Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 10 May 2020


Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 10 May 2020

Tauji asks her what’s she saying. If she also gives up, then how they will keep this house happy. She says everything looks so broken now, and she doesn’t feel like bringing everything together again. Now she will just do her duty, that’s all. Tauji puts his hand on her head. She gets a call from Annu and goes on side. Tauji feels if she also gives up, then this relationship will die. This relationship needs to stay alive to keep happiness in this house.

Annu apologizes to Urmi for not coming, but had she came, then she wouldn’t have been able to control herself. Urmi tells her its okay and she will handle everything there herself. Annu’s auto stops on a signal and someone sits beside her. It turns out to be the guy whom she refused. He asks her why she refused him, but she says she has already said there was no reason. He keeps asking her. She tells him to leave else she will get off the auto. He gets off.

In morning, Samrat is on dining table with his family. His mum tells him to go to temple. He asks Urmi to give sauce, but Urmi tells a servant to give it to him. Samrat’s brother comes and informs everyone that he got the job. All are happy for him. His wife asks him to bring sweets when he returns. He says he will go now and get it. Samrat asks Urmi where his juice is. Urmi again tells the servant to bring it which Samrat doesn’t like it. Phone rings. Urmi picks up and it’s for Samrat. Urmi tells Samrat’s sis to tell him. Samrat loses his patience and gets mad at Urmi asking her if she can’t see him there. can’t she say him directly. She stares at him. He asks what she’s staring at. Urmi leaves from there. Samrat talks on the phone and it’s from his office. He gets mad on the phone saying he’s coming. Amrit tries to stop him saying to rest after so much has happened lately, but he says it’s his office. why wouldn’t he go. He asks Amrit to come along if he wants, else stay at home. Amrit leaves with him.

At Urmi’s house, her family is complaining about her bhabhi to her mum. Annu tells her to take her daughter to her home, only she can handle her. Her mum asks her to let her talk. All family members leave from there. Urmi’s bhabhi tells her mother that she didn’t do anything wrong. Only she had told her children come from God, so thats why she went to temple and brought child. And the maun vrat, she was doing only for this family’s happiness. Her mum tries to put sense into her.

Samrat and Amrit reach to the office. Samrat recalls how police dragged him out from there. They enter and staff start gossiping. One person looks at Samrat. He gets mad and asks him what he’s staring at. Samrat hears others gossiping and gets mad at them as well. Amrit cools him down and asks him not to work today and instead go to a hotel where he’ll do all the arrangements. Samrat agrees and leaves.

He’s driving car faster and faster remembering his insults. A truck comes in front of his car and he stops. He receives a call from Amrit who tells him about the arrangements in hotel. Samrat tells him to give all calculations of last 2 days. Suddenly a car comes towards him and hits him and runs away. Amrit tries to talk to Samrat, but no reply.

Samrat’s residence
While urmi is talking to rudra, shashi comes and taunts her to only fight with her husband with the rest of the family, go on as usual. Rudra gets a call, and when he knows about samrat’s accident from the other hand, he is shocked and is unable to believe it. sensing his tension in the voice, all are worried and eye him questioningly as to what happened. He tells them and they are shocked.

In the hospital
Samrat is in excruciating pain as the doctors try to give him an urgently required knee adjustment, while urmi rushes in asking what happened to him. The rest of the family come in too. All are apalled to see him like that. the doctor says that he sustained knee injuries, and dislocated his shoulder too, and also some bruises on the head. they are shocked. They are asked to explain to samrat that its very essential for him to co-operate, so that he doesnt have a problem later on. Samrat says tghat he wont be able to. rudra says that whats necessary has to be done. But samrat doesnt listen to anyone. Finally tauji reprimands samrat not to be childish and behave mature. urmi hollers at him that he cant even bear such pain. He asks her does she even know what pain is. urmi remembers the ill fated night, and says that she very well knows. rudra and tauji are tensed for her. Urmi tells the doctor to go ahead while they would forcibly pin samrat down. samrat asks her if she has gone mad, while urmi shuts him up. They all get down, while samrat clutches tightly at her arm, and she bears through the entire pain, so that samrat can bear through the process. tauji observes this.

Later, while samrat is sleeping, tauji and rudra observe from outside, while shashi and aditi are seated inside. urmi comes in with the meds, while the doctor asks her not to worry while explaining her the dosage of the meds. shashi eyes urmi with venom. The doctor leaves, while he is thronged by the males, asking if samrat is okay. The doctor says that there’s nothing to be bothered about, but hey would still keep him under observation for a day or two. Amrit says that they can keep him here for as along as they want. the doctor says there’s one concern though. He says that he would have a problem due to his waist dislocation, and hence is advised complete bed rest. amrit confirms that samrat only would be on bedrest. The doctor says that he would have to be taken care of nicely, if they want to avoid prolonged botherations. Urmi asks about the brain injury, and the doctor says that they dont need to bother about that. He leaves. Shashi taunts at urmi that someone has cast an evil eye on samrat. Tauji asks everyone to go, while he stays back with samrat. Amrit offers, but urmi says that she would stay back. rudra offers to stay himself. tauji says that urmi would handle samrat the best, as she knows it correctly. Shashi offers to speak, but tauji shuts her up. urmi asks them all to go, and says that she doesnt have any problem here. Amrit offers his help anytime. all leave, while tauji blesses urmi to take care of herself. Rudra and tauji leave too, while urmi stands tensed.

later in the night, samrat is sleeping, while urmi lies awake on the sofa, dozing off every now and then. samrat winces in pain in his sleep, which wakes up urmi instantly. She rushes to his side, and tends to him, forgetting her own pain and injury, and again puts him to sleep, while samrat doesnt realise it in his dazed state. She then goes back to the sofa, and tries to catch some rest.

Annu’s residence
Gaurav asks them not to be tensed, and tells the entire family about samrat’s accident. Saroj is tensed and asks if he is okay. Gaurav asks her to calm down and says that he got urmi’s call about it. They all get ready to go, but gaurav stops them. gaurav tells them that urmi has told them not to go, as samrat is already sleeping, and tomorrow he would be home, and they can go them to meet him. All get tensed. Granny thanks the lord that a big problem is actually avoided. Asha begins with her nonsense about having fracture in the stomach. when she is told the meaning for fracture meaning soething broekn, she applies it on broken utensils in the kitchen, inviting everyone’s frustration.

Samrat’s residence
Kanchan tells a story to shaurya and mandira, to put them to sleep. Shaurya asks about his parents. kanchan says that they would return in the morning, and as it is, he wanted to sleep with mandira so he finally got the chance too. shaurya is tensed though. Shaurya asks if the police has again taken his father. Kanchan is tensed and assures him that that nothing like that has happened. Kanchan assures him that when he wakes up tomorrow, his parents would be there. Kanchan gets them both to sleep.

The next morning, urmi’s family comes to meet samrat and his family. Shashi blames urmi and her recent behaviour, the reason for samrat’s distracted approach which caused the accident. rudra asks her not to blame urmi unnecessarily. tauji refers to asha that their bahu is very sweet and quiet and before asha can open her mouh, granny says that asha indeed is. kanchan gives tea and snacks, while devi waits for urmi and samrat to come back, as they have already left from the hospital. Finally, samrat comes in a wheelchair, along with amrit, diwaker and urmi. Annu sees urmi’s condition and is furious. Samrat taunts that it seems a festival is being celebrated. rudra says that they are all concerned for her. samrat says that he isnt a joker. all are tensed. Anu looks at urmi and is distraught as she winces in pain.

samrat says that they have come to see if samrat is alive or not. all are shocked. tauji says that they came to see if he is okay and ask him to calm down. Shashi asks amrit to take samrat upstairs so that he can rest. samrat asks why should he go, and why are they trying to get rid of him. all are tensed with his weird behaviour. Shashi tries to speak, but samrat sys that he would stay here and that he is still alive, god knows what would happen when he goes up. He points at urmi and says that he still has lots of people to be taught a lesson. Urmi eyes him stoically. Anu taunts samrat that he had hit her sister, but god paid him back instantly, and did justice and didnt even leave him capable enough to walk on his own. Anu says that urmi was just in pain, but he is rendered helpless, and says that this is justice. anu says that granny is right that all deeds are paid off here only. samrat remembers insulting urmi to make her a handicap and then finds his own situation similar.

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