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Twist Of Fate January Teasers 2023


Twist Of Fate January Teasers 2023

Prachi tells everyone that Rhea is not pregnant. Read Zeeworld Twist Of Fate January 2023 Teasers.

Zeeworld Twist Of Fate January 2023 Teasers

Sunday 1  January 2023

Episode 118

Rhea hides her face when Prachi comes to the clinic.

Monday 2 January 2023

Episode 119

Ranbeer comes to the hospital. Rhea argues with Dr Madhu, and Ranbeer and Prachi arrive there. Ranbeer ditches Rhea and goes with Prachi.

Tuesday 3 January 2023

Episode 120

Pallavi tells Prachi that her Mehendi ceremony will be held the next day. Prachi and Sahana come to the massage parlour to catch Rhea but Alia saves her. Wendy rebukes Rhea and calls her shameless.

Wednesday 4 January 2023

Episode 121

Sahana picks up a call on Rhea’s phone and learns that her pregnancy report has been couriered home. Sahana manages to get her hands on the envelope. Ranbeer saves Prachi from getting hurt and hugs her.

Thursday 5 January  2023

Episode 122

Rhea feels jealous of the duo, while Ranbeer tells Prachi that he loves her and will always do so. Siddharth argues with Alia and demands to meet his sister.

Friday 6 January 2023

Episode 123

Rhea and Alia talk about their plans but find Aryan standing at the door. Alia learns that Aryan is driving the car and that Rhea is wearing the dress meant for Prachi. Aryan and Siddharth walk away from the accident.

Saturday 7 January 2023

Episode 124

Later, Pallavi sees Prachi and Ranbeer hugging each other and feels annoyed. Sahana tells Prachi and Siddharth that she has figured out Alia’s plan.

Sunday 8  January 2023

Episode 125

Rhea shouts at Alia and says that all her plans fail. Rhea pretends to faint in front of the family. Prachi hugs Ranbeer and expresses her gratitude. Pallavi tells Alia to explain where she got the shawls for Prachi and Rhea. Ranbeer calls the police.

Monday 9 January 2023

Episode 126

Rhea and Alia are questioned by the inspector and later, she asks Alia for her phone. The inspector interrogates the tailor, and he ends up accusing Pallavi. The family members feel shocked by his words.

Tuesday 10 January 2023

Episode 127

Pallavi shouts at Ranbeer and Prachi for ruining the family’s reputation. Daljeet comes to Prachi’s rescue. Prachi gets furious with Rhea and suggests she should do a pregnancy test as well.

Wednesday 11 January 2023

Episode 128

On Alia’s suggestion, when Rhea talks to her doctor friend Madhurima about doing a fake test, Pallavi walks in on them. While Dr Madhu’s absence upsets Rhea, Prachi asks her to get the test done by Dr Preeti. Everyone gets worried when Siddharth goes missing.

Thursday 12 January  2023

Episode 129

Season Finale!

Pallavi asks Siddharth to call Mihika to the wedding. Ranbeer and Prachi spend time together and Rhea notices them. Later, Alia wonders about Prachi and Siddharth’s engagement.


Friday 13 January 2023

Episode 130

Alia comes to the ceremony with Mihika. Prachi and Ranbeer argue at the ceremony, and she confesses that she loves him and doesn’t wish to marry Siddharth. Rhea tries to provoke Pallavi, but Prachi tells everyone that Rhea is not pregnant.

Saturday 14 January 2023

Episode 131

The goon calls Alia and threatens her. Ranbeer tells Prachi that he loves her. Siddharth shows the report to Aryan and Ranbeer, stating that Rhea is not pregnant.

Sunday 15  January 2023

Episode 132

Rhea gets trapped at the hotel as the goon asks her to pay more money. Prachi confronts Alia and tells her that she knows the truth and also the fact that Rhea is not pregnant.

Monday 16 January 2023

Episode 133

Ranbeer and Prachi escape, and along with Sahana and Aryan, come up with a plan to save Rhea. Ranbeer and Sahana dress up as police officers and try to catch the goons. Later, a disguised Prachi comes to their aid.

Tuesday 17 January 2023

Episode 134

Pallavi apologises to Prachi, which upset Rhea. Ranbeer and Prachi dance together, infuriating Pallavi and she shouts at her. Alia and Rhea hold the courier boy captive.

Wednesday 18 January 2023

Episode 135

Alia insults Prachi. Prachi tells Rhea to do another DNA test, to which Rhea agrees. Prachi apologises to Rhea. Siddharth, Sahana and Prachi go to save Mihika.

Thursday 19 January  2023

Episode 136

Prachi finds the room where Mihika is. Alia and the goons capture Prachi, Sahana and Siddharth and plan to burn them alive.

Friday 20 January 2023

Episode 137

Prachi and Siddharth fight with the goons. Rhea tells the goons not to harm Ranbeer.