My Desire Sunday Update 23 October 2022


My Desire Sunday Update 23 October 2022

Mahima orders her aide to tie Saransh tightly and make sure doesn’t try to escape. She then looks at time bomb and thinks if Preesha’s call was made by Rudra to trap her, this is its answer and if something happens to her, Saransh won’t be alive. She fixes bomb to a gas cylinder, sets ]timer for 1 hour, and thinks if she doesn’t return here in 60 minutes, it will explode and Saransh will die. Out of flashback, Mahima asks Preesha and Rudra to search their son in 14 minutes in whole Delhi, they all should pray for Saransh now. Rudra strangulates her and asks where is his son. Mahima laughs and says he only has 13 minutes left to find search or else bomb will blast; says even now she won. Rudra pleads to tell Saransh’s location. Mahima asks if he doesn’t want to kill her. Rudra says he will ask police to free her, she should tell where Saransh is. Mahima says its waste to plead in front of her, he should go and search Saransh instead. Preesha says if their love for Saransh is true, they will find him at any cost. They reach a bomb blasted building where police doesn’t let them go in. Inspector reaches and says Saransh is not here. They return home where Preesha in detail prays god that he is supporting sinner Mahima who wants to kill her own son; pleads to save her son or else she will never pray him again and think he is just a stone; continues pleading to tell where her son.

Inspector informs that Saransh is found, a lodge owner called and informed that Mahima had stayed in his lodge, that place is around 6-7 minutes away. They rush towards hotel and on the way call hotel and ask owner if Mahima brought a child with her. He says he doesn’t know. Preesha says Mahima has implanted bomb in his hotel. He panics and says there are many

people in lodge. Rudra asks if there a place where no one goes. OWner says store room. Rudra asks him to rush there. Owner rushes to store room, sees bomb there and informs about it. Rudra asks howmuch time is left. Bomb blasts just then. Preesha panics worried for Saransh. Rudra tries to console her and asks drive to drive fast. Hotel guests run out of hotel and rescue team gets out injured guests. They reach hotel, and Preesha asks rescue team if they found her son. Rescue officer says they didn’t find any child yet and many people are still stuck inside. Preesha continues panicking and tries to enter building again. Guards stop her.

Ahana gets a call and informs Sharda that Mahima is caught. Sharda thanks god and then apologizes Vasu seeing her. Vasu says she doesn’t have to apologize. GPS says now everything will end peacefully. Ahana says Mahima will not let that happen as she left her own son Saransh to die in a lodge after fixing a time bomb in it abnd the building caught fire now. They all get tensed. GPS ask how can a mother be like that and risk own son’s life. Vasu still confident on Mahima asks if she is sure that Mahima did it. Ahana says whole world knows about this news. Yuvraj switches on news. They see Preesha with Rudra trying to enter building worried for Saransh. Vasu gets happy seeing Preesha alive. Ahana in shock shouts what the hell, how can Preesha be alive. Sharda looks at her. Ahana says its a miracle, but did she escape death. Yuvraj says Preesha and Rudra planned all this to catch Mahima. Ahana why didn’t they inform her about this plan. Yuvraj says even he wasn’t informed.

Vasu prays god not to give Mahima’s punishment to Saransh and to save him. Sharda says instead of worrying by staying here, they should go and help Rudra and Preesha. Vasu agrees, and they all head towards hotel. Rudra and Preesha plead rescue team to let them go in and save their son, but team doesn’t let them in. They forcefully enter wearing blankets and search Saransh in whole hotel. Saransh, tied to a chair with mouth shut, hearing them thinks he knew nothing happened to mamma, Rudra and mamma came to save him. They kick the next room’s door open and call him. He pulls his chair and hopes they see him. Rudra walks away, but Preesha insists to check once again. Saransh shakes chair. Preesha says he imust be in same room and breaking door open see him tied to a chair. Saransh signal snot to come near him. A burning cupboard falls on Rudra. He asks Preesha to save their son first. Preesha frees Saransh. Rudra throws cupboard aside and they both hug Saransh emotionally. Rudra then lifts Saransh and search a way out. He sees window, breaks it and seeks help from inspector. Inspector asks him to come down. Rudra says whole room has caught fire, so they have to come via window via ladder. Saransh says he will never call Mahima as mamma again as she pushed her from cliff, hugs her and asks never to go away from him agian. She says never. Rescue team reaches via ladder. Preesha asks Saransh to go out first. Saransh resists. Rudra says he has to as fire is increasing. They convince him and send him out first. Inspector asks them to come out soon. Preesha asks Rudra to go out. Their romance even in that situation continues. Rudra says Saransh needs her more and gives his promise. She hugs and cries and then goes out. Rescue

officer then goes to bring Rudra. Sharda, Vasu, and GPS reach the venue. Blast happens and they all fall down. Rudra falls down unconscious. Preesha says Rudra was in that room. Rudra wakes up with great difficulty and comes near window again. Preesha says she will go to rescue him. He asks not to come here as he will check, says fire is spread everywhere and he cannot come out. Inspector says they will try for a ladder. Rudra says he cannot wait even for a second and says he will jump. Preesha finds net nerby and holds it with others. Rudra jumps on it and escapes unharmed. Saransh hugs him and asks if he is fine. He says until he has them, how can anything happen to him. Rudra and Preesha’s romance starts again. Inspector asks them to go from there.

Back home, Preesha informs family how she faked death to catch Mahima. Rudra apologizes Vasu and GPS. Vasu says they should apologize them instead, GPS says he cannot raise his head due to Mahima’s heinous acts. Rudra says they are his family and shouldn’t apologize, whatever Mahima did is not their mistake, GPS should raise his head high for Preesha as she always supported him and even risked her life for him; they should keep their hands on his head to bless him instead. Saransh asks if they forgot him. Preesha asks how can they forget him. He says let us play god’s game. Sharda asks which game he is talking about. Preesha says she, Rudra, and Saransh played game to expose Mahima and describes all incidents, says even divorce and marrying Yuvraj were all fake. Vasu asks is it. Rudra says Mahima wanted Saransh’s custody for his money and would have taken him away with her. Vasu tells GPS that she needs to go somewhere and takes him along. Preesha thinks where Vasu is going and follows them. Vasu reaches police to meet Mahima.