My Desire October Teasers 2022


My Desire October Teasers 2022

Rudraksh agrees to Preesha’s conditions and the two set camp in the forest while his family grows concerned. Read Starlife My Desire October 2022 Teasers.

Starlife My Desire October Teasers 2022

Saturday 1 October  2022

Episode 229

Preesha and Rudraksh fail to show any evidence against Mahima to the police and request Gautam to come to Delhi. Later, Preesha falls unconscious after getting drugged.

Episode 230

Rudraksh learns about the attack on Preesha and arrives at the hospital with Mahima to check on her. Later, Mahima discovers that Gautam is alive and panics.

Sunday 2  October  2022

Episode 231

Yuvraj follows Mahima’s commands at the hospital after accepting a bribe. Later, Mahima takes an extreme step to destroy evidence against her.

Episode 232

Mahima overhears Preesha’s conversation with the police inspector. Later, she tortures Gautam before taking a drastic step.

Monday 3  October  2022

Episode 233

Preesha hits Mahima for humiliating her. While Mahima vows vengeance for this retaliation, Preesha and Rudraksh plan their next move.

Episode 234

Mahima holds Gautam at gunpoint and threatens to kill him. Elsewhere, Preesha and Rudraksh suspect Saaransh’s weird behaviour.

Tuesday 4  October  2022

Episode 235

To expose Mahima’s true motive, Preesha and Rudraksh plan to inject her with a truth serum. Later, Mahima makes shocking revelations. Did their idea work?

Episode 236

Rudraksh and Preesha’s plan goes for a toss while Mahima puts up a pretentious act. Later, Mahima’s threatening leaves Rudrkash enraged.

Wednesday 5  October  2022

Episode 237

GPS convinces the Khuranas to permit Saaransh to stay with him. While Saaransh reveals to Preesha that Mahima assaulted him, the latter grows jealous.

Thursday 6 October 2022

Episode 238

Rudraksh is furious to see Saaransh’s scars. While he slaps Mahima, Preesha’s life turns upside down after she encounters the unthinkable.

Episode 239

Rudraksh tries to convince Preesha about his innocence while she refuses to believe him. Later, a heartbroken Preesha vents her frustration to Mahima.

Friday 7 October 2022

Episode 240

Rudraksh tries to apologise to Preesha but gets into a fight with Yuvraj. Adamant on meeting Preesha, Rudraksh takes a drastic step.

Episode 241

While Mahima brings an injured Rudraksh home, he insists on going to Preesha’s hospital for treatment. Later, Preesha reveals a shocking news to Rudraksh.

Saturday 8 October 2022

Episode 242

The police arrest Rudraksh on Preesha’s complaint, while Saaransh gets angry at the latter for her actions. Later, Rudraksh does the unthinkable.

Episode 243

Preesha rushes to the lockup upon learning about Rudraksh’s suicide attempt. While Mahima devises a clever plan, Preesha gives Rudraksh a warning.

Sunday 9 October 2022

Episode 244

While Mahima compels Rudraksh to tell the media what she wants, Preesha is upset to hear his statements. Later, Rudraksh finds a creative way to be near Preesha.

Episode 245

Rudraksh continues to put efforts into reconciling things between Preesha and him. Later, Mahima brews a cunning plan to foil Rudraksh’s endeavours.
Monday 10 October 2022

Episode 246

Rudraksh decides to drop Preesha and the employees at their homes. While Mahima’s revelation shocks Balraj, Rudraksh and Preesha have an adventurous night out.

Episode 247

Rudraksh agrees to Preesha’s conditions and the two set camp in the forest while his family grows concerned. Later, Rudraksh’s life falls in danger.

Tuesday 11 October 2022

Episode 248

Rudraksh jumps in to save Preesha when a crocodile attacks her. Later, Yuvraj helps Mahima to kidnap Saaransh.

Episode 249

Saaransh falls victim to Mahima’s threat and defends her in front of GPS and the Khuaranas. Later, Rudraksh gets into an intense argument with Mahima.

Wednesday 12 October 2022

Episode 250

Preesha learns that Mahima took Saaransh with her and gets angry. While Rudraksh does an unbelievable act out of anger, Mahima instigates Balraj against him.

Episode 251

Mahima warns Preesha against getting in touch with Saaransh. While Preesha grows suspicious about Yuvraj, Rudraksh removes Balraj from the MD’s post in the company.

Thursday 13 October 2022

Episode 252

The Khuranas are devastated as Balraj is found murdered in the house. While Mahima accuses Preesha of the gruesome act, Saaransh makes a shocking revelation.

Episode 253

Preesha is shocked when Saraansh blames Rudraksh for Balraj’s murder. Determined to get back at Preesha, Mahima leaks the news to the press.

Friday 14 October 2022

Episode 254

Rudraksh gets a lift back home while the news of his father’s death devastates him. Later, everyone is shocked when he reveals he was kidnapped.

Episode 255

Despite pleading innocence, Rudraksh gets arrested for Balraj’s murder. While Saaransh performs the last rites, Preesha decides to stay with him.

Saturday 15 October 2022

Episode 256

Preesha gets suspicious after seeing Rudraksh’s signature and upon further investigation, figures out the truth. Later, she reveals the identity of Balraj’s killer to Rudraksh.

Episode 257

Mahima reveals how she used Rudraksh’s look-alike to destroy his reputation bit by bit and even convinced Preesha to hate him.

Sunday 16 October 2022

Episode 258

Rudraksh does the unbelievable when Balraj overhears his conversation with Mahima. In the meantime, Saaransh is heartbroken after witnessing a strange sight.

Episode 259

While Preesha learns about the only way to prove Rudraksh’s innocence, she receives help from a shocking person. Later, Mahima becomes the MD of Khurana empire.

Monday 17 October 2022

Episode 260

Mahima throws Mishka out of the house, but Sharda goes against her decision and allows her to stay. Later, Mahima makes a shocking revelation to Ahana.

Episode 261

Preesha finds the doctor who helped Mahima and traps him into confessing his action. Later, she figures out where Rudraksh was held captive.

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Episode 262

Rudraksh gives Preesha a romantic gift despite being in jail. Later, Preesha’s hunch fails but she manages to save the doctor from Mahima’s attack.

Episode 263

While Mahima asks Bhuvan to leave the city, Preesha and Rudraksh celebrate Valentine’s day in style. Later, Preesha lays a trap for Yuvraj.

Wednesday 19 October 2022

Episode 264

To solve the mystery of Rudraksh’s abduction, Preesha finds an important clue. Meanwhile, Bhuvan attempts to save himself from the clutches of the police.

Episode 265

Preesha and Rudraksh manage to reach Bhuvan, only to find him poisoned and his pulse deteriorating. Will Preesha be able to save Bhuvan’s life?

Thursday 20 October 2022

Episode 266

Ahana and Preesha make a clever plan to trap Mahima while Bhuvan reveals why he wanted to destroy Rudraksh. Later, Mahima gets a taste of her own medicine.

Episode 267

Preesha and Rudraksh reveal to Mahima that her game is over but she manages to get away from the police. Later, Mahima disguises herself and makes another plan.

Friday 21 October 2022

Episode 268

While Sharda learns the truth about Rudraksh, Mahima calls Preesha to reveal that she has kidnapped Saaransh. Later, Mahima presents a choice before Preesha.

Episode 269

Preesha succumbs to Mahima’s plan and chooses to give up her own life to save Saaransh. Later, Rudraksh is heartbroken to see Preesha.

Saturday 22 October 2022

Episode 270

Mahima celebrates her victory as Preesha’s death is shown in the news. While she goes to the hospital to confirm Preesha’s death, a shocker awaits her.

Episode 271

Preesha and Rudraksh reveal the failure of her plan to Mahima and ask her to give up Saaransh. However, Mahima has one more card up her sleeve.

Sunday 23 October 2022

Episode 272

Rudraksh loses control when Mahima refuses to give up Saaransh’s location. While the police trace his wherabouts, Preesha and Rudraksh race against time.

Episode 273

Rudraksh and Preesha run into the burning building to save Saaransh but Rudraksh is unable to get out. Later, Mahima’s parents feel ashamed of her.

Monday 24 October 2022

Episode 274

Mahima and Bhuvan get sentenced to jail. While Rudraksh and Preesha are happy to get back together, Bhuvan makes a heartfelt request to the latter.

Episode 275

Rudraksh and Preesha get a lead about Bhuvan’s sister, Sonia and that leads them to a cafe. While Rudraksh gets threatened by some goons, he finds Sonia in a sketchy place.

Tuesday 25 October 2022

Episode 276

Rudraksh and Preesha manage to free Sonia with the help of the police. Later, Preesha defends Sonia when Bhuvan blames her.

Episode 277

Preesha and Rudraksh visit Kabir after learning that he helped Sonia. Later, Rudraksh gets emotional upon reuniting with his mother and brother.

Wednesday 26 October 2022

Episode 278

Upon Sulochana’s revelation, Rudraksh uncovers the tragic past that separated them. While she returns home along with Kabir, Ahana takes a stand against it.

Episode 279

Ahana opposes Rudraksh’s decision to appoint Kabir as a director in their company. Later, Rudraksh holds Ahana responsible for wounding Kabir.

Thursday 27 October 2022

Episode 280

Rudraksh teaches Ahana a lesson by making her give up her room. While Ahana plans to test Kabir’s DNA, Preesha informs Rudraksh about it.

Episode 281

Rudraksh demands an apology from Ahana after Kabir’s report turns out to be positive. Later, Ahana plans to expose Sulochana after finding her in a fix.

Friday 28 October 2022

Episode 282

Ahana accuses Sulochana of being a reckless drunkard, enraging Rudraksh. Later, Preesha gets shocked seeing Sulochana intoxicated in the pub.

Episode 283

Sulochana and Kabir recall their master plan used for tricking the Khurana family. Rudraksh consoles Preesha when she loses her temper.

Saturday 29 October 2022

Episode 284

Preesha grows suspicious after discovering liquor bottles in Sulochana’s cupboard. Out of revenge, Sulochana spikes some sweets for Preesha.

Episode 285

Rudraksh demands Preesha to apologise before Sulochana for making her fall. Later, a concerned Preesha tends to Rudraksh’s injury when he plays the guitar.

Sunday 30 October 2022

Episode 286

Sulochana plays a trick to acquire more money from the Khuranas. Later, Kabir tries to get close to Ahana in Rudraksh’s absence.

Episode 287

Rudraksh lashes out at Preesha for providing his mother with fake notes. On realising that Preesha wasn’t at fault and he tries to seek her forgiveness.

Monday 31 October 2022

Episode 288

Ahana loses her cool as Kabir sleeps beside her at night. Later, Sharda gets threatening messages during the festivities at the Khurana mansion.

Episode 289

The Khuranas are stunned when Sharda goes missing from the mansion with a huge sum of cash. Later, Sulochana and Kabir are thrilled about their secret mission.

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My Desire Upcoming Episodes

Preesha and Rudra’s South Indian wedding rituals start. Vasu and GPS teach them rituals. Rudra acts surprised. Sharda insists to perform it. Vasu jokes. They then perform next ritual and take bride and groom to mandap where they exchange garlands. Serial’s title track plays in the background. Everyone clap for them. Sania asks Arman what will he do when wedding finishes in sometime. Vasu brings mangalsutra. Arman looks at it. Chachaji asks him to accept defeat. Arman says he didn’t and is thinking of stealing mangalsutra to stop this wedding Sania praises his idea and asks how will he do it. Chachaji says its difficult. Arman says he will use his trump card Anvi. Sania says she will help him and walking to Anvi says since she didn’t have anything since morning, she will feed her. Anvi holding coconut kalash/pot insists to carry it. Sania agrees and while passing by pulls Saransh’s mundu/dhoti. Saransh calls Anvi and asks why she troubles him. Anvi laughs. Their argument starts. Saransh tries to throw cola on her to spoil her dress. Preesha and Rudra sees them fighting and try to get up. Pandit stops them. Vasu, GPS, and Sharda stop kids. Arman in lieu of assuring Preesha steals mangalsutra and then walking to kids asks Saransh if he saw her pulling his mundu. Saransh says no, but he know she did it. Arman says when Anvi is saying no, she hasn’t, so they both should shake hands and reconcile. He then takes Anvi aside and in lieu of consoling her drops coconut kalash and hides mangalsutra in it.

Rudra and Preesha’s next wedding rituals start. They both start pheras taking oath to keep each other happy, protect each other, face one’s problems on themselves, etc. Arman stands jealous. After pheras, pandit asks groom to tie mangalsutra in bride’s neck. Vasu searches mangalsutra and doesn’t find it. Chachaji acts and asks what happened. Vasu says mangalsutra is missing. Chachaji says he doesn’t know what is happening, earlier Rudra came late for sangeet and now mangalsutra is lost. Rudra gets angry, but Preesha stops him. Arman asks Chachaji not to get hyper. Chachaji says Arman worked hard for all the functions and all his efforts are going in vain.

Saransh blames Anvi for stealing mangalsutra and hiding it it in kalash. Anvi drops kalash and mangalsutra falls out of it. Rudra picks mangalsutra. Vasu thanks god. Preesha asks Anvi if she hid mangalsutra. Saransh says he told Anvi stole mangalsutra. Their argument starts. Preesha stops him and says Anvi cannot do this. Vasu says she gave kalash to Anvi. Preesha says someone must have taken kalash from her and hid mangalsutra. Rudra acts as scolding Anvi for stealing mangalstura. Anvi denies. He scolds her that she didn’t want Preesha to go and hid mangalsutra, she must have even pulled Saransh’s mundu; hopes Preesha stands up and walks Anvi. Preesha tries to get up, but Vasu and others stop her. Arman continues scolding Anvi. Saransh taunts Anvi. Anvi cries more. Arman hopes Preesha stands up at least now.

Anvi angrily pushes Arman and says he and Saransh misbehave with her. Arman acts angry on Anvi and thinks Preesha will get up from mandap for sure now. Preesha sitting in mandap calls Anvi and says she is there for her. She asks her not to hate Arman as he is her papa and Saransh is like her brother. Anvi says Saransh always troubles her. Rudra says he will handle Saransh. They make Saransh and Anvi sit in their lap, and he ties mangalsutra in her neck. Chachaji comments Arman that wedding is complete and he couldn’t do anything. Sania taunts Arman next. Arman asks why didn’t she do anything. She says she is involved in a police case and can’t do anything, he can just watch Preesha and Rudra’s wedding. Arman stands fuming. Pandit announces wedding is finished. Vasu says they are husband and wife now. Sharda congratulates them. They touch elders’ feet. Vasu gets emotional. Rudra says Preesha will be with her for 1 more day till Punjabi wedding. Sharda says these are tears of joy. Vasu blesses him. He says he liked Tamil blessings and Tamil girl. Sharda says let us pray god.

Preesha asks Arman about Anvi and says he shouldn’t have scolded Anvi. Arman says anyone would get angry with what she did. Preesha says when he took so much time to understand, Anvi is a kid and will be hurt more if he gets angry on her. He thinks he will not let her meet Anvi. Preesha walks towards Anvi’s room when Chachaji stops her and says she is Preesha Rudraksh Khurana now and not Arman’s wife, so he cannot let her meet Anvi; she is not part of this house anymore and cannot visit here often, so she should like them live without her like they did before. She asks how can he think like that. He says Anvi’s real mother will take care of her. Sania brings juice for Anvi and asks Preesha not to bother about Anvi and concentrate on her own life. Preesha asks why didn’t she thinks about it when she left Anvi. Sania replies even she is leaving Anvi, so she shouldn’t interfere much now. Preesha leaves sadly. Chachaji tells Sania that Rudra called him on time and asked him not to let Preesha meet Anvi. Sania says even she handled situation well. Chachaji says don’t know what is Arman’s next plan. Sania goes in to feed Anvi.

Arman in living room offers champage to Chachaji, Rudra, and GPS and says they should celebrate Rudra’s bachelor’s party tonight. Preesha enters and says she will not permit as she knows what happens in bachelor’s party. Arman asks if she doesn’t trust her Rudra. She says she does but.. Sania with Vasu and Sharda joins and says girls will celebrate their party with western outfit theme. Arman says girls will enjoy their party and boys will enjoy bachelor’s party tonight. They all agree. Arman then enters Anvi’s room and seeing her packing her clothes asks where is she going. She says she is going with Preesha as he scolds her always. He apologizes her and says she cannot go with Preesha as she is married to Rudra now and will stay with Rudra and her real son Saransh, she has forgotten her and hence even she should forget Preesha. Anvi cries. Arman thinks he wanted Anvi to react similarly. He walks to Chachaji and informs that he will make Rudra drunk heavily and will not let him attend wedding, he will make Rudra and Preesha fight and take divorce, etc. Chachaji says he cannot understand his unrealistic dreams.

Rudra gets romantic with Preesha and takes her to room. Chachaji asks Arman if he still thinks he can separate them, he should forget Preesha and move on. Arman says he will make Rudra forget Preesha instead and will win the game for sure. Rudra takes Preesha to her room. She asks him to drop her down and asks not to do something cheap during party as he is married now. He says he doesn’t want to attend party and wants to spend time with his wife. They get intimate and head to kiss each other.

Arman invites Rudra for bachelor party. Preesha asks what has he planned. Arman says its a secret and takes Rudra along. Rudra and Preesha express their love for each other. Sania’s party starts with western outfit theme. Vasu enters wearing a gown followed by Sharda. Sania says they both are looking pretty young, GPS would have fallen down seeing Vasu. Vasu shies. Preesha enters and praises Vasu and Sharda. Vasu and Sharda dance. Sania clicks selfie and sends it to GPS. Vasu feels nervous. At boy’s party, Arman, Rudra, and others enjoy drinks. GPS gets Sania’s messages and seeing pics and says Vasu is looking pretty and reminds him of their college days. Everyone taunt him. Chachaji says even Sharda is looking pretty. Rudra gets angry. Chachaji says he means all girls are looking pretty.

Girls dance and then play truth and dare game. They spin bottle which stops at Vasu. Vasu chooses truth. Sania asks if her first kiss was by her husband or not. Preesha asks Vasu to say its appa. Vasu says no. Sania records video and sends it to GPS. Arman shows video to GPS. GPS gets disheartened, calls Vasu and asks if he was not his first kiss, who was it then. Vasu says he didn’t listen to her question, she means she kissed him first when he was her boyfriend and not husband. GPS relaxes. She asks him not to take tension as she will always be wit him. Sania loudly says special male dancer is coming to entertain them. Vasu resists. Sania convinces her. GPS hears their conversation and informs boys. Rudra gets angry, reaches outside Sania’s party venue, and sending dancer away wearing his dress entertains girls. Preesha watches nervously. Rudra removes his cap and says they called male dancer, he will dance for Preesha. Preesha feels embarrassed and asks him to go. Rudra tries to remove his jacket. Vasu and Sharda ask him to close his zip. Preesha stops him and hugging him says nobody should see him bare. Vasu and Sharda shoo him away. Sharda says its enough for today as they need to wake up early morning. Sania agrees.

Rudra returns to boy’s party. Arman says its not right to leave his own party. Rudra says he went to handle the situation and starts enjoying drinks. Arman gets him heavily drunk. GPS says he wants to go as he needs to get up early for marriage tomorrow. Arman drops heavily drunk Rudra to a room and thinks when there won’t be groom present in wedding, it will be canceled. Next morning, Preesha gets ready for wedding. Rudra enters her room. She nervously asks what is he doing here. He says he is her husband now and fixes mangalsutra in her neck.

Tu Hath Mein Hath Jo De Gaya Chalun Main Jahan Jaye Tu.. song plays in the background. He hugs her from behind and says after wedding tonight, it would be their suhagraat and they will be one forever. She gets alert hearing door know and realizes it was her imagination. She thinks Rudra gave her South India wedding surprise, she will give him Punjabi wedding surprise.