My Desire Wednesday Update 11 October 2023


My Desire Wednesday Update 11 October 2023

Raghav feels happy seeing Nayantara drinking his spiked juice. Mansi asks him to come and sit with her and enjoy performances. Ishani finishes her dance performance. Nayan walks on stage and praises her performance and says once Sam’s performance finishes, she will go home. Host announces Samrat’s performance. Samrat starts singing, then starts coughing and acting as getting hoarse voice. He blames cheap drinks served at the party for his change in voice and says he can’t sing. Raghav holds his collar and says he is acting to humiliate him. He reminds about the contract and warns him of legal consequences. Sam says his contract doesn’t say that he can’t stop when his voice is down, in fact he can file a case on him for serving cheap drinking and altering his voice. Raghav says he and his wife think they are oversmart, he will ruin their lives.


Sam leaves from there. Mansi walks behind him and says he purposefully stopped singing as he can’t see her with Raghav. Sam says he is not. Mansi says he boasts that is ugly wife is his soul mate, but he still craves for her knows she is more beautiful. Sam says she is wrong, he had shattered when she left him, but now he doesn’t care whom she is with and he is happy with his wife. Mansi kisses him and laughs that he didn’t push her away, that means he still loves her. Sam thinks why didn’t he resist. He leaves the venue heavily intoxicated and goes home in a cab, leaving his car for Nayan.

Next morning, Malati wakes up Sam and informs that Malati didn’t return home with him last night. Sam thinks she must be in his car and goes out to check, but doesn’t find here there. He thinks she must haven’t returned from party and reaches party venue. Mansi in a bridal dress agrees to give interview to the media. Sam reaches there and asks about Nayan. She gives him a sarcastic reply. Servant informs that Raghav is not opening his room. Mansi acts as panicking and asks staff to break open the door. Staff breaks open the door. Mansi finds Raghav sleeping with a girl clothless. She shouts at Raghav and asks whom he is sleeping with. Sam recalls similar incident where Raghav was sleeping with Mansi while still married to him. He turns the girl’s face and is shocked to know that she is Nayan.