My Desire Sunday Update 22 October 2023


My Desire Sunday Update 22 October 2023

Samrat tells a lady that he doesn’t know Mansi and doesn’t have any place for her in his house nad life, so she should drop Mansi where she brought her from. Mansi asks even if she is not related to him, he should see her condition, where will she go now. Ishani says she should return to her boyfriend who did wrong with her. Mansi pleads Samrat to let her stay for her unborn baby’s sake. She continues her drama and holds Sam’s feet. Sam refuses and asks her to leave. Nayan supports Mansi and asks Samrat where will Mansi go now and convinces him to let her stay here for her unborn baby’s sake. Sam agrees and says Mansi can stay in outside. Aaliya thinks she agrees to behanji Nayan’s words for the first time. Nayan takes Mansi to outhouse. Mansi grins.


gets angry on Nayan for convincing him to let Mansi stay with them. Nayan asks Sam if he left Mansi and Raghav’s sangeet venue because of Mansi and asks if Mansi is behind all the recent problems. Sam denies. Aaliya wlaks to Mansi and praises her for her acting. She says now that she entered Sam’s house, what is her next plan. Mansi reveals that she and Samrat had a passionate kiss during sangeet night, she will inform Nayan about it in a sensational way and create rift between Nayan and Sam.


Nayan brings breakfast for Mansi and ays its healthy for her and her baby. Mansi thanks her for convincing Sam to let her stay there and acts nervous. Nayan asks reason. Mansi revealed that she and Samrat had a passionate kiss during her sangeet night, after which Samrat left sangeet venue. Nayan says she is sure Samrat wouldn’t have reciprocated. Mansi says he did and describes how he must have felt. Nayan says she can understand and doesn’t mind and walks away from there nervously. Mansi laughs and thanks Nayan will be angry on Sam for sure. Nayan walks to Prem and asks him to freshen up as she has a special br*astkfast for him. He asks if she is preparing dosa and happily runs to bathroom. Sam gets out of bathroom and asks Nayan to fix his shirt’s broken button. Nayan refuses and breaks all his shirt buttons instead. Sam asks why is she behaving like this. During breakfast, Prem gets happy seeing Mansi. Mansi says she will stay with them. Nayan says for a few days and then will leave. She serves him dosa. Samrat joins them and asks what is there for breakfast. Nayan ignores. Malati says she prepared upma for him. Mansi says Sam likes boiled eggs and taste and doesn’t like upma. Sam says his taste has changed and she is lucky to have Malati’s prepared breakfast. Nayan rudely serves him breakfast. Sam thanks her, taste upma, and shouts saying its short. Nayan thinks he had kissed Mansi with that mouth, its a punishment for him. She continues to trouble him. Sam thinks why she is behaving like this, he needs to find out what is wrong.