Never Say Goodbye Friday Update 17th June 2022


Never Say Goodbye Friday Update 17th June 2022

Suman meeting Daddy ji and asking his life. She says Ravish is not listening, he wants to get Vividha married to Atharv. Atharv likes sherwani and asks whose is it. She says its for Atharv’s marriage. He asks my marriage, with whom. She says with me. He asks how, you are my friend, not GF. She says I m your friend and a girl. He says this can’t happen. She asks why and argues. Sujata looks on.

Suman says I feel helpless, how can I see Ravish bearing loneliness and pain, if I want to get Ravish marry someone else, he should agree, I know he will not agree, as he just loves Vividha, what did he get in return, nothing, our family became a joke, all this because of illegitimate Atharv. Daddy ji says I had seen this situation and took that step. She asks for some solution.

Sujata asks Vividha not to do this. Vividha says whatever decided will happen, marriage will happen today. Daddy ji says just one right move is needed. Sujata worries and says what shall I do now. Suman comes home. Dadi Bua asks her where did she go. Suman says I wanted to have some fresh air, and taunts that Ravish is not marrying Vividha. Sujata gets sad.

Vividha comes and gives mehendi cone asking her to apply mehendi. Atharv looks on. Sujata and Dadi ask Vividha to think again, everyone will be hurt. Vividha says time to think is over, now its time to do, Sujata write Atharv’s name on my hand. Sujata refuses. Vividha asks what happened to you. Sujata says you know what happened, don’t do this. Vividha asks why can’t I decide for my life, if I have no objection with this marriage, why do you all have objection. Sujata says yes, we have an objection, did Atharv ask you to refuse. Sujata sees Atharv. He signs no. Vividha turns and sees Atharv. He acts like kid. Vividha asks Sujata to say truth, Atharv asked you to refuse for marriage right. Sujata says no, Atharv does not want to marry you in this state.

Vividha says I m doing what Atharv wants, he wanted to marry me, we both want to marry each other. Sujata says but…. Vividha makes Sujata sit and makes her apply mehendi to her. Ravish comes and looks on. Vividha shows Atharv’s name in her hands and I got your blessing in my hands. Ravish says great, show me. O re piya…..plays……… He sees Atharv’s name and says perfect. Atharv looks on. Vividha asks about pandit. Ravish says he will be coming. She asks him to make Atharv ready. Ravish says sure, where is he. Ravish asks Atharv to wear sherwani. Atharv refuses. Some men come with some items.. Ravish asks them to hurry up. He asks Vipul to see other arrangements, I will see Atharv.

A goon calls Daddy ji and says I m inside the house, target is in front of me. He gets the gun from the flower basket. Vividha goes to get ready. Dadi says Vividha won’t stop today. Atharv refuses to wear sherwani. Ravish makes her wear sherwani. He asks why don’t you want to marry. Atharv asks does anyone marry a friend. The men get sweets and shagun. Kalindi asks what’s this, who has sent this. The man says Ravish.

Ravish says its best thing to marry a friend. He thinks of Vividha. He says you will be happy with Vividha, wear this. Atharv says no, throw this. He throws the pagdi. Vividha gets ready as bride and comes downstairs.

She asks for Atharv. She sits in the mandap. Pandit asks them to call groom in mandap. Vividha says he will just come. The goon hides under the bed and thinks its perfect shot, groom will die He tears the table cloth and looks through. Ravish says you are looking good. Atharv says I don’t want to marry. Pandit asks them to call groom soon. Vividha asks Sujata to call Atharv. Sujata thinks I can’t do this. Vividha says I will go and get Atharv.

Vividha comes to Atharv. Atharv refuses to marry. Vividha asks him to come. He refuses. Vividha takes him. Daddy ji is seen in jail. The goon aims at Atharv. Vividha gets Atharv to mandap.

Vividha asking pandit to start rituals. Atharv refuses to marry. The pandit asks them to get betel leaves. The goon hiding under table worries seeing Ravish coming towards table. Ravish takes the plate and goes. He does not see the torn table cover. Atharv says I don’t want to marry. Vividha holds him. The goon aims the gun at Atharv. Pandit asks groom’s mum or sister to do the ghatbandhan. Sujata looks on.

Atharv says I don’t want to marry, stop this and gets away. Vividha stops him and does the ghatbandhan herself. Suman, Uma and Sujata look on. Pandit says now groom and bride stand up and exchange varmala. Atharv refuses to put varmala. Vividha makes him wear varmala, and makes Atharv put varmala in her neck. She makes him sit. Atharv thinks how to explain Vividha that she is ruining her life by marrying me, she should live her life with Ravish.

The goon thinks to fix silencer, so that no one can know who shot and from which direction. He fixes silencer and stands in open by hiding the gun inside a basket. Atharv says I don’t want to marry. Vividha asks him to sit quiet. Pandit asks groom and bride to stand for wedding rounds. Ravish recalls his marriage. Atharv refuses to get up. Ravish and Vividha make him stand. Pandit says groom will be ahead in initial rounds. Atharv refuses to marry. Vividha recalls his words and looks at him. She says if you won’t do this, then I will do this, I will walk ahead in rounds. Atharv refuses. She holds his hand and pulls him. Goon aims at Atharv. Atharv pushes Vividha. The goon shoots. Ravish turns back and sees the shooter. He beats him and tells Suman that this man has shot the bullet. Atharv looks at Vividha. Vividha falls down. Atharv holds her and asks her to open eyes. Ravish and everyone get shocked.

Vividha opens eyes and sees Atharv. He asks are you fine, I got tensed. She says you did not remember to continue your drama. Atharv looks on. Ravish hands over the goon to army men. Vividha says you are absolutely fine right, stop Atharv, you can’t leave before answering me, you were doing this to cancel this marriage, I begged you to marry me, you did not agree.

Ravish asks why did you do this Atharv. Vividha says I will tell why Atharv did this, Atharv thinks I love Ravish. Atharv says I don’t want to talk. She asks him why is he refusing for marriage, does he think she loves Ravish. Atharv says yes, I m refusing, as you love Ravish, I want you to marry Ravish. She shouts its wrong, how shall I explain you. He says you will realize it soon that you love Ravish. Ravish cries.

Atharv says Ravish is my brother, I never thought someone will love Vividha more than me, Ravish sacrificed this relation and his love, only for Vividha’s happiness. Ravish says its nothing like that. Atharv says I can’t give pain to Ravish, I m his elder brother, after you marry me Vividha, you will realize you love Ravish. Ravish says you and Vividha love each other, you both took vows. Atharv says but you gave her support. They both argue. Vividha claps and says an ideal example of stepbrothers to have such love, great. She scolds them for thinking she is a toy and passing to each other, as if the toy has no feelings. Atharv says Vividha. She asks him to shut up and not say a word.