Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 15 October 2020


Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 15 October 2020

Thursday Update on Twist of Fate 15 October 2020: Aaliya tells Pragya that she want to harm Bulbul and spoil their honeymoon. Pragya says they are married. Aaliya says she don’t accept this marriage as Purab is hers and she is his. She asks if she has realized her relation with Bulbul and taking her side. She asks her not to interfere in her life again else….she threatens to kill her.

Pragya says it is my house….She says Purab is not her love and gives her lecture on love. Aaliya says you have betrayed my brother and have snatched his money, property, everything, and telling me that I don’t know meaning of love. She says purab is mine and can’t be of someone else. She says she will decide what to do with Bulbul and how to get Purab. She says love is crazy. She says you said that you have no relation with Bulbul. Pragya says relations are not broken if it is said by mouth, and says she didn’t harm anyone. She says you are betraying your brother and said that you don’t have feelings for Purab anymore. She asks her not to take test of Abhi’s patience, and says I will protect Bulbul always as she is my sister. She says I was weak before, but now you are weak. She says she will expose her in 2 mins, and asks her to mend her ways.

Purab comes to room and calls Bulbul. Bulbul teases him and pulls his leg saying he is changing in a day. Abhi comes and sends Purab out. He asks Bulbul to give the papers which he had given her. Bulbul tells him that she has kept papers in the same place as Pragya came there. Abhi says where is the keys? Bulbul says it is with Pragya.

Abhi says I will be suffocated till I get papers. Bulbul asks him not to worry and says papers are safe. Purab comes back. Abhi says I am gone…and asks her to start her new life. Purab asks what he was talking? Bulbul says nothing and asks where are the flowers. Aaliya recalls her conversation with Pragya, Abhi and purab’s words. She thinks she shall kill Pragya first and decides to kill her in 3 days, and says it is my commitment to myself. She calls someone and asks to meet her. Bulbul tells Purab that Abhi has taken Pragya’s signatures. Purab asks what? Bulbul says Abhi made Pragya drink wine, and got her signatures. They start fighting cutely….Purab asks her not to leave him. Pragya comes to their room and asks if they have done breakfast. Bulbul says they have done lunch also. She asks what happened? Pragya recalls Aaliya trying to push Bulbul from the stairs…She says nothing..Bulbul tells her that Abhi asked about papers and tells about his strange expressions. Purab asks Pragya to be careful. Dasi asks Abhi if he got Pragya’s signatures. Abhi says yes, but says may be Pragya has snatched his destiny also with money. She asks if Pragya knows about it. Abhi says no and asks her to pray. Dadi comes and asks what they were talking about? Dasi says nothing. Dadi says she came to talk to Abhi. She reminds Abhi that Purab and Bulbul’s marriage was his responsibility, and Sarla have some wishes with the marriage. She says we shall have a grand reception for them. Abhi agrees and says Shahrukh and Kajol suggested the same. Dasi says your mogambo will not give money. Abhi says I will snatch from her if she don’t agree. Dadi asks what they are saying? Dasi says it is their secret talk. Abhi says he will make arrangements and says it will surprise Pragya.

At the breakfast table, Dadi signs at pragya. Pragya thinks Dadi want to talk to her about Aaliya. Tanu thinks Aaliya’s anger is cool down. Abhi comes and says he is thinking to throw party. He says he is thinking to throw lavish reception for Bulbul and Purab. Pragya asks who will give money? Abhi laughs and says obviously you. He says you got them married secretly so you have to pay the compensation. Pragya refuses. Abhi asking Pragya to give money for Purab and Bulbul’s grand reception. Pragya says she will not give money. Abhi says if she don’t give money then everyone of them will go on a hunger strike. Everyone backs Abhi, including Tanu. Abhi says I can be hungry to keep up my promise. Pragya gets tensed. Later she asks Dadi, why did she agree for reception. Dadi says it was her idea and asks her to think about Sarla. She says you should have told yes to Abhi. Bulbul says there might be some reason behind her refusal. Purab says may be they would suspect her that she is spending money on her sister. Pragya thinks she can’t tell what Aaliya was about to do with Bulbul. She says Aaliya might think that they are teasing and celebrating happiness to make her jealous. She fears of Aaliya’s reaction and says the person who is with Aaliya might do anything. Dadi asks her not to worry and asks her to sit. She explains to her that if people stop driving vehicles with the fear of accident. She says it is safe to take precaution and asks her to say yes to Abhi. She says we shall celebrate the jashn so that we can tell our kids later. Dadi says Abhi is very much stubborn and will not eat food if you refuse. She asks her to say yes to Abhi.

Aaliya comes to meet Vijay and asks where were you, I was waiting for you. Vijay says he came secretly saving himself from security and asks where is security? Aaliya says you didn’t do my work. Vijay says I have done my work, but your brother saved her. Aaliya says Pragya might be dead by now, but still alive because of you, Vijay asks do you think that I will do the same work in that money. Aaliya says I know you won’t do with that money. Vijay asks for double money from her. Aaliya says okay, and says you will get money after Pragya is killed and cremated. Vijay agrees and says your friends should also not know about it. Aaliya says she also want to say the same thing that Tanu and Raj shall not know about their deal. Vijay says he will kill her and people will think it is an accident.

Abhi thinks Pragya has become stone hearted and is not reluctant to spend money on her sister’s reception. He gets hungry, but makes himself understand that he has promised Dadi so can’t cheat her. He talks to Pragya’s toy and takes out his anger on it. Pragya comes and agrees to give money. Abhi says I don’t trust you and asks her to tell infront of all. He says if you want me to agree then come and tell outside. He comes out and calls everyone saying it is a good news. Mitali asks did you bring food? Abhi says hunger strike is called off. Tanu asks how did it happen? Abhi asks Pragya to tell everyone that she is ready to give money. Pragya says I am ready to give money for reception so you all please have food. Mitali and Tai ji say that they shall have food fast. Abhi says I am not done yet and asks Pragya to apologize to him for insulting him and refusing to give money.

Dadi asks him to leave the matter and says it is okay. Abhi says she shall realize her mistake and should know how it feels when someone decision is dismissed. Pragya says I am sorry that I had dismissed rockstar Abhi’s decision. Abhi says do you really saying sorry? He ends the strike. Aaliya thinks it is good that reception will happen, and she can keep eye on Purab, Bulbul and Pragya. Pragya comes infront of her and asks why she didn’t go for dinner. Aaliya says she is very much pained and don’t want to have food. She asks her to expose her infront of everyone, and asks her not to play mind games. She says you asked me to forget Purab, gave big lectures etc. She says I love Purab genuinely, and says I haven’t acted to love him or played with his feelings like you does with my brother. Pragya says I don’t want reception to happen, but agreed for Abhi. Aaliya says nobody can see her pain and if something wrong happens then everyone will blame her. Tanu hears her. Aaliya asks her to do one favor and asks her not to take about Purab, leave her alone. Tanu thinks if Aaliya was acting or really crying.

Aaliya comes to room angrily. Tanu asks if you was really crying. Aaliya asks what shall I do? Tanu asks her to cry infront of her and unburden her heart. Aaliya says I was just acting to cry so that Pragya shouldn’t suspect what is going to happen with her. Tanu asks what do you mean? Aaliya refuses to tell her anything and makes plan on how to murder Pragya.

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