Saturday Update on Twist of Fate 1st August 2020 Corporator shoots Abhi


Saturday Update on Twist of Fate 1st August 2020 Corporator shoots Abhi

Pragya sees Abhi sleeping and thinks his stupid talks make her smile and prays god to keep him same always. She then goes to sleep. Abhi wakes up and thinks she is sleeping peacefully, but he is not getting sleep. He sees idol’s sword moving, gets afraid and wakes up Pragya. Pragya also sees sword moving but says it is just his imagination. He says her specs number has increased and there are ghosts all around and will kill them. She says they should go and check. He asks her to go first. She scolds her and asks to follow her. He goes in opposite direction frightening. She sees god’s idol and tells he is very fattu, it is god’s idol and not ghost. He says he will not come . She drags him and shows idol, says it must he jungle god. He asks jungle god will help only jungle people. She says god helps everyone. He says then why are they in jungle and kidnapped, etc..She asks him to be silent. He says he will walk out, leaves, gets afraid and stops and says he came back for her. she prays god to make Abhi also believe in god.

Bulbul following Aaliya and seeing her meet a man. She continues following them and they both vanish.

Pragya wakes up in the morning and sees Abhi asking water in sleep. She goes to find water, but does not find in temple. She whispers in his ears to stay there until she comes back with water. Abhi wakes up and calls Fuggi, but does not find her. He gets afraid seeing idol and then thinks what if kidnappers have kidnapped Fuggi. He starts searching her.

Fuggi/Pragya gets water in a broken pot and does not see Abhi there. She calls him and searches everywhere, thinks what if kidnappers kidnapped him again.

Corporator and his goons are seen in jungle still searching Abhi and Pragya. Abhi and Pragya also come out in jungle searching for each other.

Bulbul comes to a place searching Aaliya’s goon. Puneet sees him and asks why did not she come home. She says she will some other time and tells she wants to tell him something, but he should keep it secret. He agrees. She says she doubts Aaliya is behind Abhi and Pragya’s kidnap and saw her meeting a man and man came here and escaped. Puneet says he has a plan. He calls Aaliya and tells he has a proof that she is behind Abhi and Pragya’s kidnap and asks her to wait for his next call. Aaliya gets tensed. Her puppet Tanu asks whose call it was. Aaliya says someone knows that she is involved in kidnap and has a proof. Puneet tells Bulbul his phone call did its job and they will have to wait for Aaliya to come in open.

Goons hears Abhi calling Fuggi and Corporator asks to catch him. Abhi thinks Aaliya must have gone to the temple again and goes.

Purab meets commissioner and asks why did he find Abhi/Pragya yet. Commissioner says he is doing his best. Purab says he knows what to do now, calls news channel and informs them about Abhi/Pragya’s kidnap and asks to air news that whoever will find Abhi/Pragya will be given 1 crore reward. News spreads in whole city like a fire. Purab tells commissioner now he will have to face public’s angsts and questions.

Mitali comes to Aaliya’s room and tells she will inform that she is behind Abhi and Pragya’s kidnap. Aaliya says she will also tells she is the mastermind behind it and called corporator, Abhi will forgive her as she is his sister, but what will she reply to Raj. Bulbul hears their fight and thinks they are each other’s puppets, but why are they fighting now.

Abhi and Pragya continue searching each other and get sad. They see each other and laugh. Corporator and goons also reach there and ask them not to run, else he will not spare them this time. Abhi and Pragya see marks on tree, signal each other, divert goon’s attention and run in opposite direction. They both then reach the same spot and hug each other. She asks where did he go leaving her. He says she left and asks him to promise she will not leave him alone. She promise. Tere haath me mera haath ho……plays in the background. They smile at each other, run and reach a cliff’s end. They both then hug each other and cry emotionally. Mai tenu samjhawa…….plays in the background. He asks why did she go from temple. She says he was asking water, so she went to bring it. He says they should find a way now. Corporator’s goons reach there.

Bulbul hearing Aaliya and her puppets’ fights. She is surprised to see them fighting and thinks something is wrong. Aaliya discusses with Tanu about call from unknown number. Tanu says maybe man really wants to help her.

Corporator and his goons corner Abhi and Pragya at a cliff. Corporator laughs and says now he will not be spared. Abhi says he wants to fight with him. Corporator laughs, asks him not to joke and says he can imagine his pleas. Goon switches on FM and makes corporator hear. RJ tells about Abhi being kidnapped, police and military going into jungle to rescue them, and 1 crore reward to find him. He gets tensed. Abhi asks him to remember his idol mogambo or shakal now and laugh. Corporator says he is not afraid even if police or military comes.

Bulbul brings Aaliya to a secluded place where Puneet called her. Aaliya asks if she is sure blackmailer called them here. She says yes. Puneet calls her and says he called Bulbul and not her and frightens her. Aaliya says she is Aaliya Mehra and will not spare him. Puneet laughs and says he will speak only to Bulbul now. She asks him to calm down and their conversation continues.

Corporator points gun on Abhi and Pragya and tells he will kill Abhi first and then Pragya. Pragya comes in front of Abhi and tells before killing Abhi, he should kill her. Abhi asks Fuggi to move back as he knows corporator cannot shoot and is coward. She says she has taken oath that she will die for him and she wants to die suhagan with sindhoor and mangalsutra. Abhi gets impressed. She asks corporator to kill her first. Corporator says Abhi that he is very lucky to have such a good wife and she is his biggest asset in life and instead of her, she loves Tanu. He tells Pragya that he will fulfill her wish and kill her first and then her husband.

Bulbul meets Puneet and tells they will have to execute the plan very carefully and find out Abhi/Pragya. Purab calls her and says he is coming to her house. She says she will meet him and cuts call. She asks Puneet to inform her before taking any step and leaves.

Corporator shoots. Abhi pushes Pragya and bullet hits Abhi. Pragya is shocked to see that. Abhi slips. Pragya holds his hand and they both fall from cliff. While falling down the cliff they both reminisce the time they spent together in jungle and continue falling down.

Sarla wakes up from sleep worried for Pragya. Bulbul comes in. Sarla asks her to take her to Praya. Bulbul says she must have had a bad dream and says she will go in the morning. Sarla says she is Pragya’s mother and is worried. Bulbul consoles her and makes her sleep. Abhi’s daadi on the other side looks at his photoframe and asks hhim to come back soon. Photoframe falls down. She gets worried and prays god to protect her son. Her finger gets injured due to glass strands.

Corporator laughs and asks his men to go and search Abhi and Pragya. Goons ask why did he kill him really. Corporator asks them not to argue with him and search Abhi and Pragya’s dead body.

Abhi and Pragya falls on grass and dream about their days together.

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