My Heart Knows Thursday Update 10 March 2022


My Heart Knows Thursday Update 10 March 2022

Swara is in her room and thinks of Malhar taking a stand for her. She takes out bag from the cupboard. Madhav comes and takes bag from her hand. Swara asks him to give the bag back. Madhav asks her to think before doing anything. Asawari asks them not to talk in high tone and says anybody can hear. Madhav says Malhar is my blood and will not believe you. He takes the bag with him. Swara sits on the bed tensely. Anupriya is tensed and thinks what she shall do, if she shall tell Kalyani about the receipt. She sees Atharv in the kitchen and asks him to be there. She comes to kitchen and asks what is he doing?

Atharv tells that he was feeling hungry and came to eat sweets, but it is like the money and shows the money bundle in the box. Anupriya gives him a sweet and asks him to go and sleep. She thinks to call Kalyani and calls her there. She asks her to come to kitchen and asks her to come fast. Just then receipt falls down from her hand and she sits down to pick the receipt. Electricity is gone then. Anupriya sees someone coming to kitchen covered with a shawl and hides behind the kitchen slab. The mysterious person takes out the sweets box from the kitchen and leaves. Electricity comes back. Kalyani comes there. Anupriya asks her to come and they come out to see the person talking to a guy. Malhar comes there and aims gun at them. He puts torch on their faces and sees Asawari with Rohan. Kalyani says he is Rohan. Anupriya says yes, but why your sasubai is giving him money. Malhar goes near them and asks what this guy is doing here? Rohan tries to run.

Malhar stops him and asks him to be here till they end the talk. Malhar asks Asawari what is in the box and why you came to talk to him at this time. Kalyani asks her to tell. Madhav comes there and asks her to tell. Asawari says I can’t tell anything and don’t want relations to be stained. Malhar asks what is in the box which you are giving to him. She says leave it. Sarthak says may be Vahini has something personal which she don’t want to say. Malhar asks her to show what she is hiding and tries to take the box, and it falls down and they see the money bundle on the floor. Madhav closes his eyes upset. Asawari looks at him. Kalyani asks Rohan why did he come here and asks why did you ask money from SB? Madhav asks Asawari.

Asawari tells that Swara had sent him her vulgar pics and that’s why he gave her such clothes to wear and tells that she was giving him money so that he deletes the pics. Kalyani scolds Rohan and asks him to give his phone. She twists his hand and asks him if he forgot the slap by Malhar’s hand. She snatches his phone, and says Swara did wrong, but you also did wrong. Rohan says I have many big contacts. Malhar gets angry and hits him asking him to call his contacts. Asawari tells that she wwas snatching phone from Swara when she stepped on Kalyani’s saree. Madhav tells that he will break her bones today. Malhar asks him to calm down and tells that Kalyani and I will talk to her. Sarthak says right now she is angry, don’t talk to her. Malhar insists and goes to talk to her with Kalyani.

Swara accepts to have sent vulgar pics to Rohan and tells that she thought that he will not like her, but he was desperate behind her. Malhar asks don’t you have shame to talk like this infront of your brother. Swara says she don’t feel shy. Asawari tells Madhav if Swara tells everything to Malhar. Madhav asks her to keep eye on her. She says she has sent Aahir to keep eye on her. Swara tells Kalyani that she had told her that Rane family men are all same. Malhar asks what do you want to say? Swara asks them to go. Aahir relaxes.

Kalyani comes to Malhar and asks if he is fine? Malhar asks did you see what Swara did and says whatever she did was. Kalyani says she was desperate not to marry and don’t know what is right and what is wrong. Malhar asks her not to take her side. Kalyani says when I came here, even I wasn’t aware what is right and wrong and tells that even Swara will become fine. Just then Malhar gets a call from Pawar and asks what is found from under the pond water.

Malhar getting Pawar’s call. Malhar asks him to take it out whatever is inside the pond. Kalyani talks to herself and says Rane men are different. She says Malhar picks Pawar call immediately, but don’t pick my call. Malhar asks if she is cursing him in her heart. Kalyani says no Malhar ji. Aahir comes to Sarthak and says Swara didn’t tell anything to Malhar. Sarthak asks him to go and tell Madhav and Asawari. Anupriya comes and tells that she needs his help. She shows the receipt and tells that she had delivered the saree on 26th January and called on that number, but the number is unavailable. She asks him to find out about the owner so that she can get the money from that person. Sarthak’s handshakes up and he tells her that he will find out and takes the receipt with him.

Aao Saheb is upset over the bridge work going on. Anupriya tells her that the villagers will benefit with the pool. Aao Saheb says people’s religious sentiments are attached with the pond. Anupriya tries to make her understand that villagers will benefit, but Aao Saheb scolds her for making saltless dal. Malhar is on the way and asks Pawar to get whatever is in the pond. He finds the road blocked and gets down from the jeep. Villagers attack him holding the firewood. They ask Malhar to stop the pool work and tells that their religious sentiments are attached with the pond and they make the Devi’s flower flown there and its water never dried up. Malhar beats them for threatening him. Sarthak comes there and tells the men that he had told them that he will stop the work. Malhar is shocked. Sarthak shows the stay order and asks Malhar to stop cleaning the Pool work. Malhar says this is what you are saying and says do you know that many diseases are spreading because of the dirty pond water. After the Pool is made, hospitals will be near and the children will have school just 1 kms away and not 5 kms away. He gets upset and leaves. Sarthak thinks this is the only way to stop the Pond work, I can let 26th July secret leaked. Malhar checks the stay order and calls pawar. He says clearance work shall not stop and asks him to take out whatever is in the pond in the night itself, as the stay order is of tomorrow’s date.

Kalyani and Anupriya talk about the pond water. Kalyani says there was already many troubles, now this pond work. Anupriya says why Sarthak is against Malhar and stopping the pond’s work. They hear ghungroo sound. Kalyani says it is coming from Swara’s room. They see Swara crying and wearing ghungroo in one of her foot and then holding the other in her hand and crying. She sleeps. Kalyani gets Swara’s ghungroo and asks Anupriya to stitch the ghungroo. Anupriya thinks she has seen it before and tells Kalyani. Kalyani says you might have seen ghungroos before also. Anupriya says I have seen this particular ghungroo only and has forgotten what happened on 26th july. Sarthak calls Asawari and tells about the stay order on the pond work. She thanks him for stopping the work and says secret will not come out infront of malhar.

Malhar reaches the pond. Pawar tells him that they have found a car in the Pond and shows the video. Malhar asks where is it? Pawar takes him there and shows the car. He tells Pawar that it is strange that no case was filed for this car. He asks Pawar to get it cleaned carefully and says no proof shall be gone. Aahir says if Malhar takes out the car even after the stay order then? Madhav scolds them and asks why did you drown the car there. Asawari says we did what we thought right at that time. The constables wash the car. Malhar tries to open the car and find the doors locked. He tries to peep inside, but can’t see it. Malhar asks him to check the name plate of the car. Madhav asks if the name plate was taken out. Asawari says they had taken the name plate. Malhar tells Pawar that name plate is missing and that means someone was drown in the pond with the car. He tells Pawar that may be Aao Saheb and the villagers know about this car. He says nobody shall know about this car and asks him to find out about it. Pawar says ok.