My Heart Knows Thursday Update 3 February 2022


My Heart Knows Thursday Update 3 February 2022

Malhar talk ?to Sarthak and inform him that he is sure something is really fishy on Kalyani behaviour, sarthak too agrees..

Atul ask about Anupriya, when Ajji tell him that she has send Anupriya to Kaashi for Kalyani well being prayer ??and selling saree.. Atul ask but why?? Ajji remember? how Atharav told her that he has kidnapped Anupriya and Ajji agrees to help him with her happiness for hurting Malhar.. Ajji answer atul saying its better for them, atul agree saying that otherwise she will create hurdles in Atharav and Kalyani marriage.. Kalyani is shocked ?to hear truth that even Ajii is helping atharav..
Sampada come and shout why is he marrying Kalyani in 5 days?? Atharav say he is moving on as she did.. Just than tattoo artist arrive to meet Malhar.. Sampada shout don’t dare to write my name on Malhar hand… Malhar say he work as per his choice, and ask him to write Kalayani name.. Too everyone shock?? everyone.. Atul ask Sampada to call court??‍⚖ people for showing Malhar stupidness and you shall get Moksh custody.. Kalyani get shocked??..

Malhar take tattoo artist to anupriya room and ask him to make tattoo.. Kalyani and Sarthak try to stop him but he shut door… Kalyani jump from window and they have cute fight over making tattoo where Kalayani oppose him and Malhar decide to make, finally Kalyani damage? box and threaten tattoo artist, which make him run?? away… Malhar ask Kalyani why is she doing this?? She took decision to marry Atharav, now its his decision!! Kalyani finally say she is helpless because Atharav has kiddnapped Anupriya.. Malhar get angry??, but Kalyani calm down him.. Malhar ask does she trust him?? Kalyani say he trust him blindly?.. Malhar say he will not let her marry to Atharav and spoil her life… Kalyani goes out from window.. Sarthak knock door, when Malhar open and inform about Anupriya kidnapping..

Kalyani shout that why Malhar is doing this?? Can’t he think ?about Moksh?? Sarthak drag Malhar and say do duty as father, and stop showing madness.. Sarthak say he has send tattoo artist and no more his madness, while taking him inside room… Atul say to Atharv that Malhar will do anything to stop your marriage.. Kalyani thinks? Atharav you will be married inside jail..

At Night Kalyani remember Anupriya and her moments with song tu kitni acchi hai???…
Atul arrive and say he is sorry for giving her custody to Anupriya, she ruined your life, but now he will set everything fine.. Kalyani say she won’t anything against Anupriya.. Atul ask her to sleep??.. Kalyani close door and call? Malhar asking where to meet??

After sometime both meet at grave yard⛪⚰.. Malhar says his men informed that atharav was here for long time.. Kalyani get scared? and hold Malhar.. She ask why didn’t he brought his team?? Malhar say so that Atharav find.. He ask her to stay outside, but Kalyani say she will go inside in search of anupriya.. Both walk inside, with Kalyani holding

Malhar and Kalyani coming to the graveyard. Kalyani asks if he believed on ghosts. Malhar says no. Kalyani says you don’t see fear files and that’s why you don’t believe. She says Aai is scared of ghosts also. She is scared and holds his hand. They see coffins. Malhar says if Atharv kept Anupriya inside the coffin. They check the coffins, but it is empty. They hear car sound coming there. Kalyani says we have to hide in coffins. Malhar says no, but she says they have less time. They hide in the coffin. A guy gets down from the car and walks in the graveyard. Malhar tells her that they would have searched some other place to hide. Kalyani tells Malhar that if they are caught then. Malhar keeps his hand on her mouth. The man is Atharv. He knocks on the coffin in which Malhar and Kalyani are hiding and leave in his car. Kalyani and Malhar come out from the coffin and hear the knocking sound. They break the lock and find the tape recorder inside. Kalyani says Atharv understood that we are searching Aai. She finds Anupriya’s bangle and says she was here and Atharv shifted her from here. She cries. Malhar asks her not to cry and asks if she trust him. Kalyani nods. Malhar says we will fight with Atharv openly now.

Malhar drops Kalyani to her room and asks her not to worry. Kalyani rests on bed. Atharv comes on bed and keeps hand on her mouth. He says I told you not to tell Malhar and tells that he will punish Anupriya. Kalyani asks him not to tell anything to Aai and begs infront of him. She holds his legs, Atharv smiles says you have dealth with a great man and asks him to participate in the rasam. Kalyani says ok and asks him not to do anything to Aai.

Next day, Malhar tells Kalyani how dare Atharv touch you? Kalyani says we have to stop meeting each other and stop searching proofs against him. Malhar asks what do you mean? He asks if she will marry Atharv. Kalyani says she has no option. He says it is good that he knows that I know about Maai in his captivity. He says I will not leave him if anything happens to Maai. Kalyani says I can’t take risk about Aai. Malhar holds her hand and asks do you trust me. Kalyani nods yes. Both of them get teary eyes. Oh Mahi Ve….plays….he says I promise that I will save Maai. She leaves his hand and goes.

Malhar arms and getting little scared?.. Malhar doubts what if Atharav hidden Anupriya inside coffin


Atul receives the water cans. Pallavi taunts him and asks him to keep all cans inside. Atul tries to take the can and goes to call Parshiya. When he returns, all cans are missing, he thinks where are the water cans gone. He goes inside and sees Malhar keeping all inside. He asks Malhar if he brought all the cans inside. Malhar says yes, it was on the way so he kept inside.

Pallavi talks to the guest. Atharv tells Atul that he will never break his trust. Kalyani comes for the rasam. Malhar looks at her from his side of house. Aao Saheb asks Atul if he wants to see Kalyani as the bride then see. A neighbor asks about Anupriya. Aao Saheb tells that Anupriya went to Kashi to fulfill the mannat for Kalyani’s marriage. Malhar and Kalyani look on. Aao Saheb and Atharv sign each other. Aao Saheb asks Kalyani to do as Atharv wants and says you know how dangerous he is. Atul gets a call and goes. Atharv tells Kalyani that his Jaanu is looking bijli. Malhar shouts and asks him not to misbehave with Kalyani, I will not bear. Atharv says what wrong did I say, she is looking such. He whispers in his ears not to do shaan patti and says Kalyani might have told you.

The ladies do Kalyani and Atharv’s aarti. Kalyani and Malhar look at each other. She sees Atharv’s phone ringing and reads the message that they are shifting Anupriya to other location. Atharv sees the message and takes his phone. Kalyani messages Malhar about the message and that they need Atharv’s phone to know about the location, as his man sent the pics also. Malhar reads the message.