The Evil Eye Monday Update 15 February 2021


The Evil Eye Monday Update 15 February 2021

Ansh prays to God for Piya to wake up. Piya wakes up. Otherside Mohana gets it by Munna’s bull.

Ruby comes to Mohana and asks if she needs help? I can help you by giving you my powers. Mohana says it wont be enough for me. Ruby says what about Ansh’s son’s powers? Ruby brings Makshika and asks her to give Munna’s to Mohana. Makshika says I will die but never give pious powers to a witch. Ruby says you will die then you wont get anything safe, let me show you future. It shows Makshika burning alive by Ruby. Makshika gets scared.

Nishant brings Saanvi and Naman to a well. He says its not a usual well. Naman says I cant see anything, he goes inside and says I have to get water.

All family members pray to Mahadev for saving Munna.

Ruby says to Makshika that will burn your family if you dont give me powers. Makshika thinks I have to save my family. She gives powers to Mohana. She says let me go now. Ruby makes her leave.

Naman comes out of well with water in bottle. Mistakenly it falls from his hands. Saanvi says you cant do one thing right.

Mohana asks Ruby what she wants in return? Ruby says I will tell you later. Mohana says I am back and powerful, I am coming to kill Munna, get ready.

Nishant puts remaining water in milk bowl, it turns blue. Nishant says our work is done.

Shekhar and Vedsheree starts pooja of Shiv. Ansh and Piya does too. All family members pray to Shiv.

Mohana comes outside mandir and says no God can stop me today.

Nishant starts doing pooja in mandir. Creature comes there. Nishant sees him. Saanvi sees a girl with eagle mark on her arm. She says we have to get her. Nishant asks her to not make noise and creature is here as well to get girl. Mohana enters mandir using her powers and making everyone statue. She looks at Ansh’s family doing pooja. They all turn to see people lying on ground and Mohana glaring at them. Mohana says you are not happy to see me? She glares at Munna. Piya holds him. Vedsheree says how you came here? Mohana says I have Munna’s powers now, Ruby took it from Makshika. Vedsheree says you cant do a thing, God will never let you win. Mohana says no God can stop me today, I will see what your God can do today, I will end you all today. She tries to attack Munna, Ansh comes infront so Mohana beats him, all run to Ansh. Mohana grabs Munna.

Girl leaves mandir, Saanvi says creature can kill her. Nishant says we have to be careful. Keep an eye on girl. They come out and see girl lying there. Nishant says creature saw her mark and attacked her. Naman says what does he want? Girl’s mark starts lighting up. Nishant says we have to hide her from creature. Mohana says Munna its time you leave world. Family tries to run to her but she throws them away and starts eating Munna’s life. All are shocked. Ansh screams Munna. Suddenly Mohana starts getting weak, she falls down and Munna is fine. Mohana gets aged and this cant happen. Piya says God was waiting for this time to return our powers, Munna and I have powers now. Vedsheree says you cant beat God. Mohana says I wont spare you. Mohana tries to vanish but Piya screams no. Piya takes trishul and throw at Mohana but it stops mid-air, all look on. Trishul falls back to Piya. Piya gives it to Ansh, he throws it at Mohana but it stops again. All are confused. Piya says why our attacks are not working? Vedsheree says only Munna can kill Mohana. Piya says yes, Munna’s fate have to kill Mohana. They all gather around Mohana. Ansh makes Munna stab Mohana with trishul. She screams and starts burning. She become ashes.

Naman says to Nishant that we should have brought girl here. Saanvi says creature made mark on her so he can locate her. Nishant says we have hid her basement so he wont be able to locate her there, till then we have to find a way to deal with this creature.

All bring ashes to river. Avi says our Munna is a special kid. Ansh says wish she could understand that she was wrong. Vedsheree says she didnt have heart but you have. Ansh says I thought she would change but she didnt. Chitali says our problems are ending now. Vedsheree and Ansh throws Mohana’s ashes near river.

A girl takes Mohana’s braid and leaves.

Naman is reading books to find a solution. Saanvi asks him to focus. Naman says why they always sit on trees?

Family is going back when they see Ruby lying on road. Piya says we should help her. Ansh says she tried to kill you, Piya says she helped us a lot, what if something happens to her? Ansh says I cant forgive her. Chitali says atleat put her off road. Piya says she is a witch and she is in danger so there is something dangerous here. Ansh says she is a danger for us, I am not taking her. Ruby wakes up and asks if they are all fine? I tried to take Mohana’s blood but I dont remember anything. Vedsheree says I think she was dizzy by Mohana. Ansh says what if she is lying? A woman is hiding and eyeing them. Piya says lets ask her to prove it, if there is some danger then Munna gets heavy and doesnt let anyone raise him in his arms, if Ruby is able to pick Munna then it means she is fine. She asks Ruby to pick Munna. Ruby goes and picks him easily. Ansh takes Munna from there. Piya asks Ruby to come with them.

Naman reads about a witch chalayan that lives on someone else. She sucks their power and give birth to another witch, they live on shoulder of some man, nobody can see them till they want others to see.

A chalayan was eyeing family when they helped Ruby. Chalayan jumps on Shekhar’s shoulders.

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