The Inseparables October Teasers 2019 Starlife


The Inseparables October Teasers 2019 Starlife

The family urges Maanvi to accept Viraat’s love but Maanvi fears that she has no future with Viraat,Read The Inseparables October Teasers 2019 Starlife.

September 2019 Teasers on The Inseparables

Starlife The Inseparables October Teasers 2019 

Tuesday 1 October  2019


Vanshika advises Inder to spend some time with Kadambari. Meanwhile, Maanvi sees a leukaemia patient with no hair and gets depressed about losing her hair due to chemotherapy. Viraat consoles her on seeing her feel uneasy. Does Maanvi apologise to Viraat for misbehaving at the party?


Maanvi is bothered about embracing Viraat. Meanwhile, Swamini expresses gratitude toward Vanshika for understanding her emergency previously and giving her a reason in life by by letting her bring up Viren.

Wednesday 2 October  2019


Maanvi questions Jeevika about love and marriage. Jeevika tells her that Viren is her partner for life. Maanvi wonders if she is in love with Viraat. Later, she goes to Seema’s party with Viraat. Meanwhile, Jeevika is attacked by an intruder in the house. Who attacks Jeevika and why?


Jeevika is surprised by Viren’s surprise visit. Meanwhile, Viraat takes Maanvi to a movie set to observe shooting. Maanvi, in the meanwhile, realises that she is in love with Viraat. Later, Viraat is informed that Maanvi can’t be treated in that institute. What will Viraat do now?

Thursday 3 October  2019


Viraat is dejected on learning that Maanvi can’t be treated in Mumbai. He fears telling about it to Maanvi. On the other hand, Maanvi tells Badi Beeji about her love for Viraat. Badi Beeji advises her to confess her feelings to Viraat. Will Maanvi listen to Badi Beeji and propose to Viraat?


Maanvi refrains from expressing her feelings to Viraat. On the other hand, Viraat vows to take care of Maanvi and lies to Jeevika about her medical reports. Meanwhile, Viren notices the tension between Viraat and Maanvi and questions Jeevika about it. What will Jeevika tell Viren?

Friday 4 October  2019


Viraat tells Viren about Maanvi’s incompatibility to treatment in Mumbai and requests him to keep it a secret. Swamini starts getting displeased on seeing Viraat’s overprotective behaviour towards Maanvi. How does Maanvi react to Viraat’s behaviour towards her?


Maanvi overhears Swamini telling Dadaji that Viraat’s spoiling his future on Maanvi. She decides to avoid Viraat and behaves rudely with him. Viraat finds out about Maanvi’s plan and vows never to leave her. Maanvi, then persuades him to accept the recording contract. Does Viraat listen to her?

Monday  7 October  2019


Maanvi hides about her chemo session from Viraat. Later, Viraat learns about Maanvi’s chemo session and goes to the hospital. Jeevika is worried seeing Viraat and Maanvi’s closeness. Why is Jeevika worried about their closeness?


Jeevika sees Viraat hugging Maanvi at the hospital. Viren advises her not to confront Maanvi regarding it. Meanwhile, Viraat removes the mirror from Maanvi’s room after learning about hair fall from chemotherapy. How does Maanvi feel on seeing the mirror removed from her room?

Tuesday 8 October  2019


Maanvi shaves her head and is ashamed to come out of her room. She refuses to let anyone come into her room. Jeevika lends moral support to her. Later, Viraat barges into the room to see her. How does Maanvi react on seeing Viraat forcefully enter the room?


Viraat starts shaving his head in order to support Maanvi. Meanwhile, Viren breaks the door and enters Maanvi’s room. All the family members are astonished seeing Viraat’s new hairstyle. How does Viraat justify his new hair style to his family?

Wednesday 9 October  2019


Viraat declares his love for Maanvi in front of the entire family, by shaving his head to comfort Maanvi, as she undergoes chemotherapy. A shocked Maanvi reacts angrily. Seeing Viraat’s audacious behaviour, Viren slaps him for disrespecting Swamini.


Vanshika is worried about Viraat living his life in fear of losing a loved one. Maanvi is angry with Viraat but admits to Jeevika that she too is in love with Viraat. Will she confess her love to Viraat?


Thursday 10 October  2019


Viraat tells Vanshika that loving Maanvi is his sole aim now. Vanshika fears for Viraat’s emotional stability in the face of Maanvi’s death. Maanvi leaves for Rishikesh despite Viraat’s pleas. Will their love unite them?


Viraat and Maanvi bid an emotional farewell to each other. To surprise Maanvi, he arranges for her to visit a movie set and meet Bollywood stars. Badi Beeji is depressed, while Jeevika and Viren are worried about Maanvi and Viraat.

Friday 11 October  2019


Badi Beeji advises the family to not react to Maanvi’s hair loss from chemotherapy. Maanvi’s farewell letter to the Vadhera family leaves Viraat emotional. Maanvi and Jeevika return home to Rishikesh to a warm welcome from their family.


Maanvi messages Viraat from Jeevika’s phone. Viren comes to know from Jeevika about Maanvi’s love for Viraat. He tries to tell Viraat about it but he is upset thinking that he has lost her forever.

Monday  14 October  2019


Viraat comes to know about Maanvi’s love for him and starts for Rishikesh. Badi Beeji accuses Jeevika of keeping Maanvi and Viraat apart but Jeevika clarifies that it was Maanvi’s decision.


Vanshika supports Viraat’s decision to go to Rishikesh. Jeevika is angry with Viren as she comes to know about Viraat’s impending visit to Rishikesh. How will Maanvi react to Viraat’s surprise visit?

Tuesday 15 October  2019


The family is elated by Viraat’s visit but Maanvi is upset. Jeevika tells Viraat to stay away from Maanvi. He promises to make Maanvi confess her love for him in a week’s time. Viraat informs them that he plans to marry a girl from Rishikesh. Who is she?


Swamini discusses Maanvi’s case with an oncologist. Viraat confesses his love for Maanvi to Badi Beeji. Viraat asks Jeevika to let him stay and win Maanvi’s love.

Wednesday 16 October  2019


Beeji assures Swamini of Jeevika’s respect for her in-laws despite her unquestionable love for Maanvi. Viraat befriends some kids to cheer up Maanvi. Viren meets Rajiv, a new client regarding his legal dispute.


Swamini asks Jeevika to come home as Viren is ill. Jeevika hesitates but Maanvi convinces her to go. Viraat takes her back to Chandigarh but decides to come back to Rishikesh to be with Maanvi.

Friday 18 October  2019

Episode 213

Daboo accompanies Jeevika to Chandigarh and Viraat stays back in Rishikesh. Swamini and Dadaji are upset with this development. Maanvi asks Viraat to move on in his life but he doggedly pursues her love.

Episode 214

Swamini is upset as Viren defends Jeevika’s decision to let Viraat stay with Maanvi. Viraat helps Maanvi to go about her daily activities with ease. Jeevika gently encourages her to accept Viraat’s love into her life.

Monday 21 October 2019

Episode 215

The family urges Maanvi to accept Viraat’s love but Maanvi fears that she has no future with Viraat. She asks him to go back to Chandigarh. Vanshika finds out that Rajiv is still in love with her.

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Episode 216

Viren realises that Rajiv is the same guy who Vanshika was in love with, way back in college. Jeevika is upset knowing that Maanvi rejected Viraat.

Episode 217

Jeevika tries to ask Vanshika about Rajiv. Viraat is elated with Maanvi’s confession and brings her gifts before he leaves for Rishikesh. Jeevika and her family are happy to hear about Maanvi and Viraat’s union.

Wednesday 23 October 2019

Episode 218

Viraat surprises the family with his sudden return to Chandigarh. Viraat is against Vanshika’s remarriage but Viren is determined to bring Rajiv back into her life.

Episode 219

Vanshika refuses to marry Rajiv as she feels she is still attached to her late husband’s memories. Viren congratulates Maanvi and Viraat for taking their love ahead.

Thursday 24 October 2019

Episode 220

Viraat is about to tell his family of his relationship with Maanvi. Viren interrupts the gathering to announce the news of Jeevika’s pregnancy. Everyone is elated at the good news.

Episode 221

Viraat informs his family that Maanvi has accepted his love, and that she would be their future daughter-in-law.

Friday 25 October 2019

Episode 222

Dadaji does not accept Maanvi and Viraat’s relationship. An upset Maanvi does not go to Chandigarh to attend the celebrations. Jeevika advises her to be strong and not give up on her love.

Episode 223

Beeji and Daboo visit Chandigarh to attend the celebrations. Swamini upsets Jeevika by accusing her of favouring her own family, over her in-laws. Jeevika refuses to back down and defends Maanvi’s love.
Monday 28 October 2019

Episode 224

Jeevika is advised rest and to avoid stress. Inder and Vanshika support Viraat but Beeji asks him to move on in life without Maanvi, to avoid any misunderstandings between the two families.

Episode 225

Maanvi’s hair grows back post the chemotherapy. But, she and Jeevika are upset as they are not together for Raksha Bandhan. Later, Inder, Kadambari and Vanshika cheer up Jeevika.

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Episode 226

The family celebrates Raksha Bandhan with aplomb. Inder tries to convince Swamini of Viraat and Maanvi’s relationship. Viraat and Maanvi decide to leave the future of their relationship in the hands of their families.

Episode 227

Maanvi wishes to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Jeevika. She is surprised to see Jeevika. Vadhera family accepts Maanvi and Viraat’s relationship and Dadaji too goes to Rishikesh to finalise the wedding.

Wednesday 30 October 2019

Episode 228

Beeji formally accepts the Vadhera family’s proposal of formalising Viraat and Maanvi’s marriage. Jeevika compliments Maanvi on her new short hairdo and the family begins planning her engagement ceremony.

Episode 229

Maanvi is elated at the prospect of marrying into the Vadhera family. Everyone is excited about the engagement ceremony and big plans are underway for a grand bash.

Thursday 31 October 2019

Episode 230

The Roka ceremony is held in Rishikesh and a grand party is planned in Chandigarh two days later. Jeevika stays back in Rishikesh, while Viraat asks Swamini to accept Maanvi as part of the family.


Viraat asks Viren to keep Maanvi’s medical report a secret. Maanvi agrees to wear the dress designed by Swamini’s designer. He ridicules her short hair, not knowing that she is a cancer patient.

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