Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv November 17th

Saturday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

November 17th

The show starts with Indira coming downstairs with Indu both are wearing the same green suits and everyone are happy seeing them
They lit the fie and all begin to consume bhang and dance.
Kutumbh is very irritated seeing Indur and Meher close dance she suddenly feels unwell and calls for Indira she runs to Kutumbh asking the others to help.
Indira asks for the inhaler of Kutumbh but Munna asks her for money she says since 8 yrs she was not here and did they manage?She calls for Rishi who’s drunk and lying. kutumbh is still suffering.

Indu runs to buy the inhaler she tells the shopkeeper she’ll give him money afterwards, but he does not want to give her the inhaler as he wants his money right now.
Indu is compels to use her slingshot and she hits her takes the inhaler and runs to save kutumbh.
Indira asks from where she got it she says to save Kutumbh first.
Right then arrives the shopkeeper with the police to get Indu arrested but Indu explains what happened and why she did everything.
the shopkeeper insists that the police should arrest Indu as she’s not well raised she’s like her mother and a bit more.
Indira checks the inhaler packet and sees it is not for sale and then the police arrests him and takes him away.

Indira yells to Indu for her behaviour and tells her to sit in the position of a rooster.She says no and goes in.Indira follows her and the others also follow them
Indira tells her to accept the punishment or otherwise the others who’s are standing will have to go through the same.Indira calls for Seher and Indu says no she sits like the rooster and Indira says it is all because of them that Indu does not behave properly with the elders.Her father also is responsible she sees Rishi lying down all drunk.
She throws water on him and he gets up saying to indira in his drunk state to leave the house as his shreematiji saw her jacket in his wardrobe.
Indira gets angry as he thinks that she’s Zara and makes him sit like the rooster.
Indu sees the spiked drinks lying in a plate and she signals Munna to make Indira drink it and they all begin to dance and play holi.

Rishi and indira goes to their room and romantically Rishi says to Indira to take advantage of him this time. The next morning Indira is getting prepared thinking that what does she think after 8 yrs she’ll have time for herself but here nothing changed now she’ll have to work harder.Indira and Indu are sitting behind each other. Indira is about to eat, but then she remembers how she didn’t get job and stuff and she doesn’t eat. Indu also remembers her school incident and she doesn’t know how to tell to her “hitler” mum. She says to herself, she will talk with later, but now she should eat. She starts eating and keeps going back and keeps pushing Indira. Indira also gets annoyed and starts pushing herself back. Meanwhile, Rishi is distributing food in everyone. Indira then asks herself how her house will run like that. She imagines everyone from their family sitting here and eating like that. She gets up right away and gives her seat to a pregnant lady.

Indira now helps people out in distributing food. Indira says, now it’s only upto Rishi. Hopefully his job is going fine so he can help out. Rishi now comes where Indu is sitting. He sees her and asks her what is she doing there. Indu replies saying, you should be in court as well right, then what are you doing here? Rishi has nothing to say. Indu then sees Indira coming closer to them. Indu asks Rishi to save her from her hitler mum. She suggests him that they should run away from there. They get up and run away.

Couple of goons, who are police in real, come and start messing up stuff saying they didn’t take permission from them. Indira comes in between and try to stop goons by reminding them of some laws. Goons ask her, are you a lawyer or something? and misbehave with her and laugh at her. But then, Rishi comes there and says that he is a lawyer and he reminds goons of some laws. Indira tells goons/police that they should learn something from normal people and should stop interfering in good works like this. Goons leave from there and everyone is impressed with Indira and Rishi. Indira and Rishi leave now.

Rishi is appreciating Indira for the daring that she showed. He tells her, you will become a big lawyer one day. Indira tells him, leave all that. Tell me what are you doing here? Rishi says, leave all that and tell me when you’re finishing your incomplete dream. Indira asks, you still remember it? Rishi says, I remember everything that’s connected with you. Rishi kisses her on forehead. Indira says, what are you doing? Everyone is looking here. Rishi says, people should learn from you how to spoil romance. He sits on his bike now and says Indira, let’s go now. Indira says, that’s not answer to my question. I am serious this time. What were you doing here? Rishi asks her, what are you doing here? Indira doesn’t know what to say. Rishi says, you need some training from me. Indira speaks in her mind, he answered my question with question and shut me up, but I will have to find out what’s going on with his job as house will run from his salary.

Saher returns home from school. Her father tells her to call Indu. Saher says, she should be somewhere here as principal expelled her from the school. Right then Indira and Rishi enter and they hear that. Indira is surprised, but then Indu also comes and handles the situation saying she complained to principal about 2 students who were cheating in the exam and principal expelled those 2 students. Indira asks her, then why are you late from the school? Indu says, she attended extra class called “it’s bad habit to lie”. Indira is then telling Saher to learn something from Indu. Indu says, there’s no fault of Saher as she has no one to explain her all this. Indira tells Saher’s parents that even Indu can see that they are not paying any attention to Saher. and asks them to get serious about Saher. Indu takes Saher with her and leaves from there.

Amma tells Indira if she hadn’t quit her studies in middle, then today they would be living a good life today. Indira reminds her that she quit her studies in middle for her family’s good. Amma leaves.

Indira then speaks to herself, whatever happened with Indira Sharma.. she won’t let same happen with Indu. Sharma family’s history won’t repeat itself.

Indu has expelled letter in her hand and thinking what to do. Rishi comes there and asks her what happened today. Indu tells him that she had too many absences and principal scolded her and then she had argument and principal asked her to go home. She says, I went through so much and principal wasn’t ready to listen to me. Rishi melts down and says mistake is mine.. I should have went to your school and talk to principal. He says that he will go tomorrow, but Indu says that she will talk with principal herself and asks Rishi not to tell anything to Indira else she will ask her 100 of questions to Indu. Rishi agrees and is proud of Indu. He leaves.

Indu now wonders whom she will take with her to school tomorrow as principal told her to come to school only with her parents.

Indu thinking whom she will take with her to school. She then dreams if Indira comes to school, then she will be very angry and beat her with the ruler in front of principal.

Indu comes to school with a bar dancer lady and she tells principal that she is her mother. Indu tells principal that her mother has gone through a lot recently and asks her not to add “masala” while complaining about her.

At home, Indira is cleaning Indu’s room and finds her expelled letter.

Indira also comes to the principal office and asks Indu what did you think that you will hide truth from me? She gives her a tight slap to Indu. Everyone gets shocked. Bar lady asks Indira what is this? Are you her mother or a hitler lady? Indira gets mad at bar lady and tells her, I know very well what kind of woman you are. You don’t need to teach me how to raise children. Principal calls peon to take bar lady out. Before bar lady goes, she tells Indira that she didn’t choose this profession on her own. She was pushed into it.. she chose it so she could take care of her family. She says, I liked this girl so thought to help her out. She leaves and it seems Indira is feeling bad for what she said.

Indira apologizes to principal on Indu’s behalf. Principal tells Indira that she pushed Indu to 3rd grade, but she can’t do this everytime. Indu doesn’t even know 1st grade stuff. Indu stares at principal with anger. Indira says, I don’t think it is like that.. she will be able to answer 1st grade stuff. She tells principal to ask her some questions. Principal asks her a question and Indu replies, don’t you know that you’re asking me? Indira pulls Indu’s ears and asks her, you study in 3rd grade and you can’t even answer 1st grade question? Principal asks Indira what can we do now? Indira says, I didn’t know about this. She requests principal to demote Indu from 3rd grade to 1st grade. Indu tells her, you can’t do this.. everyone will make my fun. Indira says what I said is final. A guy takes Indu with him.

After they leave, principal tells Indira, I have never seen such strict mum. Indira says, we have to be tough sometimes to bring children on right path. If she doesn’t come on right path today, then she will struggle in her entire life. And I don’t want to do same mistake as my mother. Indira then asks principal, if Indu does good and get high marks in 1st grade, then will you promote her to 3rd grade? Principal agrees and says, no fee is deposited since last 6 months and if it’s not deposited, then she won’t be able to sit in the exams. Indira says that she will arrange it and leaves.

Guy is still taking Indu to the class, but Indu doesn’t want to go. Indira sees that and now she pulls Indu. Other students see that and laugh at Indu. Indu warns Indira not to touch her and not to disrespect her in front of others. Students say, now it will be fun.. she used to scare everyone all the time and now. Indira gives student an angry look and they disappear. Indira pulls her hand and says, you don’t earn respect by asking.. you earn it. If you want respect, then go to your class, study and then get respect. She explains her, I am not giving you any punishment. I am giving you a chance to prove yourself. If you have any shame left, then accept it. When you win this challenge, no one will win disrespect you. I promise you.

At home, Rishi is angry at Indira. They blame each other for spoiling Indu. On the other side, everyone is laughing at Indu. Indira even tells Rishi that he is also useless like her family. House runs on an outsider’s money. No school fees is paid. And today Indu took a bar dancer with her. Rishi recognizes her right away. Indira says, so you know her. This is what you did after I left. Rishi says, you’re saying anything that comes in your mind. I never asked you about what you did in last 8 years and never will. And as you have asked me such cheap question… I will answer you.. whom you’re saying a cheap woman.. same woman helped us in bringing your memory back without taking anything. I don’t care what others say about her, but after the way she helped us, all I can say is her heart is of god. He’s leaving now, but then stops and says, think a little.. despite her real mother being here, Indu still took that bar dancer to school making her mother. Why? Do you have any answer?