Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 19 May 2020


Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 19 May 2020

Samrat’s residence and in the hotel room
Urmi finds shaurya and mandira fighting for something, and demands to see what it is. she finds that its a camera, and gets tensed. she is confused and takes the camera saying that they dont need this, and that this is her thing. mandira and shaurya leave resignedly. she remembers the conversation amrit had about losing his ring, and understands that something’s definitely off. She wonders whats in this video. she identifies it as her own room, as she views the video recording, and she is shocked to find finally the video of Samrat punching his password. She wonders why amrit recorded all this. Urmi understands that amrit is behind this and his entire plan, and is distraught, and understands his entire conspiracy. Urmi thinks that he would definitely have to tell this to samrat, before he does anything wrong, that amrit is such an evil soul.

Meanwhile, samrat is enjoying luxuries of the promiscuity of a girl arranged by amrit for his fun. He starts getting intimate with her. Urmi meanwhile is getting tensed. She calls samrat, just when he is about to get physically intimate with the girl. he gets tensed and irritated too, seeing that its urmi. he silences it back again and gets close to the girl. urmi continues to get tensed, that samrat must be busy in a metting, and decides to take the matters in her own hands, before amrit misuses his password. she comes down and rushes out, saying that she has some very important work, and doesnt answer any of shashi’s questions. she starts venting out her frustration at aditi, about urmi’s callous behaviour, while aditi is tensed to see urmi so tensed herself.

Annu’s residence
Asha finds a gift wrapped box, and after being unable to open it, she decides to ask gaurav. when he comes back to take his fiel, that he forgot, she shows him the gift, and he opens it to find a scroll inside, for inviting them to the Daawat-e-Eid, for ahil and sanam’s first eid. asha gets excited but gaurav says that they wont be able to go. asha says that they would feel bad if they dont go, and promises that she wont do anything wrong this time. she insists again, and he has no option but to give in to her whims. She gets super excited. he is amused and leaves.

Samrat’s office
Amrit enters samrat’s office, thinking that samrat is enjoying himself, while he shall enjoy samrat’s money and luxuries. He thinks that samrat would be ruined, by his habit of promiscuity, and set a model of ruinage for the whole of jhansi. He enjoys his supremacy, and plugs in the net dongle. amrit thinks that had samrat refused for having a girl, his plan would have been spoiled. He is about to log in, when the manager comes in and he hides what he is doing. he informs about bank people arriving, and wanting to talk to someone responsible. amrit gets tensed hearing it, and finally asks him to send them inside. Amrit wonders if they go to know something. He is tensed. the bank officers come in with some business proposals, and he wards them off saying that they should talk to samrat regarding this and sends them out with the manager. He also asks the manager not to be disturbed as he is doing something really important.

Meanwhile, amrit, having had created a distraction and getting samrat out of the way, he gleefully punches in the password, waiting with bated breaths. He is joyous when he finds that the transaction beginning and gaining speed. He starts daydreaming about samrat turning into a pauper very soon.

On the road
Urmi hastily boards an auto, and constantly asks him to drive asap. He complies. She again tries samrat’s number, but in vain, as he is busy consummating with the girl. She doesnt get through the landline too, and wonders how to send the message acroos to him. She finally reaches and rushes inside.

Samrat’s office
Urmi comes in asking for samrat, and gets to know that he isnt here, and then asks for amrit, and is told that he is in the cabin. She asks them all to come with her, and they rush into amrit’s cabin, who is oblivious of all this, and is happily eyeing as the transaction states that its 95% complete. He is shocked when he finds urmi and tries to hide it, but urmi catches hold of his laptop, and is shocked to see the transaction. A tussle follows, wherein finally the guards hold him, as amrit glaots that urmi’s efforts are in vain as he has already finished what he had to do, and she can do nothing to stop him now, and starts smiling evilly. but she manages to press the cancel button just in time, to reverse the transaction. she turns around and vents out her anger at amrit, saying that he turned out to be a selfish and dishonest despite all the good that her family did to her. He says that his effort cant be in vain, and promises to take away her peace of mind and happiness in her life. All gather around shocked. she reprimands him for being truly thankless, while amrit is frustrated. She says that she always doubted him, but samrat had faith in him. she says that she is embarassed that he is the son in law of their house, and that his game is over and his truth is finally exposed today, and he has no salvation. amrit is shocked and frustrated, unable to digest his defeat.

Samrat’s residence
Amrit apologises profusely to samrat, in front of everyone in the family. samrat eyes him furiously as he says that he is ready to face everything, but begs for forgiveness, citing that he had gone on the wrong track. Samrat asks him to stop this drama saying that he doesnt deserve even that. amrit says that he cant think of doing this in his sanity, and continues with his drama. samrat jerks him away, and then slaps him tight across his face, knocking the wits out of him, and asks him to stop the drama and leave, or else he would beat him to pulp. In front of the entire family, samrat, in a rage, pushes amrit and asks him to get out of the house, and not dare to be seen in the vicinity of this house ever again. amrit starts apologising to him and urmi, too that he truly penances it, and regrest them. But urmi says that he has been given lots of chances, but he didnt improve. rudra too supports urmi, saying that they wont take his betrayal anymore. aditi continues to cry. urmi asks him to leave silently, or else he would find himself in jail. amrit is shocked, and says that he is ready to face any punishment. rudra says that this cant happen. aditi too lashes out at amrit, while he begs at her feet too. diwaker says that this isnt a mikstake but a crime, and that nature cant be changed, and hence for him to improve is befooling themselves. diawker and kanchan try to point out, that this is what they had been trying to do all along, to prove what a person amrit is. Samrat points his stick at him and asks him to get lost. Amrit rushes to shashi’s feet, but she too rebukes him, saying that he shouldnt have any hope from her.

samrat starts using slang at him and throws him out. Amrit hollers at samrat, shocking him and surprising everyone else. he tells him that he doesnt want to stay with them too, and can survive on his own, but he wont go alone and aditi shall go with him. they are shocked, while aditi stands still. Samrat asks him to repeat again. Amrit says that aditi would go with him. saamrat says that his sister wont go anywhere. Amrit says that she would and noone can stop him. He tries to forcibly take her, but she says that she wont go anywhere with her, and that after betraying her family, she wouldnt go with him, and that he is just a husband for namesake, and that she breaks this relation too. Amrit tries to calm her down, but she says that she is the most unfortunate wife as she got the worst possible husband. Samrat stops him from taking her, as he asks for a last chance. He throws him out saying that he shouldnt show his face ever again. Amrit tells samrat that if he is dishonest and has to be thrown out, he should mind his tone and language and demeanour with her, as there are lots of secrets that can come out about he himself, if amrit’s truths are out in the open. samrat is tensed and surprised, as amrit says that he too isnt pure. He says that he knows what all evil he has done, and if he brings it in front of everyone, they shall know who is lucky and who’s not.he says that he knows all evils, and he knows this too, that he knows about samrat’s dirty secrets. All are tensed, while urmi is boggled.

Amrit leaves, while aditi is crying. samrat tries to go after him, but is calmed down by urmi, and brought back inside, while he is in a rage at amrit’s final comment about his evils. Aditi breaks incoherently into tears, while shashi and kanchan ask her to calm down. Rudra says that they should be thankful to urmi for having saved samrat and his family at the last minute, or else they would have turned into rags. diwaker too voices the same opinion. rudra asks samrat where was he when all of this was happening. Samrat is tensed. urmi too says that she too called lots of times, but he never picked up. Samrat is speechless. he fumbles and says that he had gone to the doctor, as when he went out, he started having pains and hence went. urmi asks why didnt he tell anyone. He says that he didnt want to bother them. urmi asks him to sit down and relax, and when he does, samrat is tensed about amrit’s final threat about disclosing her infidelity. urmi is tensed to see aditi’s condition.

In his room, while urmi is still discussing what happened today, samrat comments that due to her intelligence she proved to be the perfect wife today. she smiles while samrat too reciprocates.

Annu’s residence
while annu is working, asha excitedly prepares, while granny asks saroj to calm down, as for the first time, asha is doing something right. karan comes and all greet him, while anu asks why has he come here. He says that asha invited him here, for food. granny is happy for this. asha says that she made special dishes and hence invited him here. anu is tensed. asha asks her to go and chat with him, while she gets the food ready. asha tries to be oversmart and sends them outside, to talk in solitude, as the weather is good and they shall enjoy. karan invites her, and she resignedly complies. as they are about to go out, asha feeds her sweetened curd for good luck, and sends them off, while annu is irritated. saroj thinks that devi shall be angry, and granny says that they wont tell him. Asha says that she would handle everything, and granny supports her too.

outside, karan asks anu to tell the truth about her love to everyone, so that she cdan marry the right person, as they are still under the impression that their match can be made. He finds anu unusually silent throughout the conversation. He asks her whats the matter as to why isnt she saying anything about her love to her family, as he is sure that they would understand, given his understanding of their nature. he asks if there’s anything wrong with the person, she loves. she says that there’s nothing wrong with ishaan and even after searching, noone can find any, going dreamy eyed, thinking about ishaan.

Samrat’s residence and on the road
sanrat wishes to bathe, and she gives him a towel, to freshen up. He naughtily says that he isnt feeling well, and has pain, hence asks her to give a bath. She refuses while he continues to playfully insist. she agrees and then omce they are near the bathroom, she pushes him inside and asks him to bathe then. Urmi gets a call, and when she picks up, she is tensed to find that its amrit, who’s calling from a PCO phone. Amrit asks her to hear him out, before cancelling the call. urmi is tensed. Amrit says that he has to tell something very important about samrat’s misdoings, and wishes to meet her.

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