Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 30 May 2020


Saturday Update on Lies of the heart 30 May 2020

Saroj starts reprimanding samrat for stooping down so low, while samrat defiantly proudly takes the credit for this all. All are shocked at granny’s callousness. granny says that today he killed her when she was alive. samrat tries to claim that he had no other option to get urmi here, ort else he should have gotten someone else killed. they all are outraged at his indecency. Saroj is furious that she isnt even being allowed to take phone from her realtives, as they would be tensed, and would come from far off distances. samrat says that urmi is the culprit behind all this, and that he doesnt care who comes from where. saroj is in a rage, but keeps quiet. anu remarks that its good that urmi left him, as he doesnt deserve to be living with someone, and that he deserves no life partner in his life. He is outraged. He starts waiting impatiently for urmi wondering where she is. saroj hopes that urmi doesnt fall in this trap. samrat starts venting out that urmi doesnt love anyone but herself.

Samrat’s residence

Shashi asks aditi to be ready for the abortion as samrat wont have any other way, and says that she has already scheduled an appointment for her tomorrow. kanchan and aditi are tensed. Meanwhile, rudra also finds the obituary, and tells this to everyone. all are shocked. kanchan is shocked that they didnt even get the news. shashi says that they broke all ties. while kanchan and rudra say that they have to go, but shashi is defiant, that they werent informed, and hence they wont go. aditi says that she can call straightaway, and tell Samrat, and also ask for his permission to go. As aditi calls samrat, she gives the news and tells that they are planning to go, while he snubs them off. samrat tells about his plan. Seeing aditi’s shock, others are tensed too. He asks ythem all to be there only. she cancels the call. shashi taunts that aditi was refused by samrat. rudra asks what samrat said.

On the road, annu’s and samrat’s residence
urmi gets in an auto, and asks the driver to take them as soon as possible. shaaurya asks why is she so tensed, while she keeps crying. Meanwhile, Aditi stealthily calls up urmi, and tells her to go back, and not go to her house, as she informs her about samrat’s trap and how he is waiting for her at her house. urmi is shocked. Urmi asks the driver to stop immediately. Aditi asks urmi not to tell samrat that she told urmi this. urmi complies.

While samrat’s impatience is venting out on urmi’s family, he is shocked to find urmi’s call. He is surprised. he picks the call. Urmi calls samrat and says that he boasts of being able to do anything, and nothing is impossible for him. She asks him that he had to stoop down so low and break all limits, that he had to take the support of her old grandmother to find out about her, by getting a fake news about her grandmother’s death. samrat is shocked. He turns around and finds everyone there. She tells him that he has gone mentally handicapped, and hence he id doing such heinous acts, and that he just has the courage to get oevr his weak family, and if he is actually strong, she asks him to let go of her and her family, as she wont come in his trap, and that he should accept that she has left him, and with time, she gets to know that the descision she made was completely right. Samrat says that she is taking him lightly. He asks if she wants to see the true person that he is. He challenges her that he would find her in two days, and then ruin her life. Saroj and others are tensed. urmi asks him to go ahead as she isnt scared of him. He is frustrated.

Jhansi working women’s hostel
Urmi wonders where is shaurya, and whether the warden wants to talk to her about it only. Urmi finds the warden busy, and gets tensed. urmi asks meena to excuse her for five minutes as she would just come. meena asks why didnt she talk, and urmi replies that the warden is busy. As she begins to go, the warden asks her where is she going. the warden asks urmi to stop asking whats the hurry. urmi is shocked. the warden reprimands her for not chipping in with any effort for the janamashtami arrangements. she apologises and is relieved yet tensed though that the warden doesnt know it, and is very tensed abotu shaurya’s whereabouts. meena asks urmi to stand as the puja is about to begin. the ladies ask for Kanha, and meena tells them that Kanha has arrived. urmi wonders where is shaurya, if he isnt with the warden too. urmi prays to the lord that she should find shaurya soon. Meanwhile, meena’s arranged kanha reaches the stage with the dancers, and as he begins to dance, urmi realises that its her kanha all along. urmi rushes, but meena stops her, while she is overwhelmed with joy. Then urmi realises that meena got to know of her secret, while meena signals her to make a composed face for warden’s sake. all compliment the cute kanha, as he performs on the stage. Unable to control herself any longer, she joins in with Kanha, aka shaurya, singing and dancing, while all enjoy the performance. The warden tells meena that she liked kanha’s performance the best. urmi comes and excitedly thanks meena, who shushes her and takes her aside. meena tells her that its good that shaurya came to her, or else urmi would have been in huge trouble. urmi thanks her profusely yet again, and apologises for doing this. Meena says that she knows that whatever a mother does for her child is right. urmi explains what is shaurya to her, and why she kept him with her, in hiding. Meena says that now she knows why she was so rude that nightl. urmi apologises, and meena says that having known the truth, she doesnt mind that anymore, and extends her hand for friendship. urmi accepts it whole heartedly. Thery all then swing the jhoola, and complete the janamashtami ritual.

the next morning, while urmi is ready to go, she assures shaurya that there are no more lizard. just then the door knocks, and meena comes in, cheerfully and excitedly agreeing to be with shaurya while she goes for her duty. urmi thanks her proufsely, while they bid her goodbye.

Samrat’s residence
While samrat is hungry, and asks kanchan to prepare and serve food fast, she tells him that he has to wait till after dinner and till shashi and aditi return. Rudra reminds samrat that he was in a haste that he had to get the abortion today, for aditi. he tells him that he would have to face severely bad consequences for being this callous and cruel, and shall regret it badly one day. Samrat taunts him that he is now wanting to be called nana, hence the sudden desire against abortion. Just then, aditi and shashi come, and samrat callously asks them if the work is done. shashi complies. samrat is happy and says that it was good that the evil was nipped in the bud. aditi and others are tensed, as samrat is least affected by aditi’s pain. kanchan goes to aditi and asks her if she is okay. Shashi asks her to take aditi inside. As she begins to rest, samrat asks her to hurry and finish the puja. Mandira meanwhile approaches rudra, while the entire family sits in the drawing room, asking if shaurya wont come today, and rudra denies. mandiora sadly asks who would be her lord krishana this time. All are tensed, while samrat is frustrated. he shooes her away, saying that this time she can just make do with the Krishan idol.

Meanwhile, kanchan seats aditi in the room, and asks her to rest, while she goes to get juice for her. aditi gets amrit’s call, and tensedly pulls the door close. Amrit asks why wasnt she receiving the call. She says that shashi took her for the abortion. Amrit thinks that his trump card is over too now and asks what did she do, as he had refused, and how could she kill their love. aditi asks him to calm down as she hasnt had an abortion, but noone knows this, and that she lied. She tells how the doctor agreed when she took her inside, and asked her not to tell this to anyone. amrit is overjoyed, while aditi says that she wont be able to hide this truth for long. Amrit assures that this child has changed him, and that soon he would get her here. Aditi is happy and cancels the call. amrit is sure that now he would put this child to his advantage.

The puja begins at samrat’s residence too, while they perform it halfheartedly. Samrat is however busy trying to get urmi’s trace. He is determined that urmi wont be able to hide for long, as he has sent many people after her, and one of them would reach her. He thinks that when he is determined to have something, even god has to help him out.

The next day, samrat reluctantly agrees to go to the hotel, the venue that he had wanted to change and which his manager informs apologisingly that he couldnt. He takes down the address.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
The puja happens at annu’s residence too, while asha is still unable to believe that granny is alive.

Scene 4:
Location: Paradise presidency
Samrat makes hs route to the hotel, oblivious that urmi is working there as a recptionist. urmi too is oblivius that samrat’s meeting is to be conducted here. samrat finally arrives, and eyes the hotel with disgust. he then comes inside. the manager inside, briefs urmi about the meeting thats supposed to happen, without divulging the name of the clientele. Urmi agrees, and bends down to pick up something, in which time, samrat enters with his caravan. He asks for a pen, and one of his men rush to urmi to get one, as she stands at the reception desk, oblivious of samrat’s presence. samrat frustratedly asks if he would get a pen today or nor. urmi is shocked to find samrat standing in front of her. urmi hands him the pen, while samrat smiles victoriously, as he leaves with his entourage.

Samrat’s residence
Gaurav goes to samrat’s house to reprimand them all. Gaurav asks shashi whats samrat’s problem and reprimands shashi that if anything happens to urmi, he wont leave anyone. rudra accepts that samrat did very wrong and he has crossed all limits. Gaurav asks how can they be so indifferent and why they didnt stop him. Shashi tries to place the blame on urmi itself. Shashi shuts him up. Gaurav says that they need to remember that for hgis own good, samrat would declare his own parents dead too, and that he wants that they too face something like this. gaurav tells them that samrat gave urmi an open challenge, and today he is giving one to them too. gaurav asks them to convey to samrat, that his humanity shouldnt be mistaken for cowardice. He leaves. Shashi starts reprimanding rudra, while he lashes at her for being so blind to be unable to identify between the right and wrong.

Jhansi working women’s hostel and annu’s residence
Gaurav is super angry, as he talks to urmi on the phone, while urmi tells himnot to meddle with samrat. urmi calms him down, saying that he doesnt need to react and ignore him instaed. Gaurav tells him about his latest threats. urmi says that she is least affected, and every trap strengthens her more, and asks him to promise that he wont do anything else. Gaurav agrees and asks her to tell where she is, and that its enough, and asks her to forget all, and come back home.

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