Never Say Goodbye Friday Update 1st July 2022


Never Say Goodbye Friday Update 1st July 2022

Ravish saying I knew this. Vividha says I did not know this, but Ravish knew this, even then he married me, I felt I took marriage decision with Ravish being emotional, but it was not wrong, it was the best decision of my life. She cries and says my son would have not got a better father than Ravish. Sujata says such a big favor on us…. Ravish asks favor? I have just got you all and Madhav, what can I ask from life, I feel I m very lucky. Dadi asks what will we do now. Uma says we have to do Madhav’s test, we will need Atharv’s DNA, but we don’t know where is Atharv.

Vividha sees Ravish. She says I know where is Atharv. The old lady says you are very happy today, I see excitement in you. Suman says yes, now I will start Maha Amavasya preparations, it will happen as I want, I will end this curse, my new life will start. She smiles. The lady tells what happens on Maha Amavasya night, it will have death, sorrow and bloodshed. Suman says I don’t care of anyone’s death. I want to win, my dream will turn true that night.

Sujata asks do you know where is he, is he alive, is he fine. Vividha says he is fine. Sujata gets relieved and cries. Uma says he is fine, calm down. Vividha says he is better than fine, he was happily dancing and playing holi. Sujata says you did not find it imp to tell me. Vividha says he is not Atharv whom we knew, he changed completely, he has a new life, big house, a wife who is expecting a child. Sujata thinks Atharv married, his wife is having a child, how did he do this, no he can’t do this.

Vividha says he has forgotten us, even his memories have no place for us. Sujata says if we did not need Atharv’s DNA for Madhav’s treatment, you would have not told me about hi, why. She asks Ravish why did he hide truth. Vividha says you are feeling this by just hearing, think what I went through, I have seen love in his eyes for someone else, he left us and ran away, he did not call you, you are his mum, I have hurt you as I did not wish to give you more pain. Uma says I can’t believe he can do this. Dadi says he has thrown his own name, relations, life, like old clothes.

Ravish says you got hurt hearing this, Vividha did not wish to hurt you, Atharv is very happy in his different world, our lives are different. Sujata says no, our lives can’t be different now, its about Madhav’s life, we need Atharv, maybe that’s why fate got him in our life again. They all see Madhav.

Suman appears happy and tells Guddi that they will have coffee, our plan succeeded, its matter of some days, everything will be fine, you will get money which I promised, then you can start a new life, we can start our new lives by our wish, go and rest. Guddi smiles and goes.

Atharv comes from bath and looks for clothes. A girl wearing anklet gets his clothes. She holds him. He says you are getting much romantic today. She disappears. He wears his tee. Guddi comes to room. He smiles seeing her and holds her. She says I m very tired and feeling sleepy. He says but you… its fine, come sleep. They rest to sleep. Some shadow is seen,

Vividha makes Madhav sleep. She recalls Atharv. Ravish says I will meet Atharv and get his DNA sample. Vividha says you think you will interfere in his new beautiful wife, and he will give what you ask. He says why not, its DNA sample to save Madhav’s life, how can he refuse. She says he moved on in life, he cheated us till now, he did not think to come and talk to us, why will he help us, you won’t go to ask his help, we have to think and do. He says please let me go, its about my son’s life. She says its about my son’s life too, so I will go to take samples.

He asks what, why do you want to go to him. She says its about our son, its my responsibility. He says I can also go. She says Madhav is Atharv’s son, I will go. He says no, I can’t risk Madhav’s life, I will go, I decided, I will talk to him. She says you can’t decide anything about my son, he is my son. He gets shocked.

Vividha arguing with Ravish over Madhav’s treatment. He gets hurt when she says Madhav is her son. He goes. She says what did I say and feels ashamed. The anklet wearing girl enters Suman’s room. Suman wakes up and gets shocked seeing her. She screams and gets away. She shouts Raghav. Atharv and Guddi come. Atharv switches on lights and asks what happened, why did you shout. She says there….. and cries in fear. He asks her to wait and checks. He does not see anyone and tells her. He asks what did you see. She asks is there no one, maybe bad dream. He asks Guddi to be with Suman. Suman says I m fine, you both go and sleep. He makes Suman rest and leaves with Guddi.

Ravish stops himself from holding Madhav by recalling Vividha’s words. He packs Madhav’s bag. Vividha says I will do. He says yes, you do, I got to know who I m. She says you know who you are in Madhav’s life, you are a pencil to fill the blankness of his life, you are this eraser which will help him in erasing his mistakes, you are the scale which will help him in his life’s journey, you are also the book to guide him, you are the bag which Madhav will wear and tell you are his superhero, you are his friend, his father, his DNA does not match with you, but you are his father, you gave him everything, values, sensitivity, braveness, none has right to snatch your right of being his father, I told a lot in anger, I did not wish to say that, you stood for me when I had no one in life, sorry forgive me.

She holds ears and says say something. He says its okay. She asks will you pack his bag. He sits to pack bag. She says I m doing this as I want to do this, its about our son’s life. He says I know what you want, and smiles. O re piya….plays……….

She says what Atharv did with us, I will hate him always, it will be short trip, I will take his DNA samples and we will start Madhav’s treatments. He says its not so easy. She says I know, I will take DNA samples, but Atharv and I will not come in front of each other.

Its morning, Atharv makes Guddi meditate. Vividha comes there in banjaran’s disguise. Guard holds her hand and scolds her, asking what is she hiding in her hand. Atharv comes and asks what’s happening, who is she. Guard says this woman was trying to jump inside the house. Atharv says leave her hand. He asks her who is she, answer me. He holds her hand. Jaana na dil se door….plays……….. He leaves her. He asks her again what does she want. She says I just took some fruits, I m not thief, no need to call police, I did not steal, I plucked fruits for my hungry daughter, explain your guard not to talk badly. Atharv says I m sorry, where is your daughter. She calls a girl. Madhav comes in girl’s disguise. Atharv smiles. Vividha says no need to be scared.

Atharv says your daughter is so lovely, what’s her name. She says Madhvi. Ravish is busy in his routine work. Sujata says she took Madhav with her. Uma says Atharv will be in front of her, don’t know he will let her step inside house or not. Atharv asks Vividha to come. He asks Guddi to meet her. Guddi asks who are they. He says they are for your help. He asks Vividha her name. She says Ramkali. He says okay, you will stay here. He goes. Suman comes and asks who are they. Atharv says I thought Guddi needs help, it will be our help if we help her. Suman says I don’t feel well, I will go and rest. Vividha hears her. Atharv goes. Guddi asks Vividha to come.

Guddi shows their room. Vividha says your house is big like palace. She tells her about a film story. Guddi says its fine, tell me if you need anything, now there is no one in this room, why did you put ghunghat. Vividha says no, I can’t remove ghunghat, last time my friends insisted and I removed ghunghat, a man came and I got shy, so I decided not to remove ghunghat ever. Guddi says fine, keep it, don’t know why I remember someone by seeing you.