Sunday Update on Lost in Love 29th May 2022


Sunday Update on Lost in Love 29th May 2022

Bhavani yells at Sayi that she was calling Shivani as dignified and pure, but her deed has tarnished Chavan family’s dignity. Karishma yells next asking Sayi if their family is not dignified, she should understand that Shivani is humiliated everywhere. Sayi says she is right that neighbor aunty is misbehaving a lot; yesterday when she was returning from college, neighbor aunty stopped her and asks if she is Chavan family’s new bahu, she looks educated, but Omkar’s bahu dhadosutto Karishma looks illiterate and is always busy badmouthing about others. Karishma gets angry and asks who told that, she will not spare her. Sayi says she should also tell badmouthed about Shivani, she will not spare that lady. Karishma realizes that Sayi caught her lie, but she will take revenge from Sayi.

Sayi addressing her dhadosutto says everyone was waiting to know who is that neighbor. Karishma says she cannot because of her as they all know how dangerous she is and will create a drama at neighbor’s house. Saloni yells next and asks who badmouthed about her and Karishma. Sayi says she cannot say and asks Shivani not to bother about family’s taunts as Karishma is lying. Karishma yells Sayi is lying. Their argument starts. Pakhi asks them to stop and says they are spoiling family’s name. Ninad yells at Sayi to apologize and go from here. Omkar asks Virat to force his wife to apologize them and go from here or else he will not keep quiet. Bhavani also yells. Sayi gets Amay’s call and walks out ignoring them. Bhavani continues yelling.

Sayi meets Amay and thanks him for coming and flirts with him. Amay also flirts with her and keeps his hand on her. She pushes his hand away and her phone falls down. She bends and calls Shivani. She shows it to Virat and picks call saying Sayi wants them to hear their conversation. Virat asks to switch on speaker and mute her phone. Bhavani hearing that yells that she is so shameless to flirt with a stranger and making them hearing that. Virat says Sayi is acting to expose a liar. Ninad yells next. Amay asks Sayi about her father’s 30 lakhs which she will get. Sayi says yes. He says they can start a new life with that money. Bhavani yells at Virat that if Sayi has 30 lakhs, why did he marry her to support her. Virat says she is just lying. Omkar yells next. Sayi says she will give money to him and even her jewelry now to repay his car’s EMI. She says Shivani told he pleads her for gifts and held her feet pleading for money for car’s down payment. Amay says Shivani is lying and in fact she was behind him seeing his charm.

Bhavani and family’s drama continues. Sayi asks Amay to return Shivani’s mobile, ring, and car down payment first. Amay calls Shivani. She walks out. Family tries to walk behind her, but Virat stops them. Shivani acts and meets Amay normally. He returns all her gifts. She asks what is all this, he said he loves her and promised to marry her. He says he was lying and he doesn’t need her stolen money. She acts as shocked. Sayi walks to them, leaving Amay shocked. Sayi tongue lashes him for playing with Shivani’s feelings and calls his wife Sarita. Sarita walks to him. Sayi reminisces befriending Sarita on friend’s book and making her hear Amay and her flirting conversation. Sarita feels guilty for misunderstanding Shivani and apologizes her. Out of flashback, Amay yells that Sayi is lying and tries to convince Sarita that he loves her and was time passing with Shivani. Sayi slaps him

Amay tells his wife Sarita that Shivani doesn’t matter to him and is just a time pass for him. Sayi slaps him and says he trapped Shivani in his love as he knew she is already heartbroken, he wanted to fulfill his costly dreams via Shivani’s money. Neighbors peep in and discuss that this house’s younger bahu slapped this boy and they have seen the boy roaming with Shivani. Pakhi yells at Sayi if she couldn’t continue her drama inside home. Saloni yells that Shivani is at fault. Bhavani yells that Sayi is ruining their dignity in front of whole society. Sayi confronts her for blindly alleging Shivani instead of supporting her, etc. Sarita scolds Amay for betraying her and she wrongly alleging Shivani. Amay says she is his wife and should support him and not them. Wife slaps him and tells Shivani that he is her culprit, so she should also punish him.

Shivani confronts him that he is the one who roamed around him, flirted with her and pleaded for gifts and money, so she bought him a car as she loved him, but he was just behind money. Sayi suggests her to slap. She next gives him a tight slap. He shouts how dare she is to slap him and raises hand. Virat enters and holding his hand says he doesn’t take law in his hands or else he would have broken his hand. He holds his collar and asks if he loves trapping innocent girls and loot their money. Virat agrees to trap Shivani and loot her money and gifts, but he returned them, so he should forgive him. Sayi says she is a police officer’s daughter and knows its a crime, so Virat should arrest him. Amay pleads not to arrest him as he has family to take care of. Sarita says if he was so worried about family, he wouldn’t have done this heinous act. Shivani says he should be punished so that he doesn’t play with another woman’s heart. Virat says he will be punished for his heinous act and delivers a long dialogue. Bhavani yells at Shivani that she shouldn’t fall in love again, forget marriage.

Sayi confronts her again and says she proved Shivani is innocent, so nobody should dare insult her again. She tells Virat that his family wanted to know what her Aaba taught her, her Aaba taught her to stand with innocent women which neither of his family members have courage of. Virat’s subordinates enter and he asks them to arrest Amay and file a complaint of conning and betrayal on so that he doesn’t con anyone again. Ashwini praises Sayi for her daring act. Sarita returns Shivani’s locket and apologizes her. Shivani asks her not to feel sorry as its not her mistake. Sayi asks her to never bend her head again and good her husband will not think of cheating her again. Sarita leaves. Virat takes Shivani along to file police complaint against Amay.

Ninad insists Sayi to apologize them all for her misbehavior. Sayi says for wandering outside house and going out without informing them, she is not sorry at all. They all stand fuming. Ashwini takes Sayi to room and hugging her asks if she is from Jhansi and not Gadchiroli as she fought for Shivani against everyone so bravely, she is very proud of her. Sayi hugs her saying she is proud of her aayi, then gets sad saying Virat scolded in front of everyone and misunderstood her, he even misbehaved with Ashwini which she didn’t like. Ashwini emotionally cries saying Virat misbehaved with her for the first time, but its not his mistake as he got irritated hearing family’s taunts and insistence. Sayi consoles her and cheers her up saying her Aaba would have been happy meeting her and would have scolded Virat for misbehaving with his aayi, but not to worry she as Aaba’s representative will Scold Virat. Aswhini laughs. Shviani leaves for college.

Bhavani while having lunch sees Karishma trying to leave house and orders her to do situps till they finish lunch. Ashwini tries to feed food to Devi in living room while Devi runs around. Shivani returns home. Devi excitedly asks if she brought chocolate for her. Shivani gives her choc and says she had promised to chat with her, but couldn’t. Devi says yes and asks if she is happy. Shivani says very happy as Sayi helped her and punished a man who betrayed her. Devi asks if Sayi will help even her. Shivani says yes. Karishma continues doing situps as punishment. Saloni asks Bhavani why she is punishing Karishma. Bhavani says for lying. Karishma says she is punishing her for a simple mistake while Sayi is not punished for even misbehaving with them. Bhavani yells that if they speak a lie loudly, people will consider it as truth, so Karishma should have taken someone’s name instead of stammering. Karishma says she would have taken some name instead. Bhavani scolds her and tells Pakhi that Sayi’s misbheavior is increasing day by day, so Pakhi should curb it with whatever it takes and she will support Pakhi.