My Heart Knows Monday Update 17 January 2022


My Heart Knows Monday Update 17 January 2022

Atharv is locked in the jail. Lawyer tells that he is arrested on non bailable warrant. He says your freedom is in Deshmukh family hands. Atharv asks Lawyer to use the money and get him out. He sees someone sleeping and asks who is here, he kicks him. Atul gets up and asks who are you? Atharv realizes that he is Atul. He asks if he is Kalyani’s father. Atul says yes. Atharv says he is Pallavi’s brother and tells that his damad thrown him here. Atul tells that Kalyani is just 18 years old and is unmarried. Atharv

thinks he doesn’t know about Kalyani’s marriage. Atul says Malhar is Sampada’s husband and not Kalyani’s husband. Atharv says he is Aparna’s damad so like that he is your damad. Atul says yes. Atharv says don’t know what Sampada saw in him and tells that he is very bad man. Atul says he is a nice man, I met him. Atharv thinks it will be fun when he comes to know that Kalyani and Malhar are married now. He smiles.

Aparna crying hugging Aao Saheb and asks him to bring Appa back. Aao Saheb asks her to stop crying and says nobody will cry or mourn for Rao Saheb’s death. She says tears are the sign of weakness and asks the people to go. Aparna asks what are you doing? Aao Saheb slaps her repeatedly and asks her to stop her tears. She says I said that nobody shall cry, and asks everyone to save their tears. Kalyani comes to Aao Saheb and asks her not to stop her tears. She asks her to let her emotions come out and says you are paining yourself by doing this. She says heart gets light if she cries and tells that they have to accept the truth that Azooba is not alive. She asks her to cry and let the tears flow. Aao Saheb if my tears and pain comes out then how I will take revenge for Rao Saheb’s death. She says that’s why I have ignited the firewood of revenge behind my tears, and says your husband has killed my husband, and tells that she will take revenge for this. She pushes Kalyani from the swing and makes her fall down. Everyone is shocked by Aao Saheb’s behavior. Anupriya holds her. Aao Saheb says I will take revenge of my sindoor with Malhar’s blood and asks where is he? She shouts asking him to come out.

Malhar comes infront of Aao Saheb. Aao Saheb says insult revenge is insult, and blood revenge is blood. Aao Saheb says I will take your life and will not leave you. Malhar looks on sad. Kalyani says how can you say this, and says everyone of us saw that Azooba has committed suicide. She asks how can you blame malhar for his death. Aao Saheb reminds her that Rao Saheb accepted her first and says you have blood relation with him, and saving his murderer. She tells Malhar that he is a murderer and don’t deserve the stars on his shoulders. She pulls out the stars from his uniform. She says Rao Saheb was helpless to take this extreme step and says you are a murderer. Malhar breaks down and picks the stars. He says my Aai wanted to see these stars on my uniform, but before she could see it, she herself became a star, just because of you. He says how can you take revenge from me, and tells that Appa snatched this right from me. He says I didn’t want his death and tells that her pain is less than his pain. He says a mother was snatched from his son. Anupriya tells Aao Saheb and Malhar that they can never understand their pain, and tells that one has lost his mother and other has lost her life partner. She says pain is lowered when they share the pain with others. She tells Malhar that regret is seen in his eyes, and asks Aao Saheb to calm down. She says you can’t blame Malhar for his death. Kalyani says I love my Azooba very much.

Sampada blames Malhar for threatening Appa and making him helpless to commit suicide. She says if Appa died then that is because of you, and blames him for his death. Kalyani asks Sampada to have some shame and says this is not the time to take personal revenge from Malhar. She says Azooba loved you more than me, and asks her to respect his death. Aao Saheb says what wrong did she say, and tells that today Sampada is right and Malhar is responsible for his death. She says Malhar has stoop low and tells Kalyani that Malhar didn’t trusted you and trusts Keshav. She asks why are you favoring him, when he doesn’t trust you. She says Deshmukh family enemy is Malhar Rane. Anupriya says no Aao Saheb. She asks her to decide between Malhar and her. Kalyani is shocked. Anupriya says what are you doing, and why are you punishing her for no mistake.

Aao Saheb says Kalyani is taking side of her grand father’s murderer and says if she takes Malhar’s side then nobody will have any relation with her, not even Anupriya. Anupriya and Kalyani cries. Aao Saheb says if you don’t agree to me then you have to see my death as well. Kalyani hears Moksh crying and says before becoming a wife, I am a daughter, but before that I am a mother. She tells that this time my Billu needs me. She runs to room. Malhar says I will always repent that Appa took this step, I will always feel bad for his death, but you can’t blame me for his death. She says I just want to punish my mother’s murderer and tells that just like she is blaming him, he will always blame her and will never forgive them. Kalyani takes Moksh in her arms and hugs him. She keeps him in the cradle. Malhar comes to room and says I don’t know what you think about me and says I never wanted Appa’s death and tells that the family betrayed him always. He says you know this thing and then also hide the fact from me. Kalyani asks him to trust her and swears on Billu. Malhar stops.

Malhar telling Kalyani that he never wanted Appa to give his life and tells that all the family members were hiding his mother’s death truth from him and he became a fool and loved them since all these years. He says you knew this truth and then also hide this truth from me. Kalyani asks him to trust her and swears on Billu, saying she didn’t know anything about accident or his mother’s death. She asks him to trust him and tells that she will not swear on Moksh falsely. Malhar says I trust you else you wouldn’t have come here for Moksh leaving your Aai. Kalyani says even Aai didn’t know about it. Malhar says I don’t need any clarification and tells that you have taken decision to stay with Moksh and me, and tells that their relation is broken from Deshmukh family and if she can’t do this, then she can leave Moksh and him. Anupriya comes outside Malhar’s side of house and tries to talk to Kalyani. She tells that Vivek will bring Appa’s dead body and asks her to see Appa for last time. Kalyani says Malhar will not agree, and says if he kicks me out then what will happen to Moksh. She says just like I needed you, Moksh needs me. She says but I love you and cries badly. Song plays….Anupriya also cries.

Malhar brings something in the boxes and asks the men to keep it in his room. Kalyani asks what is in it? Malhar doesn’t reply. Vivek tells Anupriya that there is no photoframe and garlands in the village. Anupriya says we need it for the last rites. Kalyani opens one box and finds photoframes. Malhar comes there and asks her to open the other box. She finds the garland flowers and asks him. Anupriya asks Vivek where did photoframes go? Malhar comes and tells that he bought all photo frames and has also bought all the garlands. Vivek asks why you are taking out your personal enmity at this weak point. Malhar says only my Aai’s pic will be hanged and not of his murderer. He hangs his mother’s pic. Vivek gets angry and calls him criminal and murderer. Malhar slaps him and asks him to go. Vivek goes.

Kalyani asks Anupriya to bring photo of Azooba and says she will make photoframe and garland with her hand. Anupriya agrees. Aparna instigates Aao Saheb against Kalyani. Kalyani goes to backyard of the house and tries to make photo frame cutting the wood. She hits hammer on her hand. Sampada asks Aao Saheb if she realized now, why she couldn’t love Malhar, and tells that he is inhuman. Vivek comes and says Sampada is saying right. Aao Saheb gets up and tells that she will end his identity with her hand. Kalyani is crying and makes the photo frame. She says she will make garland for her Azooba.