. Pragya asks him to go to her house and talk to her. And also try to find proofs against her from her bedroom. Aaliya says even I will come with you and can’t take risk of leaving you alone there. Prachi asks Ranbir to say. Ranbir says I will not say anything.

Rhea knocks on the door and asks who is in my washroom. Prachi says I am going? She asks him to tell her that he is here and says please. Ranbir tells Rhea that he is taking shower in her room, as his shower tap was not working, so he came here. He asks if she didn’t read the note left by him. Rhea says there is no note and asks him to continue. She thinks to scare him just as he comes out. Ranbir gives towel to Prachi and says you will get cold. SubhanAllah plays….Prachi wipes her hair. Ranbir checks and finds Rhea sitting on the bed. He comes back and tells that she is sitting on bed. Rhea gets Dimpy’s call and goes to attend it. Ranbir says she has gone. Prachi says I will go and collides with him. SubhanAllah plays…..She comes out of bathroom and goes from there.

Tanu asks Abhi if he came to meet her? He says you stay alone here, so I have come to meet you. Tanu says you and your witty answers. She asks if he will take something. He says no. She goes to bring water, thinks Abhi and I are alone in the house. Aaliya comes to Abhi and asks if she said anything. Abhi says usual nonsense, what a pleasant surprise, and went to bring water. He asks did you get something. Aaliya says she has checked in cars, and there is nothing. Abhi says I will make the water fell on myself, and then will go to her washroom and her bedroom. Aaliya says even I can do this. Abhi says if she tells anything wrong while I keep her busy then I will suffocate her neck. Aaliya says ok, you only go. Tanu comes there and says Aaliya, you are here. Aaliya asks if she is not happy to see her. Tanu says Abhi haven’t told her about her. She asks what did you think Abhi? Abhi thinks of Pragya’s plan. He says I thought and I am ready for this marriage, we will marry before the judge changes.

Tanu says great and says we have to marry in 5 days, as judge will retire after 6th day. She says tomorrow we shall do haldi and mehendi tomorrow. Abhi says brilliant. He takes water and makes it fall on himself. Aaliya asks Tanu where is the washroom and asks Abhi to go and wipe it. Tanu says she will help him. Aaliya says do this after marriage, now spend some time with your friend. Tanu says ok, we will sit. Rhea is talking to Dimpy, while Prachi goes from behind her. Rhea turns and sees Mitali standing. Mitali says you and Ranbir was meeting in the bathroom. Rhea says Ranbir was just using my bathroom. Mitali says I heard you both inside. Ranbir comes there and says hi. Mitali says she is hiding their secret. Ranbir says I was joking with you. He says he was taking bath alone. Shahana hears them. Mitali thinks if they joked with her, and thinks she heard some girl sneezing and thinks who was she?

Abhi comes to Tanu’s bedroom and searches for proofs against Tanu. He finds a diary, actually a photo album. Tanu comes there and asks what are you doing here? you should have gone to washroom. Abhi says yes, I shouldn’t have been here. Tanu asks what are you hiding from me and tells that she can see love in his eyes for her. She reminisces the time when they used to meet. Abhi says now I feel disgusted with you. He tries to go from there. Tanu finds diary in his hand. Abhi asks her to tell everything, where was she all these years and asks her to tell the truth. Tanu says you wants to know about me and asks him to read her. Abhi says I don’t like it. He opens the diary and it turns out be album with Tanu and his pics. She asks him not to go to office as tomorrow is our haldi and mehendi. Abhi goes. Tanu thinks Abhi thought her stupid, but tomorrow she will write his name with mehendi and their names will be together. She throws the album down.

Aryan is drinking beer. Shahana comes to him and says you will get habitual. Aryan says it is good for health. Shahana suggests him to drink sattu. Aryan says ok, as you don’t like, I will quit drinking. Shahana says I am not your girlfriend. Aryan says when Prachi told that she doesn’t like him to drink wine, he quit drinking. Shahana asks him about Prachi and Ranbir. Aryan says Ranbir and Rhea are couple now and there is no chance of Ranbir and Prachi. Shahana says if Ranbir doesn’t marry Rhea then? Aryan says then it will be a problem. He says Prachi doesn’t love Ranbir, so what is the use of such marriage. He says he has seen Rhea’s love for Ranbir and she loves him a lot. Shahana asks him to feel what is in his heart, and says your heart will tell you what I feel. Aryan asks what your heart feels and is about to go near her. Aaliya shouts Aryan. Shahana goes from there. Aaliya says she will complain to his dad. Aryan says I have left drinking. Aaliya says I don’t want you to be with the girl and tells that she heard that their conversation was not casual. Aryan asks when did she come and asks about Abhi. Aaliya says Bhai is parking the car. She asks him to remember what she told. Aryan says ok mom, I will stay far from her and will also not drink beer.

Rhea comes to Aaliya and asks what is she thinking? Aaliya says Mitali Bhai told you a big thing and you didn’t care. Aaliya says Ranbir was fooling her. Prachi comes there and coughs. Abhi asks where is Pragya? PRachi says I will call Maa. Pragya comes there and asks if he found anything. Abhi says he found an album, with Tanu and his pics. Pragya says she is very clever and tells that they have to do something spontaneously. Aaliya says we will keep eye on her 24/7 and will react accordingly. Abhi and Pragya go from there. Prachi also goes. Aaliya looks at Prachi and asks Rhea to keep eye on Ranbir and says the right which you will get after marriage, can be snatched by someone. Rhea looks upset.

Pragya coming to Abhi and asks him to call Tanu. Abhi is angry and asks why? Pragya says you have to tell her about the time of mehendi. Abhi says you are more desperate than Tanu and gets upset with her. Pragya asks what happened, you was fine in the morning. Abhi says I am very much tensed. You had said that engagement will not happen, but it happened and now mehendi came. He says you said that you will act spontaneously, but what if nothing happens. Pragya asks him to let her say and asks him to calm down. Abhi says I am calm down.

Rhea recalls Aaliya’s words and hears Shahana talking to Prachi and praising herself. Prachi says mad Shahana. Shahana asks if this is Ranbir’s favorite color? Prachi asks if it is necessary to take his name and says yes, but she is wearing this dress as she has just one, and not because it is his favorite color or that he likes her. Shahana asks Prachi not to be scared with anyone. She says you don’t know how to express your feelings. Prachi says let the past be past. Shahana says I will not say anything, and says once Rhea and Ranbir get married then nothing can be done. Prachi says Rhea is my sister. Shahana says your sister hates you. Prachi says she is wearing this dress as it is just one and she wants to attend the mehendi for her Maa and Papa. Rhea hears them and goes from there. Prachi and Shahana look on. Rhea thinks she has to keep her away from Ranbir, anyhow.

Pragya tells Abhi that she had told him that this engagement will not happen, but she can’t stop it, and it happened as she couldn’t understand that Tanu has become more dangerous. She says Pradeep had come here, but Tanu took him out from here, and we didn’t know. Abhi asks so what? Pragya says I will act according to the situation and assumes that he wanted to stop the engagement, but he is outside now. Abhi says Tanu might have killed him by now and will not leave him. Pragya says Tanu is confident that she will handle him if he comes again, and then we will trap him. Abhi says if he don’t comes then? Pragya says we will concentrate on marriage, he will come surely then if not for mehendi. Abhi says sorry. Pragya says she has forgiven him when he made coffee for her. She asks him to call Tanu and inform her that mehendi is at 11 am tomorrow. He calls Tanu and says he called to tell her that Dadi is unwell. Tanu says you can’t cancel the functions. Abhi asks him to hear fully first and asks her to come at 11 am for mehendi rituals. He says good night and ends the call. Tanu gets a call someone else, but the caller doesn’t speak. Tanu gets angry and throws the phone on the bed. Somdutt is drinking somewhere and thinks Tanu is not picking his call, got her work done and now don’t want to give money. He says Tanu doesn’t know him, until he don’t get his money, he will not stop.

Shahana comes to Prachi and asks if she was with Ranbir in the bathroom and asks her not to hide. Prachi tells everything and asks her not to tell anyone that she was in the bathroom with him. Aaliya hears them and thinks she can’t tell Rhea, else her heart will break. She comes to Rhea and tells that she loves her very much. She says she can ask for her anything. Rhea says she knows that she loves her very much. Aaliya says she wants to tell her this. Rhea gets dimpy’s call and goes. Mitali brings milk for Rhea and keeps for her. She tells Aaliya that she is same like before and asks why is she showering fake love on Rhea. Aaliya says I genuinely love Rhea. Mitali says why don’t you love Prachi. Aaliya says Prachi haven’t stayed with me, so I don’t love her, I have brought up Rhea since her childhood? Mitali asks why you loves her more than Aryan. Aaliya tells that she sees her past in Rhea and don’t want her future to be like me. She says you knew that I love Purab. She says first Purab loved Bulbul and then he found love in Disha again. She says I tried everything to make him fall in love with me, but he never loved me. She says she took years to understand this and says even Ranbir can’t love Rhea. Mitali asks what did she say? She thinks if Ranbir don’t love Rhea then if he loves Prachi. She gets shocked.

The mehendi designer comes to Mehra house and asks where is the bride? Mitali asks her to apply mehendi to her first. Pragya comes there. The mehendi designer shows the designs to her and asks which design to apply. Pragya says I am not…Tanu comes and says I am the bride. She asks why there is no happenings here. Mitali says just family and no outsiders. Aaliya goes to Tanu and acts to be nice with her. Mitali tells Pragya why Aaliya is acting with her. Pragya says she is doing good and asks her to ask caterer to serve starters. Mitali says she had an argument with caterer. Tanu tells that she also don’t want any outsiders to come and thinks of Pradeep. Abhi comes there and asks Pragya to tie brooch to his sherwani. Tanu says she will tie him and insists. He moves and the pin injures her finger. Tanu asks Mitali for the bandaid. Mehendi designer asks how you will get mehendi now. Tanu says it is not big injury. Abhi goes to Pragya. Tanu asks him to see her applying mehendi on her hands. Abhi gets angry. Pragya asks him to act like others. Abhi asks really, and says darling what are you saying? Pragya says he is overacting. Tanu gets surprised and says you have went one step ahead.

Abhi says when I came to your home, I realized that you love me so much and sleep with my pic. He says he can’t ignore such love. Pragya says I want to talk to you something. She gets jealous and takes Abhi to side. She asks him to do acting in limit. Abhi says Tanu is getting effected by my acting. Pragya says no. Abhi says effect is happening on two sides and says he knows that she is jealous. She asks him not to overact. He asks her to tie brooch. Pragya goes. Abhi goes to Tanu. Tanu asks where is DJ? Abhi says when I am here, then why there is fear. Tanu says you shall sing for me. Pragya says no, there shall be many songs. Tanu says let’s play antakshiri. Pragya says why not? Mitali says she will make the chits. Pragya asks Shahana where is Prachi? Shahana says she is taking bath. Rhea says I will bring the bowl from my room. Somdutt comes to Tanu’s house and thinks she is not opening the door. Rhea goes to Prachi’s room and thinks of Aaliya’s words. She tears Prachi’s dress and looks on.