Monday Update on Lies of the heart 27 April 2020


Monday Update on Lies of the heart 27 April 2020

Samrat’s residence
Urmi returns back from the temple. Shashi tells urmi that she should have gone for more time, and should have completely enjoyed herself at gaurav’s wedding, and taunts her for coming in so early, such happy days wont come everyday. Urmi is surprised but doesnt respond. She then says that the work there was finished. Shashi asks her to go to her room and rest as she must have been tired. Urmi asks shaurya to come along and when he says that he wants to play, shashi insists that she should go to her room, and she shall take care of shaurya. urmi leaves. shashi thinks that urmi would pay to pay dearly for this rest that she takes. She eyes the file kept in the bag and thinks that she would enjoy in the evening.

Sunday Update on Lies of the heart 26 April 2020

While urmi is completely tired and exhausted, mandira comes in asking if she would teach her. Kanchan comes in saying that she seems tired. But urmi says that she likes studying and teaching and hence asks mandira to get the books. mandira tells her that she should rest first. When urmi doesnt relent, mandira begins to press her head. Kanchan says that she loves urmi very badly. Urmi and mandira bond together. kanchan then again asks urmi to relax as shashi would call her anytime. kanchan is shocked that shashi told her to relax, when urmi tells her. She says that there’s something that went wrong. urmi too agrees but says that god knows what is it. Mandira still asks her to rest. urmi complies.

 Gaurav’s residence
Saroj does the puja as gaurav and asha enter the house together and they all welcome her. Anu comes in and sits angrily. granny is frustrated. all are tensed. Saroj goes through all the rituals with asha. devi comes and asks anu what happened to her. Anu tells how she was locked. devi says whats their fault. Anu says that nobody didnt even miss her. Granny taunts her that she was roaming around the temple, hence got locked like that. She asks anu who locked her. Anu says that she doesnt know and if she knew, she wouldnt have left that person. Devi asks her to forget and enjoy the rest of the rituals. Saroj tells anu to welcome asha nicely, and get gaurav’s room prepared. Anu complies. Saroj explains the ritual of Grihapravesh, and asha ignorant, gives a huge kick misunderstanding the ritual, and incidentally breaks granny’s photo from the wall. all are shocked while granny turns it around saying that breaking of glass is a very good sign. she is tensed however inside.

 Samrat’s Office

While the meeting is going on, the clients start getting frustrated, and amrit and samrat are tensed. At the office, the clients tell him that if his papres werent ready, samrat shouldnt have conducted the metting at all. samrat is however flustered, when the clients leave, refusing to wait any longer, saying that they cant have business with their company if their attitude is like this. all are angered. Samrat starts breaking things in a rage. Amrit says that this deal too went out of hand, as urmi should have come by now. samrat is in a rage.

Samrat’s residence
Meanwhile, shashi is super excited to have samrat back, and when tauji asks her whats the matter, she blurts it out in her overexcitement, and also tells him that he has to support her in this today. tauji agrees. Tauji thinks that they should warn urmi about the upcoming turn of events. He asks shashi to wait for samrat, while he goes to his room, to finish off a few things.

Before tauji can go up to alarm urmi, samrat comes in hollering for urmi. He gets the whole family together due to his shouting. Urmi is boggled that due to her, their deal went null. She asks what did she do. samrat asks her ferociously why didnt she come with the file and what did she get so busy in, in the household work. shashi is super happy at urmi bearing the brunt of samrat’s anger. she asks what file. Kanchan tells that urmi was teaching mandira. Shashi lies that she had gone then only that samrat has called for a file and that she should go. urmi is shocked at here lying bare faced. She looks at tauji and he gives her the go ahead. read full updates daily only at Samrat doesnt believe this and asks her to stop talking nonsense. urmi tells the truth. Shashi says that she had gone to urmi’s room and told her to come.

Mandira too tells that she is lying, as urmi has been teaching since she came and that she never came there. samrat looks at shashi questioningly. Shashi is at a loss to answer. All eyes turn to shashi in questioning manner. samrat comes face to face with shashi and asks whats all this. She tells mandira not to interefer in people’s affairs, and that she did go to urmi. she asks mandira not to be lying but samrat is still furious. She asks him to ask tauji if he doesnt believe her. tauji is at a loss to answer. all eyes turn to him perplexedly, and he says that he doesnt know anything, as she never said anything to him, or to urmi in front of him.

Urmi starts smiling, while all are surprised. shashi tries to tell him to be by her side, while samrat starts reprimanding her what kind of a mother is she, as the deal got cancelled due to her and her lying, and they suffered huge losses. urmi gets an idea and goes to shahsi asking why is she blaming her like this, as if she knew its such an important work, she would have found time anyhow to get the file to samrat. finally rudra shuts them up, and tells urmi that its been enough. urmi is surprised.

Rudra stands up for shashi saying that he shouldnt talk like that to shashi, as first samrat used to say anything and now she too. Urmi says that she is doing nothing of the sort and asks why is she saying this. Rudra says that due to both of them, its becoming impossible to live and that they wont bear anymore. samrat asks him to stop as shashi is rightfully being incriminated. Rudra tells samrat that they wont stay here in this house. urmi is tensed while all are shocked. shashi is tensed at this too. She tries to salvage the situation saying that he should let it go. but rudra continues that they would leave right now.

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