Twist Of Fate Friday Update 26 February 2021


Twist Of Fate Friday Update 26 February 2021

Prachi and Rhea are fighting in the hospital. Prachi asks her not to take her mum’s name else her father will repent to be her father. A reporter is there talking to someone and says two sisters are fighting here. Rhea says she is not my sister, I am the only daughter of Abhishek Prem Mehra. Inspector comes there and asks constables to handcuff Rhea. Rhea says you don’t know whose daughter I am? The guy helping Prachi tells that Rhea is very arrogant.

Rhea asks Lady constable not to touch her. Lady constable handcuffs and takes her. Reporter says it is a big news. Prachi comes to Pragya and asks how is she feeling now. Pragya says she is fine. Prachi cries and says this has happened because of me, and tells that the girl Rhea who accused her of theft, tried to hit her with car, but you got hit by her car. Pragya hears and gets unconscious. Prachi calls Nurse and tells that her mum fainted. Nurse says she is in deep sleep after the operation and asks her to call her Papa. Prachi says he don’t stay with us. She tells that she will not leave Rhea. She gets the call from the guy Manpreet, who asks her to come to Police station, and tells that he has filed FIR against Rhea, and her signatures are needed on FIR. Prachi says I can’t go as maa is still unconscious. Nurse asks her to go and tells that she will be with Pragya. Prachi asks Pragya to be brave girl.

Rhea is taken to Police station. Reporter asks why she hit the woman/Pragya. Rhea says it is people’s mistake to walk on the road and talks arrogantly with the reporter. She says she needs to make an important call. Inspector says only after she is taken inside the lock up. Meera switches on the TV and hears news of Rhea’s arrest. She gets shocked and calls Abhi. She informs Abhi and asks him to do something. Abhi switches on TV and watches the news. Dadi asks why Rhea is arrested and asks meera to give call to her. She tells Abhi that she wants to come with him. Abhi asks Dadi to be at home, and promises to get Rhea back. Meera asks Dadi not to take tension and says Abhi will bring her back.

Abhi sits in his car and thinks my daughter was in problem, and I was remembering Pragya. Rhea asks the Inspector to let her go and says you need money. The eye witness asks Inspector why are they waiting and keep her in the lock up. Rhea calls him beggar and asks Inspector and others to tell how much money they need. Inspector says if you utter a word then I will not leave you. Rhea says my dad is close to commissioner and you will lose your job once my dad calls him. Prachi comes there. Eye witness Manpreet tells that she is a victim’s daughter. Rhea says what are you doing here? Prachi says you shall be in the lock up. She tells that she did this deliberately. Rhea says yes, I did it deliberately and next time I will kill her. Inspector asks her to write FIR and write attempt to murder. Prachi and Rhea, both are shocked. Prachi says attempt to murder. Inspector says yes as she tried to hit deliberately. Abhi is on the way. Meera calls him, but he didn’t pick her call. Meera calls him again and gets worried for Rhea. Abhi is driving the car and hits another car. The man asks him to get out of car and scolds him. Abhi tells that he needs to go as he was in urgency. Man tells that he suffered loss and says you did accident deliberately. Abhi says even you was driving fast and was on mobile. Man says it was your mistake. Abhi gives his visiting card and tells that he will pay the money for the loss. Man says even I am rich and don’t need money, I had bought this car with downpayment.

Constable tells Inspector that he has written everything. Inspector asks him to read. Constable reads Prachi’s statement. Manpreet asks him to mention the car number and also mention that the car was driving by Rhea. Prachi gets call of a nurse and says she will come there soon. Prachi comes and sits beside Rhea. She says I don’t want to file attempt to murder case on you. Rhea asks her to ask Inspector not to file the case. She says she will leave in 2-3 mins and tells then think what will happen with you. Prachi says what to call you? Rhea says I will tell my dad that you trapped me, and then he will repent for trusting you. Prachi says I wanted to stop the Inspector to file the FIR, but now I will not stop him. She says I will ask Inspector to file a strong case against you and tells that when you come out after serving punishment, then you will become good which your father deserves. She says I would have stopped him, but not now. I will not agree even your father asks me to.

Abhi tries to tell the man that he is in trouble. Man asks him to take him to hospital first as he got hurt on his foot. Abhi tells that his daughter is in police station for the accident. Man says both father and daughter don’t know driving. He asks how is the person who was hit by your daughter’s car. Pragya comes out of hospital and sits in the taxi. Abhi is standing there arguing with the man. Pragya looks there, but couldn’t see Abhi. Abhi arguing with the guy on the road after the accident. Pragya takes taxi and sits in it. She asks the driver what is happening here? Driver says accident. Abhi tells the guy that he will pay him the money and will not listen to his nonsense. The guy asks him to go. Inspector asks Prachi to sign on the FIR. Prachi signs on the FIR. Rhea says she will not get afraid of her stupid FIR and her. Prachi says whatever you have done is attempt to murder and says you are not realizing what you have done. Rhea says her dad will take her from here. Inspector says his dad can’t do anything and says she shall go to jail and will become better. He tells about the conditions in jail and says you will not identify yourself after coming out. He says it is hell. Eye witness says she shall be punished. Prachi thinks Rhea’s life will be ruined, but she herself has accepted the crime. Rhea tells Inspector that her dad will give him money. Inspector says he will add such charges that even Supreme court can’t save her. Pragya comes there. Prachi asks why did you come here? Pragya looks at Rhea and asks him to leave her. Rhea is teary eyes being scared. Pragya says she didn’t do anything. Inspector says she did your accident. Pragya says it is not her mistake, I was crossing the road without seeing and says she is innocent, asks him to leave her. Prachi says what are you saying, many people saw her hitting you.

Pragya says I am not saying that they are lying or you are lying, and tells that it does that nobody saw my sight. She says I will write 6 and you will think 9. Prachi says Rhea was driving in speed. Pragya tells Inspector that they study in same college, and are like friends and sisters. She says they might have an argument in college, but Rhea didn’t do anything. Eye witness says you are very kind, but doesn’t show kindness on her. Pragya says Rhea is innocent and asks Inspector to leave her. Inspector says FIR is filed, we made it as attempt to murder. Pragya says FIR is made. Inspector says your daughter said and tells that now it is a court case, even her rich father can’t save her, it is impossible for her to be saved now. Pragya goes to Rhea and holds her hand. She asks why did you do such foolishness and asks why did you say that you did accident intentionally. She says did you think this is truth or dare game which you play in college, that you will become brave by lying to Police. She asks why did you lie to Police. Rhea says I was upset with Prachi. Pragya says didn’t you think of the consequences and asks do you know what is written in the FIR. She asks Inspector to show FIR. Inspector says she didn’t say. Rhea says she said, but he didn’t hear. Inspector says there is just original and copies are not made yet. He says he will send her to jail, and nobody could save her, even her father. He asks Rhea to read it.

Pragya asks Inspector about its copies. Inspector says copies will be made tomorrow and says she will be jailed anyhow. Pragya tears the FIR paper shocking Inspector. He asks him to forget the case and concentrate on other case. Inspector gets angry and asks Constable to lock Pragya as she destroyed the FIR. Rhea asks what is he doing? Inspector says someone will be punished anyhow. Abhi comes the Police station. Constable asks her to park anywhere. Abhi says some other car is behind his car. Constable asks him to move his car somehow. Abhi calls Purab and asks him to go to commissioner. Prachi asks Inspector to leave her mum and tells that she had operation just now. Inspector says first sardar ji came and then you came and asked me to file the case against Rhea. Pragya calls Rhea near her and asks her to make Inspector’s video and share to his friends saying he has locked the victim. She says sometimes we have to do something wrong to make everything right. Rhea nods her head and holds her hand. Pragya asks her to take her out of lock up.

Rhea makes video of the Inspector as he argues with Prachi. He says now your mum will know what happens when she plays with Police. Prachi says she wants to save Rhea. Eye witness says you have locked the victim inside. Inspector says she has torn the FIR on my face, and insulted me in my police station. Prachi says you have accepted that your male ego is hurt as Maa got your case closed which you may get solved. Inspector asks Constable to arrest Prachi. Rhea tells on video about the Inspector’s name who is troubling them. Inspector asks Constable to snatch phone from Rhea. Pragya asks them to stop it and asks when she wants to take the complaint back then why he wants to arrest her for his own gain and appraisal. Constable tells that the news about their Police station went viral and says they shall leave them. Inspector asks Rhea if she made the video. Rhea smiles. Pragya says I asked her to make this video, and says your family will forgive you, but your seniors will suspend you so it will be better for you to let all of us go. Inspector asks Constable to let them go.

Constable comes to Inspector and tells that media and local politician are outside. Inspector asks him to handle them. He tells Rhea that his eye will be on her and he will arrest her in some case. Pragya thanks Manpreet and asks Rhea to come with them.

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