Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 16 July 2020


Thursday Update on Lies of the heart 16 July 2020

Ishaan’s Residence and on the road
While urmi is getting ready, samrat springs up stealthily behind her, and starts buttoning her blouse from behind. she is startled and flinches in disgust when she finds that its samrat. she snatches away and asks how dare he get inside. He asks her tauntingly, that she behaves as if she hasnt been touched by him before. urmi says that when the whole family throws him out, then he shall come to his truest existence. She asks him to get out.

He asks her to think of herself, as people would raise questions. Samrat too gloats that he is the son in law, and she too shall have to respect him. she says that he wont ever get the respect, but he is unfazed and asks her to start the countdown instead, as he is making his place and she shall stdn helpless. He wishes her best of luck for the munh Dikhayi, for the second time. samrat leaves having leeringly taunted at her non-virginal status and leaves. Urmi stands shocked.Urmi greets everyone as the munh dikhayi ceremoney begins, and all compliment damini on the b’ful bride. sandhya doesnt leave any stone unturned to leave urmi insulted and humiliated. But the ladies continue praising. Damini sits tensed. samrat sees them from the balcony, and thinks that samdhya can be in his compant to plot against urmi, and even looks like Damini also doesnt like urmi much. He thinks that the women who are praising urmi right now, shall insult her right in this very house. Tani comes and he starts romancing her. tani asks whats he seeing downstairs. He says that he was feeling thirsty, but cant go down. She says that she would just go down to get juice, and rushes down, while he evilly thinks that this idiot can be used at every step. Damini finds tani descending, and takes her up, asking why is she coming down. she says that samrat is thirsty. Damini reminds her anirudh’s wish, as to how they cant answer her marital status. tani says that she doesnt care as she doesnt have double standards, and feels jealous. samrat comes in asking not to insist. Damini says that urmi isnt the apple of her eye either, but due to anirudh, she is complying along.

Samrat finds out that anirudh is praising urmi, while damini doesnt like her. He thinks that he can use damini and sandhya. damini says that had urmi not been the bahu of this house, they still would have accepted samrat somehow but not now. tani tries to speak, but samrat pretends to be the bigger person, and tries to emotionally indirect statements at Damini, and then starts saying that he shall get cheesecake for her, and tries to prove how much he loves her. tani leaves.

Anirudh tells ishaan that he wishes to take tani out of the will while ishaan is shocked and says that he cant do this. Anirudh asks him to get the legal formality done rightaway. Ishaan reminds him that this is a hasty descision. Anirudh however is beyond reprieve, enraged at tani, saying that he wont bear any of tani’s tantrums anymore, and its better they sign off the relation. Ishaan says that this isnt the problem to their situation, as samrat is using her, and she needs counselling. He says that he tried everything, and asks what does he want him to do. Anirudh is adamant that he cant stand her anymore. ishaan says that he knows he loves tani, but he shall regret this descision, if something were to happen to her. he says that he knows samrat, and hence wants tani to be here, so that samrat doesnt hurt her. He says that soon she shall see through his charade, and make him promise that he wont do anything like that. He requests him not to let tani fall prey, and its their duty to stand by her.

Downstairs, all the ladies talk about siring a grandchild, while sandhya and damini are frustrated. the phone rings, and samrat changes his tone and insists to speak to urmi. Urmi is given the phone. Samrat taunts her, about her son and she is disgusted. She says that its due to him, that her son isnt here, as he doesnt want to see him, and she doesnt want him to see him too. Samrat irritates her saying that he came to meet her son, as she has obviously forgotten him, in her marital status. she is scared and says that shaurya cant be with him, and fumbles asking where is shaurya. Samrat continues to tease him, sayingthat he got him here for swimming classes. urmi says that shaurya is scared of swimming. Samrat says that he shall teach him, by throwing shaurya into deep waters. urmi’s voice is raised and all are tensed as to how is she talking to, in such loud tones. Samrat tells urmi on the phone, that he is about to send a video of whatever he is planning to do, and hence asks her to keep her data connection on. Urmi is shocked. He says that even if she doesnt see shaurya drowning, she would see him dead. Urmi is scared and petrified, and asks him not to, and gets up.

saroj asks her to sit down. But she is very tensed and frustrated. Sandhya tries to taunt, but saroj asks urmi whats the matter. When saroj knows what samrat said, she is shocked, but still asks her to sit down. asha says that shaurya is with her father, but urmi doesnt believe. She gets up. sandhya and everyone else ask her to sit down as the ritual is going on. finally, urmi’s eyes fall on samrat, eyeing him evilly on the doorstep. urmi gets up enraged as she finds samrat coming in, the dupatta sliding down her face, and the gifts falling on the floor. Ishaan’s Residence
While all discuss as to how tani’s rash behaviour has resulted into many people questioning the nature of the marriage. Damini proposes that since all is done, they should just get ahead and accept the marriage, and throw in a joint reception. Just then, samrat, who is enjoying the drama, comes down pretending to be talking on the phone, and horrifed that the news of their marriage is on TV. They all watch and are shocked. Anirudh is super angry. But they have no option but to relent. Samrat meanwhile talks to the waiter of the hotel, who is getting all the work done for him, and promises to pay him off soon.

Urmi’s residence
All lament on urmi’s unending problems with samrat, and how urmi and shaurya are deeply affected by samrat’s return. Devi asks them to concentrate now on the reception. thy are all tensed.

Reception Venue

Ishaan is super frustrated as anirudh throws a joined doble reception along with samrat and tani, as guests starts pouring in. Urmi calms him down saying that they need to put a polite and sweety face for the sake of society and can discuss it when they get home. Tani and ishaan get up to mingle with guests. Urmi keeps sitting stoical and stern, as samrat leaves no stone unturned in amusingly taunting her, and then warns her, as an ex-loyal husband, that if she doesnt buckle up soon, she would be reduced to nothing, and it would be a disaster for guarantee. He reminds what happened at the Munh Dikhayi, and that its just a trailer, as he would have to repay her back, for all that she did to him, along with interest. urmi replies that the day he is exposed, he wont even be able to be anyone’s past and asks him to think of his future. He says that he shall rob him of all her respect and self esteem. Tani comes back and tells that her father loves her a lot, to have put up this grand party. samrat too excitedly says that tani can charm anyone. But inside, he thiks that she is a fool who doesnt know that she is just a pawn for his bigger play. Anirudh meanwhile introduces his friends to urmi’s family. Damini tauntingly asks saroj how she feels to see both of urmi’s husbands together and continues to taunt that urmi and samrat are unseparable, and hence maybe god wants their destinies to be entangled together. sandhya is amused. Dadiji and saroj are extremely unconfortable, as they comment that their children got second hand counter parts. dadiji tries to prove that ishaan is meant for urmi, but they keep being insulted with snide comments.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Friends taunt tani for this eloping marriage. As tani and others banter, ishaan and urmi are tensed. They ask samrat of his profession, and tani comes in for his defense saying that he doesnt need to, as he can easily handle the vast business of his father. urmi and ishaan smirk at samrat’s uncomfortable demeanour. they start taunting samrat at his living off his wife’s expenses. Tani shuts them off, and the friends leave. urmi snidely looks at samrat, who’s frustrated.

Later, anirudh asks tani and ishaan to come along to be introduced to his special friend. Samrat rushes to go along with them. But anirudh asks him to stay where he is, as he isnt talking to him. They are taken along. Samrat fumes saying that very soon things shall change. He then narrates everything to tani, who says that they are boring people as it is, and then cheers him saying that he neednt be bored. She turns him off too. he fumingly eyes urmi chatting with all his business partners. Then he tells about his Kulguru, whose blessings would make a success out of their marriage. Urmi is excited to meet him. Samrat fumes silently. he thinks that urmi is getting a lot of attention. urmi sits beside him and tells samrat that respect isnt begotten for granted, and that it has to be earned, which is beyond his capabilities. Samrat fumes irritably, while urmi smirks.

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