Monday Update on Twist of Fate 10th August 2020


Monday Update on Twist of Fate 10th August 2020

Abhi’s jokergiri. He rolls in bed falls on Pragya who is sleeping on floor and panics. He nervously comes out starts his usual senseless talks and nervousness. He thinks why did she sleep on floor. Robin comes and asks who slept on floor. Abhi says he does not listen to him when he calls and no he listened his murmur. He gets into his rehearsal room and asks Robin not to send anyone inside. Pragya comes and asks Robin if he saw Abhi. He says Abhi is inside rehearsal room and asked not to send anyone in. Ugly mined vamp Tanu comes calling Abhi. Abhi thinks of taking her help and takes her in.

Sunday Update on Twist of Fate 9th August 2020`

Tanu smirks at Pragya, gets into room and locks door, leaving Pragya sad. She tries to manipulate Abhi against Pragya, but he says she saved his life and her kiss was mouth to mouth breathing to save his life, so he should apologize her instead. Tanu vamp thinks he is getting attracted to Pragya again and she should stop.

Bulbul confronts Purab and tells how can Abhi ignore Pragya for Tanu. He says Abhi knows Tanu since childhood and is comfortable with her, but he gets nervous seeing Pragya. She asks that means Pragya should not go in front of him. He says she is right, if Pragya does not go in front of Abhi, he will start missing her. Pragya asks what is he gets angry on her and leaves her (independent, educated professor behaving like an illiterate villager). Bulbul says he will not and they will see if Abhi loves her or not and she will have to listen to them to check that. She takes Pragya down in hall where Daadi and other ladies are around. Daadi asks servant to bring Abhi. Tanu asks Aaliya vamp why is she calling Abhi. Sarla who is present there asks why did she call her, if she made any mistake. Daadi says yes, she did.

Abhi comes down and asks Daadi why did she call him. Daadi asks what is he doing even after many days of coming back. He jokes he was constructing taj mahal with Pragya. She asks him to start Bulbul and Purab’s marriage functions and finish their marriage soon, says tomorrow should be bulbul’s mehandi function. Aaliya says it cannot be, daaadi says it will. Sarla asks how will she arrange function so soon. Abhi says it is his responsibility and asks her to just attend the function.

Purab and Purab start following Abhi. He sees them and asks why are they following him. They say they are searching Pragya and asks Abhi where is she. He asks how can he know. o She says he is her husband and should know where she is. Purab says Pragya is not even in room. Abhi gets happy hearing that, he enters room and starts his jokergiri, shouting and mocking his concert. Bulbul and Purab peep and see his jokergiri. Pragya comes and asks what are they seeing. Bulbul says rock concert and takes her from there.

Abhi gets restless not finding Pragya and thinking without him, he cannot find any of his things. He reminisces Pragya keeping his diary in cupboard and picks. He continues his restlessness. Purab and Bulbul see his restlessness and smile.  Abhi not finding Pragya and asks Daadi why is she arranging mehandi celebrations without Pragya, if she fought with her. Daadi says he bahu does not fight at all. Daasi asks him to go and search his wife. He thinks she must be in kitchen and asks Mitali to tell Pragya to prepare coffee for her. Mitali says Pragya is not in kitchen and asks if she can prepare coffee for him. He says he will drink water instead. Bulbul passes by and asks if he is searching Pragya. He says he is not.

Bulbul goes and tells Pragya that Abhi is searching her madly. Pragya says he must be tensed, so she will go and meet him. Bulbul says she is stopping her for her better future. Purab says Abhi is still confused and they want to clear his confusion. Pragya says ok.

Abhi thinks he cannot sleep with Pragya in room, so he will sleep with Daadi. Pragya also thinks same and thinks Abhi will get embarrassed seeing her and panic like in the morning, so she will sleep in Daadi’s room. She goes and sees Abhi sleeping wearing blanket over him, thinks it is daadi and asks why did she sleep so early and asks if she is not feeling well. Abhi thinks she came even here. Pragya asks if she she has leg pain or back ache. Abhi nods yes. She starts massaging his back. Daadi and daasi come and asks who is sleeping. Pragya says daadi is sleeping. She turns back and realizes daadi standing. Daadi asks daasi to check who is sleeping. Daasi removed blanket and sees Abhi. Abhi asks Pragya why did she come here. She says she wanted to sleep with Daadi. He says daadi even he was missing her, so he wanted to sleep with her and says tomorrow he will sleep with her and not her dear ones, he will send even booking amount. Dadi smiles and asks daasi what is happening. Daasi says Pragya must have told she is going to serve daadi, Abhi also felt he should also serve daadi and came here to massage her legs. Daadi asks is it the case. Pragya nods yes.

Purab sees Bulbul in balcony and says she has forgot their love life trying to solve Abhi and Pragya’s life. She says it is not the case. He says he is feeling lonely and says Abhi has a loving wife who cares for him, but he does not have anyone, at least she can hug him and say I love you. She hugs him. He also reciprocates. Zeh naseeb… plays in the background. They both then kiss.

Aaliya panics seeing them kissing. She goes to her room and throws things thinking how can Purab do this to her. Her pupper vamp comes and asks what happened. Aaliya with her ugly overacting says Bulbul kissed Purab, so she wanted to kill her and wll go and kill right now. Tanu asks her to stop panicking, else she will harm herself. Aaliya asks she cannot see her Purab going away from her. Tanu hugs her and says both our lives are going in a same track and their love is going awa. Aaliya sees knife and writes Purab’s name on her wrist telling Purab is wonly hers. Tanu asks her not to panic and promise her. She sees her cutting her wrist and writing Purab’s name and rushes to get first-aid box. Aaliya with her ugly overacting again says Purab is only hers. Tanu says she is right, but should not harm herself. Aaliya asks what should she do then to get back Purab and kick out Bulbul from Purab’s life. She continues blah blahing that she loves Purab a lot.

Abhi comes out of daadi’s room and thinks more he is avoiding Pragya, she is coming near her. Pragya thinks Abhi is avoiding him and is very nervous. Abhi thinks if he goes in, she will get more nervous. Pragya thinks because of her Abhi is tensed and don’t know where he is. Abhi peeps from window and thinks she is waiting for him and he should answer her, else she will complain daadi. He should speak to Purab and ask him to explain Pragya. He goes and sleeps in hall. Daasi comes to pick water from kitchen and is surprised to see Abhi on sofa. She thinks why is he sleeping here when Pragya is in room. she goes to inform Daadi. She wakes up daadi and says she saw something weird and she will also get surprised seeing it. She shwos Abhi sleeping on sofa. Daadi says he is looking like Abhi. Daasi says he is Abhi. She asks why is he sleeping here. Daasi says she brought her here to ask him. Daadi wakes up Abhi. He asks what is he doing here. She asks that is what she wants to know. He opens eyes.

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