My Desire Update 14th Sunday 2024 Kashvi learns the truth

Kashvi and Arjun hiding in the cupboard. Adi tells Kashvi that he is on the way to Faridabad and asks if everything is fine there. Kashvi says I am on a mission and will call you later. She ends the call. Adi asks on what mission? Arjun asks Kashvi if she will answer him? He asks that day Adi proposed you and asks when you both are marrying? He asks if you are doing destination wedding. Kashvi says I am not getting married to Adi, and says it is easy for you to change partners, but not for me. She says I am repenting after marrying once. Arjun asks if you are not marrying Adi. Kashvi says no. He thinks why I am happy, my love will never be complete, as I can’t leave Mahima due to Karun, and I can’t get Kashvi. The Nurse comes there and lights Agarbatti sticks. They feel the smell and come out of the cupboard. They see Simran having difficulty in breathing. Nurse says I had only lit the incence stick. Arjun asks her to take it away and says he will call the doctor. Simran tells Kashvi, your baby is alive.

Kashvi asks who told you? Simran says 5 years ago, your baby was changed with dead baby and the dead baby was shown to you, your baby is still alive. Kashvi asks who told you? Simran says my Sa….. and she succumbs to death. Kashvi cries and asks her to say. Doctor comes there and sees the machine showing 0. He checks her and says she is no more. Arjun asks Doctor to check her. Doctor says now nothing can be done. Kashvi stands shocked and leaves from there.

Kashvi cries thinking of Simran’s last words. She says my son is alive and I was crying always that I have lost my baby. She asks God, why did he do this with her, and why he gave such a big punishment to her. She says first you snatched my love and then my baby, how can you do this with me. She sits on the road and cries. She asks how to search my baby, and asks how to bring the lost years. She says I didn’t know if it is boy or girl, and tells that she will search her baby. She says she will bring all the lost moments back. She says I have lost my everything, but will not lose my baby. She challenges God that she will search her son.

Romila comes home. Mahima asks if everything is fine. Romila recalls and a fb is shown, Romila comes to constable as the old lady and gives them sweets as prasad, and tells that her son has recovered from cancer just now, so she is distributing sweets. She gives it to the people standing there. She looks out for the Nurse. Simran’s nurse comes there. Romila gives her sweets. Nurse says she is fasting. Romila asks her to feed it to the patient. Nurse says patient is in coma and can’t have it. Romila then gives her incence stick to burn in the room and says it will make her fine. Nurse takes it. fb ends. Romila tells that the work was in her hands, and that’s why they have won. She says Kashvi and her police men were stupid, and says Nurse took the poisonous agarbatti in Simran’s room and lit it. She appreciates Mahima’s plan and tells that Simran went away from your life very far.

Mahima says we shall celebrate our victory. Kashvi thinks Simran knew this secret, and she died due to this secret. She says Simran had known where is my son and that’s why someone killed her. She thinks how to search them. She says I missed all the moments with my son…and cries. I missed his first Maa….Adi comes there holding Umbrella and asks what happened?

Kashvi says Simran is no more. Adi says what is destined to happens, happen surely. He says you would have consulted me before making this plan, and says you trusted Arjun. He says you are responsible for Simran’s death. He tells that what we will say to Media and Simran’s family. He says Simran’s mother in law will accuse you. Kashvi says she will not become the murderer with her accusation. She tells him that if he knows what Simran said before dying, and tells Dadi that Simran said that her baby is alive and was swapped with a dead baby. She tells that her baby is alive now and goes. Adi tells Dadi that he didn’t know that Kashvi had given birth to a baby, and tells that where she will search her baby. Dadi says we have to handle her. Adi says I will handle her.

Mahima opens the champagne bottle and serves to Romila and herself. Romila says it is for our super duper plan. Mahima says we did it, stupid Simran is gone from our way and now Kashvi will never come to know about her baby. Adi apologizes to Kashvi and tells that he was rude to her. He promises her that she will not suffer more and very soon he will search her son. Kashvi thanks him. She says I will promise my baby and says it is the promise made to myself and to my child. She says she will search her/him.